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  1. Well they now have more time to be even more ready ;p
  2. After Kraków 2024 debacle and current spicy political situation (which shifted drastically from back then) i would not expect any Olympic bid from Poland anytime soon. Government won't risk giving free fuel for current opposition which would use that in instance, they already attack any big investments made by current government. Also on this note European Games bid news gone without much noise for people to even notice, Olympics are way different beast.
  3. If i'm not mistaken, they actually forced to keep Tokyo 2020 due to trademark/legal issues, change in it when things are already on go would be a struggle, i heard that in case of postponed Euro 2020.
  4. New video, with visual proof that they really smelt mobile phones
  5. Just to add (too bad there no edit function here) i think Bejing 2008 medals shows most you can do with this limitation, where they placed ring of different material on side they could and they made traditional very custom necklace belt handle.
  6. It's Nike, for Summer Olympics host can only design one side of the medal other one is standard and can not be change without IOC approval (they did exception for Athens 2004 when they change stadium to Greek one). It's also reason why summer Olympic medals don't look as crazy as winter once, as this limitation prevents total medal shape change and making holes, it need to. Paralympic medals obviously don't have that limitation but since it kind of sister event they as plain as Olympic one to keep similarity, like all other graphics and logos.
  7. Official designed been announced, kind of suppriced no body post this here yet ;p Looks simple, but they decently put actual effort to them compared to Rio once, which only had plain logo engravings
  8. I hope there design will be more interesting then once in Rio
  9. Sorry for double post but forgot to mention. Kraków by it self is probably number 1 place you can go to Poland as tourist, it's formal capitol of Poland and has lot of our history in it, there lot of things to visit. Entire surrounding area is probably most colorful and traditional one, including Zakopane which is called "winter capitol of Poland" it vicinity was reason why Karków was considered winter Olympic candidate. It's a lot of better region then Warsaw which lot of historic sites been destroyed in WWII or vicinity of Silesia Stadium (Chorzów) which is mainly industry mining region (but
  10. Them most biggest venue is Kraków Arena which now have sponsor name Tauron Arena, is a largest indoor arena in Poland, 5th in Europe with capacity of 22k. In sports so far was used as volleyball (which is probably most successful team sport in Poland), handball (which we had successes but know it in downfall outside of clubs) and ice hokey (which we stuck in doorstep of elite group), It definitely be used someway. It's newest and most ready for anything venue in there https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tauron_Arena Biggest outdoor venue is probably Stadion Miejski stadium with capacity o
  11. 5 years is a lot of time and things may change, but with current way France is right now i would not expect much of a history.
  12. That sounds like far far from current reality + it not sport anymore if you got athletes acting in the studio ^^'
  13. Ever since renovated stadium since PZLA trying to get major event on that stadium, since we one of top athletics nations (specially on field) but we never had venue to host any bigger athletics event until now. Ironically this stadium titled "national stadium" by football fans as we usually win qualifiers with big teams there, British even called it "Coldron of Witches", which to this day polish media nicknaming this stadion that way, but ever since new "National Stadium" for EURO 2012 was build in Warsaw they name was moved there, you can still hear some hardcore football fans saying that tru
  14. Btw Val di Fiemme ski jumping hill is considered lucky to Polish jumpers so im happy in this in this perspective ;]
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