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  1. Munich Germany - Innsbruck 2030 Bid seems difficult because it's 2 countries... Germany or Austria are able to host WoG without anyone else. But maybe we could see this kind of bid between two countries in the futur. I imagine Geneva/Chamonix/Annecy but impossible. .
  2. It seems to be a spread bid. It could be more compact with only Brisbane and Gold Coast. Brisbane + Toowoomba + Sunshine coast + Gold Coast, it's to much if we compare with the latest summer Bids. Excepted this point, this bid could be a good one.
  3. We could see another European bid, like PC 2018 and Beijing 2022.
  4. Will it be Brisbane alone or Brisbane and Gold Coast ?
  5. I'm not sure you need a big city, a middle size city could be ok to host WoG. You need a stadium to host opening/closing ceremonies, it could be a temporary one like in Salt Lake, Albertville etc. To host speed skating you need an athletics track who can be transform in a temporary ice track. For Ice Hockey, Figure Skating and Short track you need something more durable but for a middle size city isn't a problem, but I think it's the most important expense item with olympic village (Capacity around 2800 Athletes). Where I live the city grow up about 2000 people each year since 20 yea
  6. Annecy won't bid again, the city is overcrowed because there are already too much tourists. Moreover the city has some problems with air pollution. Citizen don't want WoG and no more tourists, it's an import issue for citizen since some years. It will be very difficult to see WoG in France in the futur, there is a very strong opposition about WoG in the Alps and about this kind of business. With the news IOC rules to Bid, maybe we could se a bid from Lyon... But I'm not optimist about. WoG lost a lot in public opinion with Sotchi, Peyongchang and now Beijing... It's too late to change
  7. I like, Japan is a great place to host WoG. I have nothing against Asia, only against bullshit bid like PC or Beijing for WoG.
  8. Since de beginning I said Korean paid bribes to host WoG... Now it's official. WoG in Asia are a big mistake and now it will be Beijing... It's stupid to go there.
  9. For sure they cheated to host WoG, PC 2018 were the worst WoG in the history. Munich and Annecy had better bids. But IOC is corrupted.
  10. Turin 2006 was good but I think if WoG comeback in Europe it will be better in a smaller city than Turin and closer to the mountains. WoG need to back to a village atmosphere and to be more authentic, like Lillehammer, Albertville, Innsbruck etc.
  11. I'm agree with you too, but what's happen if like for 2022 all the European or even North American bids give up ? We could have the same story.
  12. If Sapporo bids, Japan will probably win. Swiss like every time will say no to the referendum Public opinion and politic will be against for Lillehammer, like for Austria. Stockholm isn't a reasonable bid and Swedish opinion will be against like in Norway Calgary may be the only opponent to Sapporo... But they need politic approval... 2026 won't be in Europe.
  13. PC 2018 cost 14 billions instead of 6,4 billions, one more time Olympic Games are a fail about this point, one more time local population will pay, one more time IOC don't care... It's the reason why public opinion is against WoG in Europa. It will be the same for Beijing, the WoG as the IOC wants aren't profitable.
  14. I read newspapers, I watch news. PC spent twice as much as expected for WoG. The legacy is already a failure.
  15. If IOC stay in Asia, it's the end of WoG and the Beginning of Winter Asian Games.
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