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  1. Welcome to the post-2012 era. The cauldron has to be small / low-carbon and it has to be visible outside the stadium. Some day an OCOG will create a small stadium cauldron which becomes visible outside, but for now the plan is to use one cauldron in the stadium for opening & closing, another outside for longer-term use.
  2. BBC iPlayer offers the full show, with introduction (4 hours 40 minutes), or Highlights (a tidy 62 minutes)
  3. Must be an interesting situation though, having a job which is all about being the best of 7,900,000,000 people at what you do, and being a has-been if you aren't the best of 7,900,000,000 people.
  4. In Vancouver it was new and innovative (ish- Beijing had used the same projection technique on the upper stadium wall) ...
  5. Rio made that special relationship abundantly clear in 2016! I just get the feeling that the "sun" explanation for the Tokyo cauldron doesn't fit with its flower-like appearance, which in turn makes me suspect that the globe-to-flower transformation was basically an excuse to join the new fashion for mechanised Cauldrons.
  6. I had difficulty deciding whether to award you a Heart or a Sad Face! That's so emblematic of the aftermath of Rio 2016.
  7. That sounds uncannily like the concept behind the Rio 2016 cauldron
  8. I wonder if Mayor Paes knows what happened to the bigger cauldron (with reflector sculpture) used for ceremonies in the Maracana. Did it get sold?
  9. I wonder what is the longest gap between first Olympic appearance and first Gold? Tom Daley (Gold just now with Matty Lee in the 10 metre synchronised platform dive) first appeared in Beijing 2008 ...
  10. Well, officially speaking: https://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/summer/olympic-wake-up-call-tokyo-july-23-1.6114050
  11. Oh dear, I've led us a bit off-topic, but never mind. As I suggested a few years ago, close examination of the 2013-4 "cauldron plagiarism" claim indicates that from 2007 LOCOG were looking for practical alternatives to the "Friend Ship" they had promised in the bid- a literal sailing ship visiting as many nations as possible between 2008 and 2012 and exchanging "cultural gifts".
  12. As you know, the bits which matter, the "copper petals" with country names on, were given to the NOCs (and NPCs) of the relevant nations. The mechanical bit went to the Museum of London. The Olympic Park retains the Great Big Bell, and the Ridiculously Big Twisty Tower Thing.
  13. [re the waterfront cauldron] Apparently, the term to search online is "Ariake Yume-no-Ohashi" https://uk.news.yahoo.com/second-olympic-cauldron-lit-public-114634057.html
  14. Source for those historical figures please: they don't seem to match those provided by the IOC and Kantar IBOPE Media
  15. Yes, I think she's going to have an interesting career. She clearly just wants to play tennis really well, but she's surrounded by people who want her to be their mascot.
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