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  1. News outlets are reporting that 2014 figure Skating bronze medalist Denis Ten died as a result of stab wounds he received during an attempted car robbery. It all happened in Almaty, where he lived and trained. So sad to see this in the news. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2018/07/19/olympic-figure-skating-medalist-denis-ten-killed-in-stabbing/
  2. LatinXTC

    Russia To Consider 2032 Olympic Games Bid

    Toronto? There's another joke of a bid! I hate Russia with a passion, but even I can see them hosting a summer games before Toronto does!
  3. LatinXTC

    Spain 2030?

    Since the lineup will be increasing perhaps it's wise for them to do a joint bid with another country? Perhaps Portugal? By the looks of it they can add another 3 stadiums with a minimum capacity of 40k for the event.
  4. LatinXTC

    Russia To Consider 2032 Olympic Games Bid

    Are we seriously thinking this trash country has a shot at hosting considering their meddling in countless electiond across Europe, as well as the US, and all other political/international scandals?
  5. LatinXTC

    North America Elected To Host 2026 FIFA World Cup

    Did you really think they had a chance? It's considered part of Trumptard country no way in hell theh would have made it one of the finalist cities.
  6. LatinXTC

    Future Olympic Hosts

    Or just hosting once. I swear they'll never get their s**t together to actually seriously put in a bid for the event. So many missed opportunities it's like why even bother anymore?
  7. I wonder if people realize that many of those that withered away are already signed on to continue their role? No way in hell they would make them all prequel films, so they'll return. For part 2 I'm more concerned about those that remained, since those are the ones we more than likely won't be seeing again.
  8. Maybe all these stupid bitches don't realize there is a part 2? I probably won't be seeing it until Monday.
  9. "Erzurum has a wealth of experience..." https://media.giphy.com/media/YEOhCFRF9NFba/giphy.gif
  10. LatinXTC

    Los Angeles 2028

    IMO it was the choice that made sense. They have natural snow. When the IOC officials visited the city months before voting, they could look outside their hotel room and see the snowcapped mountains, and even see the ski jumping venue. They had a great plan which would have had every event taking place within a much smaller radius than Beijing would have. I put safer in quotes because it's not the typical safer choice you would expect. I guess by safer I really mean familiar. They wanted to be in a market they had experience in. Financial risk on either bid was not an issue given the vast amount of wealth of each nation, but still they had experience dealing with Beijing on an Olympic games level, not Almaty.
  11. Manifest destiny? Did that awful term really have to be resurrected and used here?
  12. LatinXTC

    Los Angeles 2028

    Didn't matter how well China impressed the IOC to host 2022. For Beijing to go against Almaty, a relative unknown in winter sports, and only win the race by about 4 votes, shows that it was a reluctant choice. Had we all not witnessed the nightmare that was Sochi and the massive headache the IOC and the world witnessed in seeing Rio prepare for the games, they for sure would have happily taken the risk of going to Almaty over Beijing. The IOC had no choice but to choose the "safer" choice. If they weren't in such dire need to repair the image of the Olympics, they would have never done a double summer olympics award last year.
  13. Well good, it's as it should be. American women have been dominating in the Olympics for awhile now. They not only won us more medals this olympics, they also won us more gold medals than men. They're clearly the more reliable athletes.
  14. Can't believe Johnny Weir is delivering commentary for the tape-delay version of the closing ceremony. Please tell me he didn't do it for the live streaming version.