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  1. Date:12/09/2021 News source:JIJI PRESS Link to this article:https://jen.jiji.com/jc/eng?g=eco&k=2021120900383
  2. News source:The Mainichi Date:12/03/2021 Link to this article:https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20211203/p2g/00m/0sp/036000c
  3. Neither a 2020ne plate nor cauldron(even a small one in Daiba),I couldn't find around the stadium or in olympic museum.
  4. I do not know the reason why some seats are removed contemporarily. As for the plate of 1964,it is installed permanently where people cannot easily find.
  5. I joined a tour to observe national stadium yesterday and here's a short video that I took from 4th tier of the stadium. The field was pretty smaller than I imagined! https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/things-to-do/japan-national-stadium-tour
  6. The title of the song of this short video is "ikiru/LIVE" by Miu Sakamoto(daughter of Ryuichi Sakamoto).She actually attended in the PG opening ceremony.
  7. Sounds good news. New national stadium will be open with pre-reservation on every Sundays and national holidays until mid of next month.
  8. Last appearance of the duo,miraitowa and someity in central Tokyo last week.
  9. @GBModeratorI've been logging in anonymously for many years even though there's no check box to opt that way but I'm always listed on recent active members.How could this happen?
  10. https://japantoday.com/category/world/china-clamps-down-on-pop-culture-in-bid-to-'control'-youth
  11. British anthem is one of "national" anthems on the earth and well known as "God save the queen" widely and beloved especially in brotherhood countries.But why do they need to use the "anthem" just because the paralympics came from the UK and why do you think so?That sounds very regional.
  12. Piteous miraitowa and someity rarely showed themselves during the game.So I bought quite a lot at official online shop.Strangely some official shops in Daiba and Tokyo skytree are still open until the end of September.
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