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  1. Who could realistically be bidding for 2026 and 2028, now that 2022 is about to be decided and 2024 is getting more and more into focus?
  2. That's definitely an oversight in both cases on my part, a product of having a lot of cities and countries I'd like to see host an Olympics. Maybe we could do a vote or a tournament and rank the top 50 cities we all would like to host an Olympics,
  3. Well, historically, for the Winter Games, it's been about an average of four Games between Games in the US. Taking 2002 into account, it will have been 8 Games between that and my hypothetical Denver 2038. I also wanted to have NYC host finally, and also Boston in 2076 (timed to US 300th Anniversay), but that one can be left off I suppose.
  4. Well I'd prefer Almaty over Beijing and in 2024 it will have been 28 years since Atlanta in 1996, so it's USA's time, and San Francisco is more appealing than the others currently in the running.
  5. Just some somewhat educated speculation/wishful thinging: Summer Games: 2024 San Francisco 2028 Berlin 2032 Durban 2036 Madrid 2040 Istambul 2044 Melbourne 2048 New York City 2052 Amsterdam 2056 Shanghai 2060 Budapest 2064 Buenos Aires 2068 Toronto 2072 Kiev 2076 Boston 2080 Seoul 2084 Kuala Lumpur 2088 Nairobi 2092 St. Petersburg 2096 Stockholm 2100 London Winter Games: 2022 Almaty 2026 Munich 2030 Oslo 2034 Krakow 2038 Denver 2042 St. Moritz 2046 Harbin 2050 Sofia 2054 Helsinki 2058 Sapporo 2062 Poprad 2066 Anchorage 2070 Salzburg 2074 Annecy 2078 Turin 2082 Calgary 2086 Minsk 2090 Jaca 2094 Borjomi 2098 Minneapolis
  6. I don't think South Africa is a lock. Istanbul kept bidding and bidding and if anything 2024 should be Istanbul.
  7. So the earliest the US can host is probably 2026. Anchorage 2026 sounds good.
  8. So why are people saying Tokyo means no North American (United States) Games in 2024? The last Summer Olympics in the US were in 1996 and the last Winter Olympics in 2002. It's about time.
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