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  1. You can look here https://stillmed.olympics.com/media/Documents/Olympic-Games/Future-Host/ioc-feasibility-assessment-future-olympic-winter-games-french-alps.pdf Just a few modifications in Nice: The stadium will be used as the main Hockey venue. And the closing ceremony will be on the "promenade des anglais".
  2. in a certain way, Annecy could be associated with the Le Grand Bornand biathlon venue since Annecy is involved in each world cup event https://www.legrandbornand.com/bmw-ibu-coupe-du-monde-de-biathlon-annecy-le-grand-bornand.html
  3. my favorite: Le Grand Bornand because of the mountains view because it's a typical village because it's close to Annecy / Geneva because it's the biathlon venue (the easiest to fill and it is the sport that wins the most medals for France) because it would make sense to have the opening at the far north and the closing at the far south but not sure it's possible to install a big stadium there... 30 000 seats are needed?
  4. yes but the flame is lit during the opening ceremony and therefore we would not see it burning on any competition site? Or will it be broadcast on all sites?
  5. I can't imagine the opening ceremony (the "ultimate place that can accommodate a large audience") in a location that isn't directly involved in 2030. So for me, it should definitely be La Clusaz / Le Grand Bornand or Courchevel / Méribel.
  6. in this article, Laurent Wauquiez shares his vision for the Opening Ceremony: https://sportetsociete.org/2024/04/30/jo-2030-laurent-wauquiez-partage-sa-vision-pour-la-ceremonie-douverture/ The first thing I want is for us to revisit this history [encompassing the three aforementioned Olympic Cities] because it's a beautiful story, it's the history of the mountain, it's the history of pioneers, it is the story of enthusiasts, it is the story of great sportsmen. So my idea is not to lock everyone in one place, but to have a succession of scenes. The second thing I care about is that these Winter Games are in the mountains and in the Ceremonies, it's rare that we see the mountains. What I would like us to think about is how to make the mountain the actor in the Opening Ceremony. There are ways of doing it and ways of seeing it and there is one final constraint, which is that you ultimately have to find yourself in a place, a place that can accommodate a large audience. If we combine this, we see the spirit on which we are in sketched: a succession of scenes, which pass the witnesses and which then end in a large place where we all gather, with something of popular and echoes which refer to what our mountain is in all its diversity .
  7. I liked it too... but Isn't it too similar to the closing ceremony by the sea? and Annecy is not currently involved in the project... and it would be one more site to install...
  8. could it be a two-site ceremony (like LA 2028)? starting from La Clusaz (cross-country skiing venue) and ending at the village of Le Grand Bornand (Biathlon venue) at nightfall. the 2 venues are connected by a 9 km descending cross-country ski trail. As a symbol, the Olympic flame could arrive from Chamonix by air (hot air balloon, hang-glider....)
  9. Nice is far from all snow venues, access by train is not easy, Nice has no ice rink... but Nice has Estrosi
  10. I think it's too small. a basketball court is about 30 m long and an ice rink is 60 m long
  11. what if the Nice carnival was associated with the Olympics? https://frenchriviera.travel/nice-carnival/# And a closing ceremony looking like this: https://www.nicecarnaval.com/en/
  12. Here is the average attendance of the hockey team:
  13. Do you mean the Nice Football Club (OGC Nice)? The answer is no... They have a quite recent 35000 seats stadium (2013). And for the WOG the need is to build to ice rinks. I can't see how it could be used for Football. By the way, nobody knows what they can do with them! Here what it is written in feasibility assessment file:
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