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  1. That's what is making me worked! The f1 situation has been a disaster.
  2. They've just got to make sure that train line is up and running smoothly. If not they've got trouble.
  3. Went and swam in the olympic pool this weekend. A great venue and it will be even better in a few years once all the building work on the park is done.
  4. Out of the five games I've been to it had the least fun atmosphere when I was there. As Hektor says lots of empty seats at all the events I went to (except for the short track which was well attended). Just a general feeling downtown of normal life going on, there wasn't an especially festival atmosphere which you would hope to have at an Olympic Games. No comparison between downtown torino and downtown athens or vancouver. In both those cities you knew the games were on!
  5. Hampdens coming one treat! Imlookingforward to seeing what the temporary bowls venue looks like.
  6. Well I will certainly consider Seoul as a base with maybe a night or two closer if i can. Is the fast train definitely happening?
  7. Will only cost me a train fair so I will be going! Opening ceremony tickets and plenty of the sports too.
  8. They have some nice stuff in their online shop.
  9. They need to up their domestic sponsor numbers!
  10. Just got my beautiful Gold Coast hoody delivered! Must be the only person in the uk wearing it!
  11. Such a shame. Hopefully rio will be a better experience. For sure Tokyo will do us proud
  12. Definitely not my favourite look, I know others love it but vancouver and torino and salt lake were all better for me. Don't get me started on Hot Cool Yours I always love the winter sports, so I really enjoyed all the sporting action. It's odd though that the final weekend feels a bit flat. Surely we can squeeze some of those events that started before the opening ceremony back into the actual days of the games. Something big like slope style or snowboard cross on the final weekend would be nice! BBC coverage was excellent, it was nice to watch the games from home for a change. But missing a games makes me even more determined to go to Rio! Overall fine, sometimes excellent, not sure it will ever have a really special place for me though.
  13. Somebody told me there were literally no pins on sale in the superstore. I got the feeling merchandise in general wasn't a big thing this games!
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