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  1. First impression was there were a ton of moments that were recycled from past ceremonies, like thr drum segment and olympics real from Beijing, dancing volunteers from Vancouver, Tokyo handover ceremony from Rio, etc. Disappointed more wasn't done to showcase Korean history. Yes I knoe they want to look forward and all that jazz, but some of the best OCs of all time (Athens, Sydney and Beijing) didn't seem to hurt from that focus. I'll have to watch it again either on primetime or HULU since I was watching from my phone this whole time.
  2. Probably the best part of the entire OC. 2nd best is the Tonga athlete once again walking in the stadium shirtless!
  3. Agree. Not worth getting less than 3hrs of sleep to see it live and probably not worth opening a free hulu trial to see the remainder of it after the NBC only offering the 1st 30mins for free.
  4. Oh man I haven't heard that song they're playing the ceremony off with in ages. Anyone remember the name to it?
  5. Wait, was she not 1 of the athletes carrying thr Olympic flag? I wasn't looking but I thought they announced her name. Maybe she'll be the one lighting the cauldron
  6. Also the rings look pretty much like thr rings from Beijing's OC.
  7. Umm, did I miss the actual olynpic rings reveal or was that it? Doesn't really count. AND there she is!
  8. Do people not realize that this song is actually in support of communism? Lol
  9. Well so far I'm kind of let down especially since they didn't do much of a historical segment. Plus I missed the hot Tonga guy while trying to find a streaming place to get the games lol.
  10. Speech break already??? Does that mean thats it for th major pageantry?
  11. Not drones you see something, a ring, moving upwards
  12. I feel like they took some of the elements of every modern OC to make this OC
  13. Screw it I just did a free hulu trial with a new wk free hulu live tv trial lol
  14. Anyone have a link to watching this without a TV subscription?