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  1. What about Misty May and Kerri Walsh? Both iconic beach volleyball legends and native to California. Plus they could piggyback off that Beach Volleyball first started in Santa Monica
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/la2024/status/821039685564649474 This is the video released by La 2024 on twitter. It features the main ceremonies being held at the Inglewood stadium while a "celebration of the 1932 and 1984 games" occurs. Not sure what that really means in terms of performance but it looks like the main event is at Inglewood.
  3. As for 2020 candidates some possibilities come to mind- Bernie- would generate excitement and get blue collar vote back, but he's old not sure he will try again Elizabeth Warren- another progressive like Bernie but not sure the country is ready for a woman as sexist as it sounds Corey Booker- young and promising face in the Democratic Party Michelle Obama- this excites me the most but she doesn't want to get into politics but that could change with Trump.
  4. I haven't been on here in a long time and this loss hurts so bad. All of the progress made under President Obama is going to made undone by this "man". I will never call him my President. Anyone who uses fear as a weapon doesn't deserve to be President. Watching Hillary concede today made my heart sank, she's done so much and doesn't deserve to go like this. Love will trump hate this is just a speed bump in the road.
  5. In complete shock and scared, hate won today #imstillwithher #notmypresident

  6. With swimming Phelps didn't swim at the world championships because of his suspension from his DUI so that probably brought down the medal count on butterfly and relay events.
  7. I honestly don't know what to watch on TV anymore. I tried watching movies, didn't work. I tried watching the news, didn't work either. The only thing that had worked is watching friends and that's the only thing that gets me up. I ended up watching beach volleyball and the ceremonies which I found on demand (LIFE SAVER). I guess I have to come out of my house....
  8. Ceremonies were very nice I hope the storm is to blame for the empty seats because it looked very bad I think during Bach's speech they had to move some people over behind him. I loved the way the extinguished the cauldron it was very magical with the rain and the lady singing. I just hope future ceremonies in the future are human focused instead of Sochi and Rio's projecter. Hopefully we can go back to more London and Beijing oriented.
  9. Considering the budget they did a very nice job, Brazil should be proud. I love the message of global warming and being one with nature. The projector was a nice convenience but I wish they used more props (low budget so understandable). The parade of nations was okay. It was too long but the tricycles were amazing. It didn't have the vibe that London did during the parade but it was still nice. After the parade everything seemed rushed. The rings presentation was beatiful (even with the giant cheese graters). The arrival of the Olympic flame was so anticlimactic. They should've announced it once he walked into the stadium not the hallway and then 45 seconds later he comes in. I was waiting for the bowl to light the sculpture but then I realized that the bowl is it.... Which looks pretty bad just a bowl and a sculpture in the back? Although the sun is beautiful. The fireworks throughout were great especially when they formed the rings and spelling out RIO ( I do prefer London's fireworks). I have to rewatch it once it goes up on YouTube because the tape delay and the constant commercials completely ruined it (cudos NBC). Overall very nice, just outside London? Beijing, and Athens.
  10. USA WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS TEAM Simone Biles Gabby Douglas Laurie Hernandez Aly Raisman Madison Kocian
  11. I think so. Somewhere in their plans I saw that or 60,000, can't remember.
  12. They're probably wearing shorts instead of pants because it gives off the party and summer atmosphere that Rio itself does.
  13. I vaguely remember a poll from the summer stating 89% of Americans support an Olympic Games within the country.
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