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  1. If Australia 2032 I cant see anywhere els than Europe in 2036. 2040 could then, if the time goes rigt be Africa og South America. And Europe 2036 i can only dream and hope of regional bid with Copenhagen, and the whole "Øresundsregionen" with Malmö as the other big part! The whole region is close to 4 million inhabitants. Well a man can dream But I am sure that Brisbane will du a great games!
  2. Does anyone in here know, how realistic it would be to move the games to another place at this point. I find it totally unrealistic! Why should a host nation then have 7 years, if it could be done in less Smaller tournaments can be changed in short notice. In december here in Denmark we took over the whole European Championchip in women handball in just 1-2 weeks notice. It was perfectly arranged (No public). World Championschip in icehockey in may this year Ukrains has been drawn out of there host. There will also be short notice for a new host. But again it is one simple venue. Not an
  3. https://tokyocheapo.com/events/august At this calendar for August this year there are many other events beside the Olympic Games... The most valid dates are possible to be the same 2 weeks. But it could get problems for others. Especially here in Denmark... We are co hosting European Championschips in football... AND in 2021 we have the Grand Depart of Tour de France in Copenhagen... This year Tour de France start one week earlier because of the Games... Shall they do that again next year it could mean trouble in Copenhagen... Many good questions to be asking right now. It is very intere
  4. In danish media they say the only thing clear, is that it shall take place after 2020, and latest in the summer 2021. That in mind seems like they don´t rule out a april games for example? When is it weather wise possible to take place in Tokyo?
  5. Could it happen it would be placed en april or May 2021? To get so far away from the winter games in 2022 as possible? or does july august 2021 seem to be the only possible date in 2021?
  6. Perhaps more and more athletes should scream up and tell they wan´t it postponed
  7. I stille believe and hope, that in july and august we have a more normal world again. BUT the preparation, the qualification etc is so unfair that a postponent is the best way. Then those 2 weeks also are in play for other sports for what they have delayed... For example european championschip in swimming and much other stuff. Decide for 2021, and have time to rearrange the calendar in all sport in good time and give the athletes better and fair preparation around the world.
  8. What if it is postponed one year to take part july and august 2021... Shall those who already are qualified still be qualified? Or shall there be a hole new qualification? For example in team sports, where some are qualified and som are not. But also other sports. A year later is perhaps not the same people who are the best anymore?
  9. Is a later date for the games only possible in 2021... What about october november this year? Is that out do you think. The only thing that worry me, is that when the descision shall be made, we can´t be sure of october is late enough
  10. I think the virus is over before the games. BUT, there are a lot of qualifications event that are cancelled... Many athletes don´t have the normal opportunities to qualify. I think that is the main concern right now. And as other are saying, China is on there way out of it. There are stille 4 months to the games. Is a one og 2 month delay a possibility? All sports in the world are postponed anyway...
  11. I think only 12 teams in the Handball tournament is to few. It is to easy for top nations to miss getting to the Olympic. I think 16 teams would be a better match, and i believe it stille can be done over the games with the same amount of matchdays. Now we have 2 groups of 6 teams. 4 goes by to quater finals. With the finals it gives 8 matchdays. I want 2 have 4 groups of 4 teams. 3x4 teams go by 2 another group fase, with 2x6 teams per group, points from the team you have you take with, and only play the new 3 teams. Then the 2 best teams from each to semifinals, and finals, tota
  12. I have found on Wiki that Munich was awarded the joined European Championschip in 2022. But without swimming? That is a big disapointment for me.
  13. Any news on European Championships 2022? It has now gone 2 weeks since the post about you think it would be official the next day. I still havent seen anything
  14. I think that Olympics should get bigger and either be over 3 weeks, so some venues can be used for more different things. Or make it 2x2 weeks in 2 different cities, as I before has mentioned somewhere….
  15. I´m a bit surprised that it is so hard to get tickets. I will not try for 2020, because i´m not happy about flying, so it is a bit to fare away for me. But I´m really hoping Paris 2024 could be my first Olympic games, perhaps just 3-5 days. But if it is so hard to get tickets in tokyo I also guess it would be very hard in Paris. I´m not hoping for athletics finals, perhaps a morning session. But swimming finals i would really hope for, and then som badminton, handball, table tennis, rowing, track cycling, tennis. Are those kinds of events more easy? or is it very different from games to games
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