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  1. Munich Germany - Innsbruck 2030 Bid seems difficult because it's 2 countries... Germany or Austria are able to host WoG without anyone else. But maybe we could see this kind of bid between two countries in the futur. I imagine Geneva/Chamonix/Annecy but impossible. .
  2. We could see another European bid, like PC 2018 and Beijing 2022.
  3. I'm not sure you need a big city, a middle size city could be ok to host WoG. You need a stadium to host opening/closing ceremonies, it could be a temporary one like in Salt Lake, Albertville etc. To host speed skating you need an athletics track who can be transform in a temporary ice track. For Ice Hockey, Figure Skating and Short track you need something more durable but for a middle size city isn't a problem, but I think it's the most important expense item with olympic village (Capacity around 2800 Athletes). Where I live the city grow up about 2000 people each year since 20 years, it's an opportunity to build an Olympic Village for this kind of city. Usually Alpin cities are attractives and grow up since the 60's/70's. The other venues could be host in ski resorts close to the host city like in Albertville/Lillehammer etc. You have a lot of possibilities in Europe or North America with this kind of configuration. To host tourists/athletes isn't a problem too, each winter middle size cities in Alps welcome millions of tourists each year, they have accommodations. I don't understand why IOC say not every time for this kind of Bids, they are able to host WoG. Each Alpin/Nordic countries have around 2 or 5 middle size cities able to host WoG. For exemple France has Annecy, Chambery, Albertville, Grenoble, Gap able to host WoG and more if you do like Milano/Cortina, you could add Lyon, Nice and Toulouse. It's the same in Switzerland (Sion, Bern, Lucern etc.), Austria, Germany, Norway etc. The reason why you don't have this kind of Host cities is because IOC don't want and I don't know why.
  4. Annecy won't bid again, the city is overcrowed because there are already too much tourists. Moreover the city has some problems with air pollution. Citizen don't want WoG and no more tourists, it's an import issue for citizen since some years. It will be very difficult to see WoG in France in the futur, there is a very strong opposition about WoG in the Alps and about this kind of business. With the news IOC rules to Bid, maybe we could se a bid from Lyon... But I'm not optimist about. WoG lost a lot in public opinion with Sotchi, Peyongchang and now Beijing... It's too late to change the minds about WoG in France. I'm very surprise about public support for Milano/Cortina. I think is a bad choice for WoG, with this kind of bid you lost the Alpin village atmosphere whom was a strength in the past for Alpin WoG. Milan isn't an Alpin or Winter city...
  5. I like, Japan is a great place to host WoG. I have nothing against Asia, only against bullshit bid like PC or Beijing for WoG.
  6. Since de beginning I said Korean paid bribes to host WoG... Now it's official. WoG in Asia are a big mistake and now it will be Beijing... It's stupid to go there.
  7. For sure they cheated to host WoG, PC 2018 were the worst WoG in the history. Munich and Annecy had better bids. But IOC is corrupted.
  8. Turin 2006 was good but I think if WoG comeback in Europe it will be better in a smaller city than Turin and closer to the mountains. WoG need to back to a village atmosphere and to be more authentic, like Lillehammer, Albertville, Innsbruck etc.
  9. I'm agree with you too, but what's happen if like for 2022 all the European or even North American bids give up ? We could have the same story.
  10. If Sapporo bids, Japan will probably win. Swiss like every time will say no to the referendum Public opinion and politic will be against for Lillehammer, like for Austria. Stockholm isn't a reasonable bid and Swedish opinion will be against like in Norway Calgary may be the only opponent to Sapporo... But they need politic approval... 2026 won't be in Europe.
  11. PC 2018 cost 14 billions instead of 6,4 billions, one more time Olympic Games are a fail about this point, one more time local population will pay, one more time IOC don't care... It's the reason why public opinion is against WoG in Europa. It will be the same for Beijing, the WoG as the IOC wants aren't profitable.
  12. I read newspapers, I watch news. PC spent twice as much as expected for WoG. The legacy is already a failure.
  13. If IOC stay in Asia, it's the end of WoG and the Beginning of Winter Asian Games.
  14. PC 2018 WoG has been well organized by Korea, I had a good surprise with Freestyle tracks that were good, with a good shaping. But it wasn't real WoG like we can expect : There were many problems like the lack of popular fervor and supporters, many seats in outside competitions were empty ,It was sad games without emotions. Usually WoG are a big party, not this time, we didn't see crazy supporters excepted North Korean Cheerleaders. In Biathlon, Nordic Ski, Alpin Ski and even in Freestyle ski the atmosphere was flavorless...Many Athletes criticized this point. I don't understand why IOC chose went to Korea... New Horizon was more an advertising slogan than a reality, there aren't New horizon for winter sports in Korea. This games were too artificial, we lost the village or Alpin atmosphere, PC doesn't have real mountains or real ski resorts, the main part of venues has been build only for this WoG and they will never be used in the future. Korea will have many White Elephant in the poorest Korean region... For local population it will be a very bad legacy. But IOC is happy, their members don't care about local population and the legacy. Moreover the environment was another big issue for PC : they destroyed a national forest for a boring Alpin track, this track was too easy and very far from the international standard. Moreover Korean used 98% of fake snow, in 2018 it's a real shame for IOC to accept this kind of bid without respect for environment, with the lack of water and the global warming, it's a really bad signal for the young generation and the futur bids... This is not going to improve the image that Europeans have about WoG. Korea had to pay bribes to host this WoG, it was another scandal... Like Russia and many other host before... But it's not reason to accept this point. With Sotchi, PC and Beijing, I thing we lost definitively the original spirit of WoG, and it's the main reason why IOC won't have bids for 2026 from Europe, public opinion is sick with this king of WoG, 100% artificial without respect for Athletes, environment or traditional winter countries. I think it's the moment for another organization than IOC to purpose a major big winter sport events to compete WoG eject them from Winter sports.
  15. not in these proportions. PC 2018 wasn't a popular success.
  16. Japan too, but Korea aren't China good for WoG. Athletes and public opinion criticisms these choice...
  17. Definitively you said Bullshit informations, Korea at home did great games, like every country than host WoG, we missed some easy medals in these games especially in sliding and skating sports, would like mean the sun is over ? Of course not, look winter sports results not only WoG, we are always in the top 10 since the beginning... Korea will stay back after PC, you will never develop winter sports, you will stay strong only in short track... One sport, good for you. You are more stupid than I imagine.
  18. I don't understand why it's a problem to have spread out bid ? Do you need to see Alpin ski the morning, Skeleton the afternoon and Ice skating the evening in the same day when you are spectator ? I think not. Usually you come to a place to see one sport per day. Maybe one the morning and another one the evening, I did this sometimes. When you are a supporter or spectator you don't need to see everything in the same day... Really the main part of supporters come to a place to see their favorite sport and after they enjoy the day to visit the village or the city close to the venues, they don't need to go immediately to another competition in another location... It happens like this in reality, I never heard someone who would like to see more than two competitions in one day, excepting some IOC members maybe. Swiss can bid with Sion even venues are spread, the atmosphere and show will be better than in Sotchi and PC or Beijing, everybody knows that fact. You should change how you imagine WoG.
  19. Two questions : Where are the full stadium ? IOC lies about tickets sold Where are the natural snow ? Thank a USA company for PC fake snow Reality about fake snow
  20. You are a lier. All newspapers, all TV reports said during this WoG, many times Stadium were empty... excepted for ice events. I trust journalists more than you, sorry. Look a picture from Alpine Downhill, nobody. Criticisms from French and Swiss Journalists : Swiss newspaper (In french) (Shame on IOC and Korea) France info. (No spectators) Please stop your bullshit now.
  21. Do you think they will change the Korean Peninsula problem ? Are you so naive ? If South Korea got closer from North Korea it's only to avoid terrorism attack from north Korea during WoG like for Seoul 1988 (North Korea destroyed with a bomb a south korean plane). When you destroyed a national forest to build a track and when you use 98% fake snow isn't a scandals ? I don't know where you live but I read many criticisms about this the last 15 days. PC like Sotchi and soon Beijing showed they aren't able to manage winter events with global warming and environmental issues. Korean PC 2018 bid director has been accused for corruption juste after PC choice, isn't a scandal ? PC exceeded the WoG initial budget... All these factors give argues to European countries to not bid for futur WOG. When you talk about Paris and Los Angles, maybe, I say maybe it will be the first time since a very long time than we will have countries than will respect financial budget, human rights and avoid bribes and white elephants in the same time. London, Rio, Athens, Beijing, Sotchi, PC didn't do that. About snow, it was fake. The weather is dry in south korea during winter, it's the reason why they need to produce fake snow. It's a fact, I gave some link to USA today etc. The problem here, it is that a lot of contributors talk without to know something about bid countries or bid cities or even geographical or economic contexts, you repeat what you read in some propaganda news. Of course if you read Russian newspapers everything was perfect in Sotchi. If you listen IOC promotors and sponsors all the snow is natural and all the stadiums were full of supporters... Stop your bullshit. Look the reality, you lost all the bid cities for 2024 and the only reason why Paris continued their bid to 2024, it is because they didn't ask public opinion with a referendum. IOC had to negotiate to keep Paris and Los Angeles, they avoided an historical fail. You have no bid city for 2026, Sion will say not like Switzerland did since 2006, maybe Calgary, IOC must be praying for a Calgary bid... Nobody trust IOC and you are like IOC on gamesbid, between you to say "it was perfect", "nice host", "great success" but look the reality... No one wants these kind of WoG and no one wants WoG now. It's a fact.
  22. You prove only one thing, you know nothing. France is regularly the first winter destination in the world for winter sports/holidays sometimes is USA, sometimes France, sometimes Austria. (In 2015 France was first, in 2016 Second et third in 2017, but each time its very close between the 3 countries.). France is in top 3 since the beginning of winter sports. You are totally mad when you say the contrary. Korea will remains far away European and North american countries. Even with PC 2018 Korean remain a minor winter nation/destination. Do you really think than PC will become famous like Chamonix or France like a winter destination ? Never, it's impossible because the potential doesn't exist in Korea. About winter sports results Germany is in the front of France but there is more population in Germany than in France. It's a logical result. After you said Norway but look, they are better only in winter sports, in SoG Norway doesn't do anything. France is quite similar (proportionally) with SoG and WoG. France has good results in many sports not like some countries than are strong only in 1 or 2 sports (like Netherland or Korea). We won ice medals in artistic skating this times and before too. One more time you speak without to know anything. We won medals in each winter sports, not in PC this time but in our history excepted in hockey... Where is Korean in Alpin ski, Nordic ski ? They don't exist. Only one medals in Snowboard... France remains stronger than Korea in winter and summer sports it's a fact. Korea will disappear after Beijing in winter sports... They do a lot for PC since 2000's but now it's finish, they won't continue to spend money for winter sports. Moreover if you look sports results in totally not only WoG or SoG France is always in the top 7/6. One more times you said bullshit. Winter sports exist only think to North America and Europe, all the winter events happens in Europe or North america between WoG, excepted sometimes to prepare WoG in Korea and know WoG in China, they organize some events like Biathlon World championship in PC in 2009. But without European and North America countries to promote winter sports each year, you would not have a winter Olympics. Biathlon it's a major winter sports like Nordic ski or Alpin ski, we don't care if korean, chinese or Australian don't like this sports because they are minor winter nation or winter market... All the winter companies, All the TV spectators come from Europe and North America... It's a fact and you are stupid when you say the contrary. Korean spend a lot of money since 1990's/2000's to develop winter sports to finally host WoG this year, for they domestic market I think it was a good idea but for the world they remain a minor winter country and they prove it with PC, everything were fake (snow, popular fervor etc.) I'm pretty sure after Beijing 2022, Korean will comeback outside the top 10 in winter sports for many years. Korea is obviously a great country, there able to host world events and they are a top economy but like winter destination, sorry but they remains far from the top.
  23. They won is skeleton because they trained on their track during a longtime, more than others countries. Korea has never won something in skeleton outside Korea. Empty seats is an indicator about popular fervor and when it's empty it means : nobody care... It's fact. It's because you never see something else than korean event... It wasn't crowed, too many empty seats in too many sports... Really the atmosphere was bad about public excepted in ice area. There are a lot of criticisms about this point, sometimes you had more volunteers than publics... It's a fail. In Europe each day in newspaper and tv you have criticisms about this WoG and also the next one and the previous one... You can heard some voices say it will be the end of WoG soon. But Europa is the heart of winter sports without Europe winter sports don't exist. And what about Nordic ski ? Alpin Ski ? Freestyle ski ? With empty seats too. No one cares too ? You are a joke obviously. You should come in Europe to see some winter events, maybe you could understand what does it mean popular fervor and full events. Of course Korea is able to host and organize world event, Korea shows great things and I'm really happy for them but about winter sports they show only one thing, it's not for them excepted skating. They should try to bid to SoG. Lots of snowfall ? Is it a joke ? 98% fake snow, stop your corporate bullshit. It wasn't intimate too, it was without popular fervor, without love... Have you seen Lillehammer in 1990's or Albertville ? You speak without to know anything. The problem for Korea and this WoG, the main reason why they host this WoG : it's national pride, they want to show their pride and to say "we are able to host WoG" like North America and Europe and of course like their neighbor Japan. They don't care about the legacy or if public wanted this games or not it was only pride and for me it is not a good reason to host WoG. When you are able to destroyed a national forest only for a race, it shows their foolishness.
  24. corporate bullshit or troll ? I don't know. Fresh snow ? Bullshit too, fake snow 98%. Please stop to say this kind of things when you don't know what about you talk.
  25. I don't know about Torino 2006, but maybe it's a price issue for tickets, I don't remember. The main parts of winter events are free in Europe except some VIP seats but during WoG you need to pay even you aren't in VIP seats, maybe supporters don't want to pay for something than is usually free. Maybe the problem is IOC not Korean public.... But usually when I watch on TV Alpin/Nordic etc. ski contests it's full of supporters, sometimes totally crazy and crowed when it's happen in traditional winter sports countries.
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