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  1. Schwarzenegger And Macron Troll Trump Over Climate Change
  2. And why would they do better in 2028? Maybe they could get more sun due to the climate change that Trump is going to reinforce? (the question now is not to know if Paris is good enough to host the Games but when they're going to host the Games: 2024 or 2028)
  3. It was 44% full support for Paris 2012, 30% for Paris 2024..........wait for Paris 2028 and it will be about 15%
  4. June 22 - 23 #ParisParcOlympique will come to life for #OlympicDay - an amazing celebration in of Paris #Paris2024
  5. La decima para Nadal! El centenario para Paris 2024?
  6. For Tennis.... and Boxing (that's why there are 2 boxing olympic champions here on the picture) on the 10.000 seats Lenglen court.
  7. Coming from my small Asterix village, I must say that I do not like the Paris metro either...but it transports 9 millions people per day! I agree there will be no problem in August, all parisians go away!
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