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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SVWr5RpnLo stadium is complete and hints that black eyed peas will perform
  2. Mascot looks like izzies asian cousin https://news.abs-cbn.com/sports/12/01/18/say-hi-to-pami-the-2019-sea-games-mascot
  3. Egames will be a medal sports for sea games 2019 https://press.razer.com/press-releases/razer-is-the-official-esports-partner-of-sea-games-2019/
  4. Logo and the memes https://www.wheninmanila.com/12-of-the-funniest-sea-games-logo-memes/
  5. so far the tread has been discussing weather the OC for 2028 would be about america (with all the founding father, colonial attires Etc) or LA as the city it self (Hollywood in patricular) i would a suggest a marriage of both american with an LA perspective. much like London, we start with a redwood forest with the early tribal settlers maybe Spanish church to represent the mexico-Spain colonization. then, it all get rip apart to represent the gold rush where many american journeyed to find gold and/ minerals. add in a bit of westworld to it with cowboys and such. the US president
  6. off topic to the current discussion: i know it's still way to far to speculate but i think, for the opening ceremony, drag queens might be involved. the wizard of oz might be the over arching theme. with LA as the 'emerald city' youtube and the internet might be involve. also, the ceremonies might be super gay which will no be liked by the African and Arab countries and for the handover, the opening scene from lala land
  7. i think the focus of fukushima will dampen the WW2 sentiments. it will still focus on nukes but it's a natural disaster rather than man made or an act of war. less focus on stereotypical japan would mean that there will be no ninjas or geisha but i also think less focus on amine culture. my only wish is world order is involve. may be even ushering in the the athletes
  8. it looks a bit of a mess. i was expecting a bit more 'carry on matron' than low rent childrens show. should have focus more on the hefestos story and then mix in the stoke madeville story. but this is just the 2nd heritage flame lighting ceremony. maybe in two years we iron things out and make a straight forward (but not as serious ceremony like greece) ceremony. missing the armillary sphere. would have been nice if a brazillian paralympic athlete spin the circle with his/her effort.
  9. http://www.mix96.co.uk/news/local/2078338/tanni-grey-thompson-to-light-paralympic-flame-in-aylesbury/ While an audience of 1,400 ticket holders will witness the Heritage Flame being lit at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, thousands more will be celebrating in a carnival atmosphere in Aylesbury's Vale Park to give the Flame a fitting send-off as it is transferred to Rio. Baroness Grey-Thompson urged the public to flock to the event in Vale Park, particularly as a way of showing their support for the GB team who are competing in Rio. The Baroness, 47, is
  10. http://www.mix96.co.uk/news/local/2058949/paralympic-flame-celebration-in-vale-park/
  11. with the trend of set pieces in the stands (glastonbury tor in london and the favelas in rio) i think there would be a massive mt. fuji at the end of the stadium.
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