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  1. Hansfromdenmark

    IOC Changes and Problematic Venues

    I think that Olympics should get bigger and either be over 3 weeks, so some venues can be used for more different things. Or make it 2x2 weeks in 2 different cities, as I before has mentioned somewhere….
  2. Hansfromdenmark

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    I´m a bit surprised that it is so hard to get tickets. I will not try for 2020, because i´m not happy about flying, so it is a bit to fare away for me. But I´m really hoping Paris 2024 could be my first Olympic games, perhaps just 3-5 days. But if it is so hard to get tickets in tokyo I also guess it would be very hard in Paris. I´m not hoping for athletics finals, perhaps a morning session. But swimming finals i would really hope for, and then som badminton, handball, table tennis, rowing, track cycling, tennis. Are those kinds of events more easy? or is it very different from games to games what are easy and hard to get tickets for. How early should i prepare me for it? Where to stay, and so?
  3. Hansfromdenmark

    Fifa World Womens Cup 2023 host?

    Yeah that could be a good point for Brazil.
  4. Hansfromdenmark

    Fifa World Womens Cup 2023 host?

    Now watching the FIFA World womens cup final, between USA and Holland, I was interested in who shall host the next one in 2023. It looks like the host not yet has been chosen. But it looks like there are quite a lot of bids for it on this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2023_FIFA_Women's_World_Cup But no European country. Who do you out there see as favorite? I Think Australia. (As a side note I can tell that Denmark in cooperation with the other Nordic nations are working on a joint bid for 2027, it could be very exiting.)
  5. I have tried to find out how many square meters the Olympic villages in Londo, Rio, and Tokyo are, but unsuccessfull. Can anyone help? Of course it also depends on how high the buildings are, i know. But just to get a bid of idea.
  6. Hansfromdenmark

    Were the bookies right on 2026?

    The bookies i saw had Stockholm on the favorite. In the future if the cities are more unformel bidding, perhaps the bookies have more open bids and odds because no one really know who is in the race, so perhaps we can bet on more cities
  7. Hansfromdenmark

    Future Bid from Northern England for the Olympics?

    How can you fit so many sports in the national exhibition center?
  8. Hansfromdenmark

    TOKYO 2020 Venue Plan

    Is it a possibility to find a view of capacity for spectators on all venues? I have made a list for London and Rio earlier, and now wanted to add a list for Tokoys venues, but can´t find any information? Am I blind...
  9. Hansfromdenmark

    2023 European Games

    Are there any good arenas for swimming in Krakow/Katowice? if it would be matched together (i know it probably wont). And are there any views of arenas that they will use in the Krakow 2023 bid? A bid book? anything?
  10. Hansfromdenmark

    BidWeek: No Winter Games In Sweden. Ever?

    I think of course we could. But I havn´t heard anything about applying for it. Unfortunately
  11. Hansfromdenmark

    BidWeek: No Winter Games In Sweden. Ever?

    When has Denmark rejected European Handball championschip? In Handball Denmark has had a lot of international championschip over the years Men European Championship 2014 Women European Championship 2010 and 2020 (both times co-host with Norway) Men world championship 2019 (cohost with Germany) Women world championship 2015 and 2023, in 2023 cohost with Sweden and Norway So we have had international championships in handball since 2010 in 2010, 2014, 2015, 2019, 2020, 2023. Of other big events since 2010 can I mention the following 2010: World Championship, track cycling 2011: World championship, curling women 2011: UEFA U-21 European championship 2011: World championship, cycling road and BMX 2012: Giro d´Italia start 3 stages. (cycling) 2012: European Championship, table tennis 2013: European championship, volleyball 2013: European championship, swimming (25 m pool) 2015: World championship, Archery 2017: European Championship, badminton 2017: European championship, swmming (25 m pool) 2018: World championship, ice hockey (perhaps our biggest event until now), and big succes! 2018: World championship, sailing, all Olympic classes 2019: World championschip, curling women And much much more smaller sports world and European championschip… And in the future we have world championschip in badminton, part of icehockey allready again, part of UEFA 2020, gymnastic world championship 2021, Canoe and Cayak sprint, and grand depart in le Tour de France in 2021. And works for other big events. On an international list of biggest nation to host big sports events we are number 12! https://www.sportcal.com/GSI/GSINationsIndex I think that is very very good when we are not even 6 million people in the whole country. And every event I can recall has had a lot of compliments and praises for good organisation and welldone events. And also a lot with good economy (cant remember all of course, but know that several events has come out with a plus) For me i hope and dreaming of a joined Olympic bid Copenhagen/Malmø. Perhaps with Gothenburg also, "Øresund" region. "The small and cosy games in the Nordic" Yes football championship we dropped out of. And i think that was good. We don´t need many 40.000 footbal stadiums at all. There has been talking about women championship in stead, and that is clearly more interesting.
  12. I think its fin that they pick the city a bit more than 7 years before, especially reagarding planning and building infrastructure etc takes many years and so. But now talking about 2034? Perhaps we should also wait a bit and see whats happening in the world. Who knows how the world looks in 2025. Perhaps there has been big weather catastrofic incidents and others which make a early descision stupid, or wars? We have had many wars over the years, also in Europe in what we now call peacefull countries, but who knows hot et looks in the future. Maxium 9-10 years before i Think. But for summer games I also think 7 years is a bit to short. 8-9 years must be the best.
  13. With this they mean a summer Olympic could spread out on multiple cities as long as all athletes can stay in the main Olympic village, if they want to. As i understand the article. But how many would du that do you think? if there contest has a 2-3 hour journey? For the opening ceremony and you don´t have to compete the next day, perhaps, but after that? i´m doubt it?
  14. Hansfromdenmark

    London 2036

    The spending is without income right?
  15. Hansfromdenmark

    2023 European Games

    But those years you would not get the big sports athletics and swimming because they have World championschips in those years. For me the optimal in all sports based in the Olympics. 2020: Olympic games 2021: Continental Championschips (European, asian, african etc) 2022: World championschips 2023: Continental games (European games, African games, Asian games etc.) 2024: Olympic games And so on. Some sports have world champions every year, Badminton for example, exept Olympic years. They could still have it that way.