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  1. A tight battle for 2024? Really?
  2. Could backfire painfully if competitors start collapsing from heatstroke !
  3. Yes, I get the impression that that is a regular problem for West Midlanders- they can't quite grasp how relatively close to London they are, too close to be of much use in establishing "out of London" hubs for the nation.
  4. Did I already mention that Rainbow is the New Orange?
  5. I wouldn't bet that this is entirely real, as it's very atmospheric- possibly a mix of "live" and rehearsal / post-staged footage.
  6. "Problematic" is an understatement. A 400 metre running track is at minimum nearly 160 metres from extemity to extremity. That's almost the length of the entire ground footprint of the current Everton stadium at Goodison Park, stands included. The only way it can possibly work is if the permanent end stands for the new stadium are not built until after the Games.
  7. Yet another reason not to be too insistent on LA 2024
  8. Interesting. I wonder if their equivalent in the unhealthy youth-oriented drinks business is also experiencing diminishing returns from its association with sporting achievement.
  9. That's an unlikely reason for ignoring fire regulations. As details emerge, it seems more likely that individual regulations were followed in recent renovations to the spartan but basically sound building, but the overall intent of the regulations as a whole was ignored. For example the notorious cladding would not have been such a problem on its own if the windows had still been in their original positions, bedded into the fireproof concrete walls. However, plans show that the new windows were bedded into the cladding, meaning that if it caught fire, flames would rise behind the windows, immediately igniting curtains etc. Similarly, there have been claims that, separately, a new pipe for the main gas supply was installed within the shaft housing the emergency stairs. That is permissible if the pipe meets fire specifications, but only as a last resort- ideally there should be no potentially hazardous services up an emergency stairwell except electricity (needed for emergency lighting).
  10. This time, I think perhaps we really are reeling. The only way this could have happened is if somebody ignored regulations and/or warnings.
  11. It's unusually difficult to find out (Korean Wikipedia is quite feeble) but certainly, Taeyoung aren't responsible for everything, even at the Alpensia cluster where they are leading a consortium: Another Korean firm, Samoo, is claiming responsibility for the Gangneung speed skating stadium: -and I wouldn't be surprised to find other firms involved at other Gangneung venues.
  12. It may be helpful at this point to explain to our international readers that Ruth Davidson is a member of the Scottish parliament (in Edinburgh), not of the Westminster parliament, so it would require considerable ingenuity for her to challenge Theresa May directly for the post of UK Prime Minister.
  13. Either that, or they had a really good Foley artist.
  14. It means that Scottish voters (who mostly voted last year to stay in the EU) get an assurance of meaningful influence on the Brexit negotiations. Smart move by Ruth Davidson and her team.