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  1. In the week of 12-18 September 2016, the only programmes in the UK Channel 4 top 20 that weren't Paralympic-related were the Singapore Grand Prix and "Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls" (which was in aid of cancer research). Audiences for the sport coverage ranged from about 1.3 to 1.5 million, which would scale up to around 7 million if the UK had the same population size as the USA.
  2. It got messed up in Rio because everything got messed up in Rio, and it just happened to be the last item in a long list. Once it was there, however, the "last chance to be part of the Great Experience" factor seemed to work, and it could even work in Korea. The IOC might get more takers without the Paras, but I think it's absolutely not a serious deciding factor for most cities: very few people would vote against a bid in a referendum because they didn't want the Paras.
  3. Hosting the Paralympics may be "an extra burden" for host cities, but hosting the Paralympics without the Olympics would be a major burden for almost any city, given the number of competitors, and the ambition for numbers of spectators (needing large numbers of volunteers). Also, linking the Paralympics to the Olympics is starting to work well in terms of profile building, as UK Channel 4's work on London showed that significant TV audiences were available for a second helping of international sport if the presentation was right.
  4. Pyeongchang 2018 Ceremonies

    That looks like a pretty long-term covering- unless the November event is going to feature something like elephants or monster trucks. And it looks as if it's leaving the central circle clear so far.
  5. Los Angeles 2028

    Toilets have lost a lot of their romance in recent years ...
  6. which is more dead?

    (I've never found a use for that one before. Hurrah.)
  7. Winter Games have, in a sense, even more problems than Summer Games- you can't use student accommodation for the Athletes' Village, and worse, the Games must inevitably use the facilities of an existing high-status winter resort (thereby cutting off its normal income stream and probably some of its employment opportunities) unless you want to create a new high-status winter resort from an undeveloped area of natural beauty ...
  8. PyeongChang 2018 Torch

    Hmmm. Out in the open air, the white casing seems to detract from the look of the metallic core. Also, it looks as if they've tried lighting some of them, and the white casing has the same problem with soot round the rim as the Rio ones.
  9. Pyeongchang 2018 Ceremonies

    I do hope there will be some footage, or at least stills, from that event- it could give us a lot of clues about the capabilities of the venue.
  10. UK. EU. Yes? No? Referendum 23 June.

    But at the time of the vote, how many people understood that Brexit was the road to Purgatory?
  11. UK. EU. Yes? No? Referendum 23 June.

    What, America is just going to make Korea and Japan disappear from the face of the Earth? Oh, wait ....
  12. PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

    Primetime in Samoa than?
  13. UK. EU. Yes? No? Referendum 23 June.

    Ripley was right to highlight the damage Brexit will do to the EU- and the greater damage a long-term successful Brexit will do to the EU. What incentive does anybody in the EU have to be nice to the UK about Brexit?
  14. Yes, it was clever- but it was presented for our approval as, mostly, finely-detailed yellow on a white background, which greatly reduced its impact. Also, reproduced at small sizes on product packaging, the fine lettering would not have been legible.
  15. Currently, it's hard to see the IAAF surviving unless it shapes up, with yet another corruption scandal just last month. Initiatives which make the IAAF seem committed to value for money are probably a very good idea just now.