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  1. Hansfromdenmark

    Tour de France start 2021 in Denmark!

    We don´t have or are expected to have an Athletics stadium in Copenhagen. Therefor i dont believe in a European games i Copenhagen, unfortunately. IF we should build a big athletic stadium, temporary or permanent, i think it would demand to be for an Olympic games, and it doesn´t seem to be anyone else but me who believe that could work out.
  2. Im very very proud and surprised that it has succeded to win that Tour de France in 2021 will start in Copenhagen Denmark and continue 2 more days in Denmark before travelling to France. I know it is not much about the Olympics but it is yet another big thumps up for Denmark in organisation for big sports events, since this is succeded. Im looking very very much forward to 2. 3. and 4. of july 2021!
  3. Hansfromdenmark

    UEFA Womens European Championschip 2025

    Sorry wrong forum. Are there someone who can move it over to the right one (Not Olympic)
  4. Hello All Denmark has announced that they will go for the UEFA Womens European Championschips in 2025. I was wondering, if anyone here know other countries that are thinking of that? What are the competition And next, does UEFA has any stadium demands for a women championschip are? I have tried to google both, with no luck so fare.
  5. Hansfromdenmark

    2019 European Games.

    I believe more in the European Sports Championship, because athletic and swimming are a part of that....
  6. Hello all What a wonderful games! If we look at the sports competition and medals. For my point I am VERY surprised about how good Denmark managed this year! We god 15 medals!!!! The highest since London 1948!!! And in London 2012, we got 9, and that was also the highest since 1948!!!! And we had different athletes that we had high hopes for, which disappointed. So that we still got 15 medals total, is almost unbelievable! And who can forget Pernille Blume face when she won the 50 m swimming! That and the handball gold is the biggest moment for me, but the road cycling was also very dramatic sport! And silver for Denmark... But with only 5½ million people in Denmark, and still get 15 medals is hard to understand! Besides our selve, I´m surprised by New Zealand, they are only 4,5 million, and got a total of 18 medals! Very very impressive! So what country are you surprised about? positive or negative? Kindly regards Hans from Denmark
  7. Hansfromdenmark

    Permanent Home for the Olympic Games

    I think I have mentioned it before. There are many new sports that well could be in the Olympics (Bowling, Billard, Snooker, Squash, beachhandball, beachsoccer etc.. But it is getting to big for most cities. Get the games to be in 2 cities. And let them bid together. Lets have perhaps a total of 12-13.000 athletes, but with 6-7.000 in each city. But it should not be in the same time! The media cant handle so much more things at once. So let it be 2 weeks in late may/early june, and 2 weeks late july/early august. Then make it up to those 2 cities in there joint bid to split the sports between them. Let´s say that Hamburg and Budapest for an excample went together. Then every 4. years it wouldn´t be the same sports at the early or late games. But the international calendar can be placed 7 years before when the 2 host are selected, and the different sports are there placed. The media has time to recover between the two summer games etc. So in 2028 we could have Athletic and basketball, and gymnastics in the same city, but perhaps in 2032, basketball is not in the same city as athletic. It should be completely up to the 2 bid cities in there joined bid to decide where what is, to insure use of existing venues and local interest in the sports. And who says it should be in the same continent? It could also be Denmark and Copenhagen and Brisbane in Australia. But I believe it would reduce costs, and let more sports get in to the Olympic zone... And i actually don´t think it will loose the charm so much. Because it will still be big for each city respectively. And it would still be an Olympic medals for the athletes, and the medaltable is of course a joint one for both cities so it is possible to compare each Olympic year. It would mean lower venue cost for each city. Need for smaller Olympic village and probably more likely to get public backing in the city and country, because it would be smaller. But unfortunately I don´t decide :) Regards Hans from Denmark
  8. Hansfromdenmark

    Swimming At Rio 2016

    That part surprised me too... But i don´t know if it´s a first time, or i just have bad memory
  9. Hansfromdenmark

    Golf at Rio

    Hello all I have a small question for the Olympic golf tournament. Normally in golf there are only playoff about the winner... And if 2 or more are tied, then there will be playoff for the victory. But at the Olympics there of course also are silver and bronze... Will there be playoff for that also? even if number 1 is found already? or will there be 2 silver medals for example?
  10. Hansfromdenmark

    Rio 2016 Olympic Media Update

    Regarding Denmark I can add, that Golf is going on TV2 Zulu, for full (perhaps if interesting enough (Danish in top, it will also be on the main TV2) and sailing will every day have place in TV2 Charlie... And online TV2 will have furthermore a 100% basket channel and a 100% Horsing channel
  11. Hansfromdenmark

    Rio 2016 Olympic Media Update

    What is the reason for NBC not to show it live, but with a one hour delay???? I really don´t understand why... Isn´t the Olympic big enough???
  12. Hansfromdenmark

    Russian Doping Scandal = BIG Olympic Threat

    What about team sports? Is it possible that other countries will get a late invitation to take Russias place ind handball, volleyball etc? In handball the international handball federation has before shown that they don´t care about who is the natural country to take a place, when Germany get invited for a few years ago, even they wasn´t in competition with that team who got expelled (cant remember the details). It was then clearly for marketing reasons. I think of course that is a stupid way to go, but if Russia will get banned here, who will take their place in womens handball? Denmark won gold in 96, 00 and 04, but unfortunately missed qualification Could the international handball federation choose to take us in? Or will the IOC refuse that. We did not play Russia directly in the qualification, but some countries qualified in the World Cup, and other in direct qualification matches later on. So how do they choose... Will we have to wait and see. Perhaps the teamsport will be allowed under the IOC flag?
  13. Hello Will all courts in badminton, tabletennis and tennis be tv-covered so the networks has free choise? Or is it only one og two courts in each sport that are live covered for tv?
  14. Hansfromdenmark

    Flag bearers

    Perhaps Caroline Wozniacki will not carry the Danish flag. The international tennis federation has to give a wild card before she gets permission to compete at the Olympics. The reason is that they have a rule that she has to be in 2 Fed Cup matches within the last 4 years. She has only participated in 1! She would have been in back in april, but was injured. So here in Denmark we hope for Wild Card, but nothing is sure!
  15. I have discovered some news for me, and I can´t see it has been debated inhere anywhere. But the new "European sports championschip" which will be held for the first time in 2018 in Glasgow and Berlin. Read about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Sports_Championships I love the idea about it, and have read som more about it on "insidethegames.com". In my opinion it of course would have been better that those big sports, swimming, athletics, rowing etc. would have joint the European games. Now it seems like we have 2 competitors. As far as I understand, these sports championships will allow multiple cities to join together, to reduce spending on new venues etc. I know it is a new concept, but does anyone know if there are plans to expand the event with other sports for 2022? It could be beachvolley, tabletennis, badminton for example? Or is it expected not to expand more because it wont want to be to big? I don´t think it should get every Olympics sports on, and i also don´t think any of the big ball sport (handball, volleyball, basket etc) should be a part of it. But those 3 mentioned first is good examples in my opinion, perhaps also shooting and archery. I thought Copenhagen could bid with Gothenburg for 2022. They have the athletics stadium, and we have the Velodrome and have succes with short track swimming championships and others. But I can see that Sweden is considering to bid with Gothenburg and Malmo... I would love for Copenhagen to join that bid! And then especially if we got 2-4 more sports added.. Well just some thoughts from me, and hope someone knows something for the future I have not founded on google yet. Regards Hans from Denmark