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  1. Today there are an atickle in Denmark that the politicans in Copenhagen all want to explore a youth olympic games and want to examine it further. Potentiel 2030 or 2034. A link for the danish article: København vil have ungdoms-OL til byen - TV 2
  2. And in my view it is exactly the problem that the European Games have by beeing in the odd years.
  3. I never understand why a big nation lige Germany need to co host it... When they easyli can on there own.
  4. Hope not... Hope we from Denmark beat you in the next match
  5. I was more wondering if any countries made there own national angled coverage. With national commentators and reporters etc.
  6. Are these games tv covered in Any countries? It dont get any attention in Denmark
  7. I wasn't aware of those games. I will look into it. But at first eye it dont look like it has earlier big names. But that of course demands that they are willing to participate
  8. I have thougt many thoughts.... There are of course the biggest event. The Olympic games. Then there are also youth olympics, which dont get that much attention in our contry... But what about the other way around... A Senior games... For olderly athletes! You must be at least 40 (For example), or perhaps ajust the age for each event. It could make the point, that up in the ages, it is important to still exercise when you are in the 40´s... You can still do something good up in the old days. Then we could relive the old competens in the games again... In Badminton, Peter Gade vs Lin Dan... It could be Michael Phelps in swimming (Perhaps make the swimming in 25m arena, then it could fit in normal indoor venues easier). See Usain Bolt run a 100 meter again... , Roger Federer in Tennis, etc etc etc... I believe it would have more public interest then youth, because there are many known names... But of course new names can pop up also and qualify... And of course there should not be events all over the year to make it in world ranking, but just som few. In team sport perhaps make football 2x30 min (Then more matches can be held in the same stadium), Handball 2x20 min... just some examples.... What do you all think of that kind of idea? Here just loosely descriped.
  9. I really don´t hope that multisite games are the pass. I hope it will grow more! I love those kind of games. Unfortunately are the Olympics the only one that get attention here in Denmark Thats why I keep on hoping that European Games will grow and become a continental games that will give cheer and drama and lovely sport. And i think a lot what has to be done to make that happen. And I truly belive it has to be moved to even years. So it is 2 years to the Olympics and become an own event, and not a pre event for the Olympics. And then really try to get the athletics and swimming on board en full scale! Is it completely unrealistic that the continental games all over the world would be held on the same time... Then all federations ajust there calendar towards that, like they do reagarding the olympics! I think the following: Asian Games, African Games, American games (One og two in north and south, i´m not that well known overthere), and of course european games. If those all were the same 2 weeks in even years opposite the Olympics. Then it all could fit together beuatifull, and the athletes all have the same calendar, if you can say that. Of course there can be som regional differences in the sport that are on board, but the main sport will be the same. And for the olympics, I must say Im a bit surprised to read today that the Asian games have more athletes than the Olympics! But how can the Olympics grow and still be smaller and more easy for the host cities. Because I think there are many sports, and disciplines that could be in the Olympics. For example i don´t understand why in archery there are only recurve in the olympics, and not combound (Not sure if its called different in english). The stadium are there, and not used for other things later on. Why not those also... It doesn´t cost much. Then there are lots of potentiel sports that have a lot of attention. It could be Padeltennis, Snooker (and other pool disciplines perhaps), just to mention a few. I believe there are much more. It doesn´t demand big venues at all! But then there are football (Soccer)... It is not the best in the mens competetion... Then I don´t think they should be there. And then skip the Women football too... Then you have a lot fewer athletes that could be filled with some of the others that mentioned before. Alså for many cities i Believe they could build a roof over one og perhaps 2 football stadiums, and rearrange it for Swimming, or make 2 or 3 indoor venues, and temp seating of course on the field, so all the way around. It must be much cheeper than 2-3 big new indoor venues, and if football don´t have to use it, it is possible for many. That would also lower the cost. Another thing is what I have mentioned earlier. The possible for co hosting 2 cities in different countries. If both countries have perhaps 6-7.000 athletes, it is easier to manage, and not that much different venues. I know some of the charm of it all together will dissappear. But i would rather have the games in perhaps Warzaw and Budapest, in stead of spread all over a country perhaps. Or it could be Amsterdam and Bruxels. Copenhagen and Stockholm. Prague and Split... There are many combinations possible, and then divide the sport after what suites best the country sport history and existing venues etc.
  10. And we from Denmark got a good start with 1-0 over China. It was properly the match to secure the 2. place in the group after England. Assuming we all beat Haiti.
  11. I just wondering why is it interessant for european countries? Glasgow? Or of course Copenhagen. But what are the demamds for stadium capacity?
  12. Are there any thoughts about the youth games in 2030? I cant find much information of interested cities. And I wss wondering why no european country has held it yet? And what are the demands for a host city for a summer youth games? Cant find that either.
  13. I agree big time. These 2 events should join together! I find it so sad that European Games is so badly supported and backed up by the media and then the Crowd. I truly believe it needs athletics and Swimming, and the best! And I truly believe it has to be moved to even years, and not focus on beeing af qualification games for the Olympics, but beeing a games for its own! And then it would also match the Athletics and swimming european Championschips. And ofcourse beginning august, so not clash with EURO in june/july. Birmingham 2026 is a brilliant first try for this! No doubt! Make it happen! A succesfull games there and im sure many other cities want to take there turn in 2030.
  14. Of course Spain and Portugal can do it, if they want. Spain has 10 stadiums above 40.000 and Portugal 3. If you go down to 30.000 (Which also 1 in the 2026 has) there are alone in Spain 10 more. So off course they can if they want, if we only talk about stadiums.
  15. Of course winter olympics should never go to Copenhagen or Denmark. We dont have mountains at all, and almost never snow. So that is completely off.
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