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  1. Paris 2024 Ceremonies

    Claire Denis?
  2. Yes, I think China has a heck of a challenge for 2022 (particularly if Tokyo does something mega-impressive with technology, yet still incorporates cultural touchstones like Hokusai). China's isolationism means it doesn't really have "world icons" much more recent than the Great Wall- unlike even Sochi which made brilliant use of Russia's music, art and literature.
  3. I think the similarity may have been deliberate, to emphasise the difference: "Look, no handlers!"
  4. Curling

    Apparently, it cost over 3 million pounds just to build a proper competition-level dedicated curling centre (opened in Stirling last year) ...
  5. GB in Korea

    Yes, but .... As it turned out, that unexpected delight made the difference between achieving Team GB's minimum medal target and just feeling like a huge waste of opportunities. Serious reallocation (and perhaps even overall reduction) of funding to come, I suspect.
  6. That's down to the way your local broadcaster presents them. UK Channel 4 treats the Olys as a warm-up, and promotes the Paras BIGTIME in the gap between Games.
  7. There was a definite hint of "When You Wish Upon a Star" in there!
  8. Once again, that ramp worked well to connect the stadium with the exterior cauldron