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  1. Date:2022/11/28 News source:Kyodo News Link to this article:https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2022/11/0c075b444f79-olympic-bid-rigging-investigation-widens-to-ad-agency-hakuhodo.html
  2. Germany took action, so I thought someone in the world who is against the west had falsified this site. Arigato gozaimasu!
  3. Not so. I do remember a couple of new posts here but they had been just deleted. BTW,I can't see some image pics in Paris 2024 mascot and @yoshi's annual logo comp threads these days,what's happening?
  4. 2022 Qatar World Cup Human rights protests and reactions live: LGBTQ, armbands, rainbow flags...
  5. Manuel Neuer insists he will wear One Love armband in Qatar
  6. @Sir Rols or @yoshi,Is there "Qatar 2022 WC sweepstakes"?:ph34r: It's almost 2 weeks to go.

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      I don’t know if there’d be enough interest

  7. The slogan for the Sapporo Olympics and Paralympics bid is "Let's make it winter, the world will be amazed."
  8. The slogan for 2030 is going to be option "A",according to today's Japanese news.
  9. https://www.town.niseko.lg.jp/information/3883/?wovn=en "Namara" means so much/very in Hokkaido dialect.
  10. I'm late here on this topic but 55 percent support rate is a bit surprising after Tokyo 2020ne's failure. The Asahi is left-leaning newspaper/media, but it has second largest number of subscribers in Japan, so you can't necessarily say that all of them are left-leaning. (So am I.)
  11. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II lived a long life.RIP from Japan.
  12. News source:Jiji press Date:2022/09/08 Link to this article:https://jen.jiji.com/jc/eng?g=eco&k=2022090800677
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