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  1. los angeles 2024

    Quick question for Quaker... Not to go off-topic, but I've been seeing more and more spots for the Olympic Channel, premiering in July. Of course, it's replacing Universal Sports HD. Is this something you've looked into? How does one get their foot in the door?
  2. I wonder if there are any Olympians, male or female, who have gone on to a successful career in acting… being a fan of both movies and sports, I should probably know it, but I can't think of anyone right now.
  3. Mary Lou Retton. She's a female, and is synonymous with the previous LA Olympics.
  4. los angeles 2024

    Regarding an earlier post from this thread today, why is Vancouver and Tokyo being lumped in the same boxas Athens, Sochi, and Rio?? Tokyo's three years away, and is in one of the most efficient cities on the planet. I've only heard Vancouver be compared to Salt Lake City and Lillehammer in terms of success. No mention of Turin/Torino?? It seems to be the least talked about games, and some of their then/newly constructed venues have already shut down.
  5. los angeles 2024

    I was literally about to ask about Gianna's role compared to the woman in the picture above. Is it fair to say Gianna is Athens' Peter Ueberroth?
  6. los angeles 2024

    What were the deal-breakers for Salzburg in 2007? It suddenly became real popular in late 2013/early 2014 given all of the problems in Sochi.
  7. los angeles 2024

    I'm guessing Putin's 2007 appearance/English presentation in Guatemala City had a factor in landing the Sochi Olympics. That, and the fact that was a world power that only hosted once, and it was marred by the boycott.
  8. los angeles 2024

    However, I can't help but think of Obama's 2009 trip to Copenhagen. I don't think that I had to do with the reason why Rio was awarded the Olympics, but it didn't serve as a magic formula either.
  9. los angeles 2024

    I wonder how counter-productive social media has been for the Olympics as a whole. There could be a 20-minute power outage in the Olympic Village, and then it suddenly gets compared to Munich and Atlanta.
  10. los angeles 2024

    I just meant since 1984 was so financially successful, why did other cities not take the same approach? For instance, did Athens, Beijing or Rio have enough pre-existing venues of their own without having to build white elephants?
  11. los angeles 2024

    This just came to mind, but which format for LA24 would be more likely to be followed? 1984 or 1996?
  12. los angeles 2024

    I'm not sure. He just knows a thing or two about conducting a successful SOG, and one of the few (if not only) to turn a tangible profit.
  13. los angeles 2024

    Any input from the 1984 Time Magazine MOY/ Fmr. MLB commissioner if LA wins on either try?
  14. Next January, I'll (hopefully) be going back to school for a Masters in Strategic Communications & Innovation with classes in Sports Management. The advisors are telling me that internships with the USOC are attainable-yet-competitive, but I'm more than willing to go for it. Even if I don't end up working with the USOC, NBC Sports, or LA24, it can definitely get me further than I was before. Any advice?
  15. Has anyone seen it?… If so, what is your critique? I like how it followed Dartanyon Crockett and Ibtihaj Muhammad, both of her room medaled in 2016. I also thought the bit with the marathon runner who was balancing out her training with the responsibilities of being a mom recently-divorced was very well told.