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  1. Congratulations Canada! Maybe your result will affect ours next year...

  2. Is this really the torch for Lillehammer 2016? It's very obviously Toronto's Pan Am torch... http://i.imgur.com/cf2jnCv.jpg

    1. zigzag


      Winter YOGs torch does always similiar to an existing torch for example Innsbruck 2012's torch is similiar to torch used in Singapore 2010

    2. paul


      That is EXACTLY like the Toronto one!!!

    3. paul


      Maybe that's just an advertisement and they didn't design the real one yet? The Lillehammer real Olympic torch is my favorite EVER,

  3. 2 years since Tokyo was chosen as host city for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games! In a way, we've come full circle and are back where we started, progress wise. I wonder how the other venues are going, since they seem to be invisible...

  4. Well at least that's over. A blip in Olympic history. Hopefully from now on it's better...

    1. phandrosis


      Now that I've had time to think about it I'm sure Beijing will host great games. The atmosphere in 2008 was fabulous, and during the New Year will be even better. I feel like a hypocrite, but maybe I needed time to accept it.

  5. Less than 4.5 hours until presentations start! I hope the Q&A doesn't hurt the bids as it can...

  6. It's even on facebook, it's that monumental. a>

  7. don't forget that in 15 days the Almooty/Beijong battle will be over.

    1. Roger87


      Alien vs. Predator battle

  8. Made a ceiling tile in APUSH about the 1980 Boycott! http://i.imgur.com/2iLsFew.jpg

  9. Needed a change from an Animal Crossing screenshot, so I looked through my photos folder and found a sponge.

  10. In gym basketball I'm super bad but every once in a while I make a sick half court shot #ballislife #Eballa

  11. Does anyone know where I can find the full Closing Ceremony from Sochi? It doesn't seem to be anywhere...

    1. JMarkSnow2012


      There's what may be a Russian version from Vesti, but you'd need a Russian VPN to get round region restrictions.

    2. Usa2024olympics


      Youtube, the Olympics channel

  12. Boston, huh? We'll see

  13. That -11 windchill tomorrow morning. Classic New Jersey winters

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    2. Anthony


      Haven't been outside.

    3. woohooitsme83


      uhhhh.. It's been slightly below 60 here in this LA weather. Brrrrr #2cold4me

    4. woohooitsme83
  14. Good way to start off the new year http://imgur.com/a/FK3Zf

  15. Appears that Brasilia will give up the 2019 Universiade. http://tinyurl.com/oh2uaxj

    1. p85


      Yes. Victor Mata said it 24/12. What city will be the replacement host??

    2. DannyelBrazil


      What politicians made with the finances of Brasilia is a crime...

      Secondly, to pay 23 million Euros just to get the right of hosting the event seems too much to me. Indeed, Brasilia was a sole candidate. I do think this must be rethink.

      And, finally, Rio could host it, since most of the structure from Olympics will be there in 2019.

      But if Rio have to pay 23 million Euros to have it, leave the Universiad to other country.

    3. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      I think Brasilia (and Brazil) is much better with more megaevents after 2016. The Universiades of Shenzhen and Kazan were just too huge to a city with such tight and costly building regulations as Brasilia. Plus, the Federal District government is a mess!

  16. The wording here makes it seem like they forgot Tokyo did this before them. Or do they mean the first to be awarded at the same time? http://imgur.com/vK1SHHc

    1. ofan


      Rome did it too, and Toronto hosted when Montreal had the OG.

    2. woohooitsme83


      "The 1988 Summer Paralympics were the first Paralympics in 24 years to take place in the same city as the Olympic Games. They took place in Seoul, South Korea. This was the first time the term 'Paralympic' came into official use."


  17. SSB4 (sm4sh as the cool kids call it) comes out today #hype

    1. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      Megaman! MEGAMAN!!!

  18. The Asian Games medal table is the same every time these days. You have Japan and Korea fighting out for second place, the rest of the countries trying to get enough medals to be in the top 10, and China bein china and getting 50% of the medals :P

    1. woohooitsme83
    2. BTHarner


      Ignore the medal table and just enjoy the competitions.

    3. Alexjc


      New Zealand and Australia have applied to join them...could be attending the next games.

  19. Can't believe it's almost been a year since Tokyo won the 2020 games. It feels like it was just yesterday! I heard they're gonna release the logo around 2020 days to go which is pretty sweet imo

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    2. TheOtherRob
    3. Palette86


      "There is a tie between Madrid and Istanbul..." I thought Tokyo eliminated with zero votes.

    4. Palette86


      @phandrosis.The rumor is quite reliable.Our committee started to collect emblems and deadline is end of Dec.So I believe the logo will be released having exactly 2020 days to go.

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