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  1. I think it's cute how they have a ✨story✨ behind every A. But uh it was a big ??? moment when I first saw it on my feed. A little sad they did away with the sunset gradients in the previous logo but I like how they represented LA's culture and diversity without being pretentious about it.
  2. I just watched the movie as well and I absolutely loved it! The way it made you sympathize with Tonya was truly heartbreaking but maybe that's just because I'm a sucker for feels haha. At the same time, though, it also made Tonya much more terrifying. Since it's already established from the beginning that this is all a web of lies, her portrayed innocence just makes her look even more sly and manipulative. But by far, my favorite parts of the movie was when the characters broke the 4th wall. It felt really well executed in my opinion. That's just my take, thank you for joining me for another episode of Mediocre Movie Reviews with Woohoo
  3. Shhhhhhhh I finally have time now that it's the weekend Thank you all for your kind words, I really don't know what to say haha. Contrary to what some others may think, I think this year's competition was great; I loved the beautiful gradients in Bernham's, I loved how incredibly well Paul ran his unconventional theme, I loved the perfection and polish of Davey's, I loved the tacky cliche of Rol's star, and how "American" Glacib's logo feels. And as for David's? Hey, I'm a sucker for the Dodgers It was a tight race, and I feel honored that mines somehow pulled through till the end. Thanks, guys! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be trademarking my little hot dog so I'll be able to charge the IOC some big bucks later on PS. Nevermind the babbling cabbage, Yoshi. I think you ran the comp wonderfully
  4. Los Angeles is the City of Angels, a colorful landscape of dynamic and diversity, and the goal of this logo is to reflect that. Radiating from the silhouette of an angel is the Olympic spirit, which dynamically accentuates the wings, adding color and movement, and acting as an extension of LA -- because LA is the Olympics, and the Olympics is LA. In the look of the games, sweeps, curves, and patterns characterize the movement of athletes and the firey Olympic spirit it brings. The bright colors -- all either warm colors inspired by the Californian sunset or cool colors inspired by the great Pacific -- are a homage to the colorful '84 Olympics during LA. LA is not a city of repetition. It is a city of colorful movement.
  5. Wassap mah d00ds *incoherent grumbling about LA and 2024* shoutout to mah bud @Sir Rols LA'28 So I started off with a star, y'know cuz 1984 and 'merica. But then I was all like, NO! that's the old news LA, yesereebob. This is the NEW LA of 2028 we're talking about. So what's more future than Gehry's own Disney Concert Hall cuz y'know, 21st century LA is DYNAMIC and VIBRANT so the star legs got Gehry-ified but then oops now it now suddenly looks like a flower but hey, it's colorful because VIBRANT and what's more VIBRANT than a sunset, amiright? Oh and I added stripes cuz '84 and whatnot and yeah I'm very sleep deprived right now. Feel free to talk about how un-LA this is. Ok bye.
  6. It's actually been clarified that dual citizens will not be stopped at the border unless their flight originates from one of the banned countries, but yeah, this whole thing is ridiculous. One minute Trump is totally behind showing the world the might of American through the Olympic games, the next minute he pisses off the international community that is suppose to vote on the Olympic host. It honestly seems like he's shoving food into his mouth he can't swallow in regards to the Olympics.
  7. ffs I thought the green card blocking tidbit was just a one-time misunderstanding that they were exaggerating, but apparently not http://thehill.com/policy/national-security/316670-trump-refugee-ban-bars-green-card-holders-report
  8. Happy new year all! (plus 20 something days)

    Hopefully I can get back into action this 2017 and not disappear suddenly again :D

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