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  1. I found articles from 2018 that they would go after 2030, but none since then. And that is after 2022 race. But that is sad to hear
  2. Are there no hope or indicates of a Oslo/Lillehammer bid for 2030?
  3. I agree. 9-10 years should be max far in the future. Many things can happen, But 7 years also has seemed to short, many times i remember it has struggled to get finished in time.
  4. We have a velodrome. "Ballerup Superarena" with cap. of about 6.000 public and has hold World Championschip before and shall again in 2024. The biggest issue is the Athletic, but almost every games build a new venue for that. We want a new national stadium to more than 50.000. That could be build for 60.000, and prepared to remove some seats and go down at 50.000 and room for tracks around. As I see it, Brisbane also goes for around 50.000. And yes the whitewater course... But seriusly, why does that event not get moved from the games? It cost a fortune as no city has the venue. It seems
  5. I must admit I havn´t studiet the Brisbane bid. But im Happy to hear what what you are writing. It gives me hope I think we could host it in Copenhagen joined with Malmø with "only" 2 new venues, the Athletics and Swimming arena. I hope i could get contact to someone who could go my idea for venues through and perhaps comment if I´m completely wrong. But it of course has to be someone with local knowledge The rest in existing venues, or temp venues/tribunes or temp rebuilds. The one with "low" capacity is for example table tennis i have placed in Malmø "Baltiska hallen" with only a ca
  6. So you think Great Britain are one of the only possibilities in Europe in 2036, because problems in Germany national comitee, and other problems in the south (spain italy), frence has already in 2024... But what about a regional games Copenhagen/Malmø? Is that so unreal? To small venues? Do you think that IOC will accept smaller venues if the games are good? or is there a buttom limet for venue capacity you think?
  7. I agree, but if wee see it like that. How far around do you thinks a Olympic Games should be held (sailing of course an exception for many cities/countries with land all around). Are 3-400 km acceptable for venues apart?
  8. Are there really no big enough arenas in Paris, that not in use otherwise in the games, to host the handball tournament? Is it not a bit odd that only one sport is located in Lille so far away? I would prefer a smaller venue and then inside Paris.
  9. Sweden don´t host... They were very disappointed to not be picked with an almost new stadium in Stockholm.
  10. How early should I bee, for considering gowing to Paris 2024? Hotels etc? Now or 1 year before or? When are tickets normally gone out before a games? 1 year before? or?
  11. What are the venue demands for a youth olympic?
  12. Good point about Beijing and village. But are the venues from 2008 at all existing today?
  13. I havn´t been inhere for a while. But i love this discussion. Of course i dream of a Scandinavian games. And in speciel a Copenhagen bid. And I believe it could be done in a joint partnership with Sweden and Malmo. In the region called "Øresundsregionen" lives now aprox 4,1 million all within 1½ hour drive from center of Copenhagen and has increased about 10% in 10 years. Yes, it is not a very big city or metropolitan. But I would market it as "Small, but cosy"... And i 100% believe it would be well organized. In Denmark we have hosted many European Championschips in swimmin
  14. Is it completely stupid to suggest a moving of the games to another place? Tokyo and Japan is very far from other countries in handling the pandemic, vaccines etc. When no attendance, it should be "easy" to move it to another place. For example London? Or would it be completely bullshit to think that at this point. The venues, with no attendance, i believe would not be an issue in London?
  15. If Australia 2032 I cant see anywhere els than Europe in 2036. 2040 could then, if the time goes rigt be Africa og South America. And Europe 2036 i can only dream and hope of regional bid with Copenhagen, and the whole "Øresundsregionen" with Malmö as the other big part! The whole region is close to 4 million inhabitants. Well a man can dream But I am sure that Brisbane will du a great games!
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