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  1. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    - all considered and/or made fun of in the video ! https://youtu.be/ddYNisN7F7E
  2. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    The good news is, we found a better microphone and re-recorded the entire voiceover for the public version of the video. The bad news is we almost lost the will to live while doing so. The other good news is that the opportunity was taken to add dozens more pictures, and tweak some bits of information. The other bad news is, the thumbnail stands out at small size in YouTube lists, but it really smacks you in the eye at large size, as seen here:
  3. Donald Trump

    http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/ The 150 figure is of course now very out-of-date. There was a shooting injuring 4 people on 16 August, another killing 2 and injuring 2 on 14 August, three separate incidents injuring a total of 13 people on 13 August, a shooting in which one person died and 3 were injured on 12 August. Amazingly, from then back to 6 August (Sundays always seem to bring out the worst in people) there was only one incident: 1 person killed and 6 injured on 8 August.
  4. Los Angeles 2028

    Well yes, obviously they are responsible for an Olympics in Beijing- but was that the result of a desire for excess, or a desire to bring a new nation into the hosting game (the other choice in that respect being Istanbul)?
  5. Donald Trump

    Yes. American exceptionalism grew out of some very specific circumstances which are no longer applicable, and it's going to take Americans a very long time to get accustomed to their real, much less exceptional place, in the future.
  6. PGA Championship

    Careful now. Nobody trained Arya Stark.
  7. Rio 2016 Legacy

    6 August 2017, almost exactly a year after the Games opened: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/12/brazil-favela-attack-tourism-toll
  8. Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    This audiovisual essay on the London 2012 opening ceremony was meant to come out a fortnight ago, but boy oh boy it took a long time to make. At the moment, it's not indexed as public on YouTube- if anybody spots any disastrous mistakes, I'll upload a revised version, otherwise I'll make this one public next week.
  9. London 2012 Legacy Thread cont'd.

    Yeah, sorry. I'm just permanently irritated by misleading labels. My belief is that the news media have a responsibility either to avoid using such glib official terminology, or to put it in context.
  10. London 2012 Legacy Thread cont'd.

    Good spot! There are other uncomfortable issues which the video touches on but could have explored in more depth, such as the definition of "affordable homes".
  11. Glitches during Olympic ceremonies

    I've been hoping for an excuse to use the "Sad" response emoji. Thanks !
  12. Rio de Janeiro 2016 Ceremonies.

    One factor which was apparent on the night, but perhaps not so obvious on TV as in real life, was the weather. Here's a quote from a BBC liveblog: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/olympics/36773435 and a related Tweet from commentator Clare Balding:
  13. Glitches during Olympic ceremonies

    Kazakhstan is Қазақстан (same letter for both the "K" and the "kh" but neither exactly representing the English "k") in Kazakh, but Казахстан (closer to the English "K" and "kh") in Russian.
  14. Glitches during Olympic ceremonies

    It wasn't a gaffe, it was just part of the new British sporting tradition of messing up the start of McCartney songs