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  1. JMarkSnow2012

    Rio-2016 News

    Brazil suffers record murder tally in 2017, ahead of election https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-brazil-violence-murder/brazil-suffers-record-murder-tally-in-2017-ahead-of-election-idUKKBN1KU2R3
  2. JMarkSnow2012

    London 2012 Legacy Thread cont'd.

    BOO ! Just a note to let you know that the summer 2018 update of my ebook about the London 2012 opening ceremony is now available (Epub and Mobi formats, as usual; massively expanded, particularly in the section about preparations for the ceremony): By Strange Conveyance Unless somebody points out a glaring omission / mistake, this will be the last update until summer 2020. PS: The map of London 2012 OC firework videos has also gained the odd new spark since Christmas.
  3. JMarkSnow2012

    Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    A brief return to comment on some odd YouTube OC viewing statistics. During April and May this year, viewing for the official Rio OC video on YouTube was bumbling along at about 14,100 per week, but in the week ending 2 June that rose to 18,400, then the next week to 19,600, and in the week to yesterday, 55,100. I can't think what could possibly have caused that ... The London OC video shows a rather different pattern. The average for April and the first couple of weeks in May was around 16,600, rising to 18,600 in the week ending 19 May, and to 24,500 the week after, before sliding back to 19,800 in the week ending 2 June, and 19,500 the next week. There was a significant boost in the week to yesterday, but nowhere near as much as the Brazilian one, just to 26,700. PS: Yes, there was a surge in viewing of the short Queen/OO7 video starting late last year, with various peaks up to 19 May (around 60,000 views on that day alone) before falling back quite swiftly to more normal levels.
  4. JMarkSnow2012

    London 2012 Legacy Thread cont'd.

    Good news and bad news. The good news is that from tomorrow I'm taking a break of three months or so from GB. The bad news is that, to celebrate, I've added yet more entries to my map of London 2012 OC firework finale videos: http://www.pastpresented.ukart.com/marksnow/fireworkmap2012.htm And finally, here's another odd video I spotted recently: the whole OC in just over 2 minutes!
  5. JMarkSnow2012

    Closing Ceremony Gold Coast 2018 CWG

    And then watch the first video in this local news article. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/how-birminghams-commonwealth-games-handover-14534366 (you may need to unmute the sound). It shows quite a bit of how the performance and camerawork was achieved, and also, as sound is coming from a TV that was on in the room, accidentally reveals that there was an unusually long safety delay on the broadcast: about a minute rather than the normal few seconds. That was probably the sum of multiple delays due to the need for robust transmission of this live performance from Birmingham to Australia and back, unless the ceremony organisers were really terrified of political demonstrators.
  6. JMarkSnow2012

    Commonwealth Games 2018... Your verdict?

    To be fair though, one of them wasn't a video, it was a live performance.
  7. JMarkSnow2012

    Home nations at GC 2018

    Weirdly, although there were (if Wikipedia is to be believed) over 200 more medals awarded in Manchester 2002 than KL 1998, England's share actually went down, from 20.2% to 18.4% (on the other hand, for example, India's went up from 3.7% to 7.7% which is roughly their current away-games normal, and Scotland's from 1.8% to 3.4%).
  8. JMarkSnow2012

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    But there was a global theme of harmony with the environment pretty much running through the whole show, linked by Migaloo.
  9. JMarkSnow2012

    Commonwealth Games 2018... Your verdict?

    True enough, but they could turn that on its head and promote Birmingham for what it is: a major industrial and commercial centre since before the Dutch explored New Holland.
  10. JMarkSnow2012

    Closing Ceremony Gold Coast 2018 CWG

    Or if you're in the UK (where that YouTube video is blocked) try the BBC iPlayer version, which is just the amazing bit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/commonwealth-games/43775463
  11. JMarkSnow2012

    Home nations at GC 2018

    Mostly, home advantage shifted. What might be worth pondering is that, unlike in Melbourne 2006 (and even in Kuala Lumpur 1998- it may be no accident that the video game Koala Lumpur was released in 1997) Australia did not get more medals than all the Home Nations put together.
  12. JMarkSnow2012

    Closing Ceremony Gold Coast 2018 CWG

    Do you mean the video, or the live dance performance to "Mr Blue Sky" almost entirely filmed with a single rapidly moving camera?
  13. JMarkSnow2012

    Commonwealth Games 2018... Your verdict?

    Very enjoyable Games, but with disturbing things going on in the background. I get the impression that the event really did not work well for local people (which would explain the poor attendance even at the beginning of the Closing Ceremony).
  14. JMarkSnow2012

    Closing Ceremony Gold Coast 2018 CWG

    I wanted to give an upvote for the video and a sad face for the story it told ! Their frustration pretty much matches my own views on realising that the athletes were virtually being ignored, also the BBC commentators' views, and probably many others.
  15. JMarkSnow2012

    Closing Ceremony Gold Coast 2018 CWG

    Not necessarily, but it does show what can be achieved if you don't bother about box-ticking or "messages" and just try doing something impossible, for the hell of it.