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  1. "Trudny Okres" - ostatni mem Prezydenta Komorowskiego... przynajmniej w tym był dobry ;p

  2. Help me reveal TWO new Legendary cards from Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament. We’re at 85%! #TGTLegendary

  3. Fot those complaing about bejing 2022. IOC was all ready to give it to european contry... but all 3 europe cities canceled there candidates

    1. Ikarus360


      Gee, I wonder why *glares at Sochi*

  4. Check it out if you want to see Unreal broken :P#UE4 @UnrealEngine

  5. Help me reveal TWO new Legendary cards from Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament. We’re at 51%! #TGTLegendary

  6. Tokyo forgot to set right font when they been designing Olympic logo https://t.co/5oTfBkKFWz

  7. The logo it self is ok, don't mind simplicity, but what ruins the impression is font... font is too generic, it's like something out of early of 20-century or something out of default system fonts
  8. ...... looks like magic mouths recordings are broken now

  9. Ha, i knew it ;3 movie camera stops and resets screen saver timer in LBP, so problem solved

  10. No, 2012 world league before London, it made lot of hype. We also won European championship before that in 2009 and woman in 2005 and 2003 two times in row but currently they are in decline. Volleyball is 2nd most popular team sport in Poland, 1st one is Football... where we barely getting to European chempionship 3rd one is handball, which we got 3rd place world cup yesterday ^^ But it really does not matter as we chear for any polish sportman that is on TV You would really need to live here to understand the result, cheering is one thing but politics are another, we are nation with huge complexes, that we cant do anything right and others think bad about us, when we got Euro 2012 people been saying that we not able to build stadiums and after people complaining that stadiums we build are not profitable and wasting money (which is actully true, looking on what crazy things they doing with national stadium to get money from it, which i think best one is windsurfing event ). And it's not like it's empty thouths, because our politics truly sux, everyone knows that but they for some reason they don't want to change it (or rather don't have motivation to), always when we build something theres some bad things involve with it like corruption and other stuff, for example in recent day we by Pendolino trains without in-title pendulum and without infrastructure for them where we could do something more efficient, but media hype about it like some kind of revolution and politics things they gonna get some votes from it. The same was with Krakow 2022, people was talking that politics wants to make some party in city just for 2 weeks that will increase the debt instead of investing in infrastructure and do something that will stay in long term, people fear we end up with buildings that are not profitable same as stadiums after Euro 2012 or that some people whats to get money from trying to promote something that gonna lose anyway (you know.. Oslo) and people get nothing. Other event we got didn't had hype in candidature, people heard about World Championship in volleyball when we actually got it, about Euro 2012 people heard when we got to short list. It really not about people liking sports, but purely political thing. As i said the whole thing smells bad for me too, because i don't really see reason to do referendum where they got to that stage and everyone knew how it's gonna end, the end result is some people made profit from public money and if we would lose people would blame those people so they get out of it clean. But looking now we would be favorites here... and it kind of making me even more dissapointed as sport fan, but i understand people worries politicly
  11. Actully vollyball is pretty much one of polish games, we had successes in the past in both man and woman vollayball, in London 2012 biggest hype was on our volleyball team who just won world league regardless of fact that our strongest side in olympics where we get most medals are technical atletic sports. But volleyball is nothing... check out ski jumping ;p The decision of people was purely political and fear of huge fianace cost where polish politics are known to waste money already.
  12. #PS4 made me get more trophies in single month then ever before http://t.co/C9TezKphLb

  13. Things you may not notice in #LBP3 Sony Conference presentation http://t.co/4f38Hdq5UU :P

  14. If you guys think of optinal PS4 only, do you thouth if this even make any sence? How do you know if i gonna give any benifits with HQ res?

  15. there SackPocket which worksl ike powerup inventory :P

  16. #LBP3 will be presened at GameSpot Stage 1 livesream 12:40pm PST 8:40 GMT 9:40 CET http://t.co/xlXUKQbIXK

  17. The whole situation still smells bad big time for me and i don't believe it happened for no reason. I know i might sound too political here (but thats because i'm highly interested in happenings of political scene), but Polish media have strong tendency to follow current government party narration, so this media storm against Olympics sounds odd to me.... fact is lot of public money been given and now wasted for this bid makes me even more suspicious. I agree with those saying that referendum should be done before applying then now, doing opposite is literally stupid, it makes me a lot more disappointing then losing bid or even short listed. Now i cheer for Almaty ;p But now we know it didn't work out, as for Warsaw bid in 10 years i'm afraid our economical situation might worse then it is now... but a lot of things may happens during 10 years.
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