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  1. Yeah, this was going to happen, Olympics or not. By 2024, however, electric cars I assume will be the norm with German automakers surely making sexier cars than Tesla that are also fully electric. Elon's end game was never to sell cars, it was push carmakers to move to all electric...and he in turn...would supply the batteries and infrastructure to sustain them Smart motherfucker.
  2. The SF model is very similar and was designed by the same architecht. I actually like the design and feel it would complement the Expo area well. A new stadium AND a new museum? That would be nice. It sure beats having those parking lots.
  3. I agree. The Piggyback yards would have pushed LA's bid well into the red very early on. UCLA and the new USC Village is a MUCH better location.
  4. I think what makes LA intresting is that its still not an entirely defined city. That in itself is both a weakness and a stenght. A wild card.
  5. If nothing else, at least LA bagged the SuperBowl for 2021.
  6. OK Pierre, take a chill pill or two, lol. In all seriousness I like that we all disagree and that we are forced to see things through a seperate set of lenses. It expands our understanding and makes for a more interesting forum. How boring if we all just agreed and said nothing.
  7. California alone has 40 Million people. Its not wise to underestimate the potential. USA's 319 Million vs France's 64 Million, I wouldn't knock em just yet.
  8. Simply put, LA IS AMERICA. Its a friendlier, more laid back America, but America nonetheless, a side of America that is harder to hate.
  9. It will certainly be difficult as LA is never synonimous with America both at home and abroad, but not impossible. This is where LA's creativity can come in to good use. Time so shake up that image that La La Land is this far off place lost in its own little world.
  10. I felt both LA and Paris presented very strong bids!!! LA's however seems to be trying to steer the Olympic Games in a new direction, I agree. A revamping or rebranding indeed. Paris highlighted the unity and backing of the French people, which I felt was very important and noticeably missing from LA's. LA highlighted the 88% support from LA area citizens, but did not really expand beyond that. I feel it needs to engage the American public as a whole, LA reisdents are already in the bag....move on to the rest of California and the other 49 states. Get all of America behind it, and there will be no stopping it.
  11. Thongs in America mean something completely different as thonga in Australia. Lol.
  12. I was also reading on Twitter that some Parisians are convinced the whole Kardashian debacle is an obvious attempt to sabbotage Paris' chances at a bid. Lol. Riiiiigghhhht.
  13. The sports federations are the ones pushing LA 2024 leaders to scout out alternate locations outside of the original more compact games plan. Not sure if its actually helping or hurting LA's bid to be honest.
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