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  1. Shadowriver

    Tokyo 2020 Look of the Games

    I was about to say it they look quite generic, but if this is reference to 1964 games it's ok then, i get it now ;]
  2. Shadowriver

    Buenos Aires 2018

    I had some login issues so i could not comment ealier on opening ceremony. I really like it for what it was budget wise, the performance on obelisks impressed me. Only think i don't liked is combined entrice of athletes and do that with flags instead, i know it was always a issue, but imo it is one of things that people watch opening ceremonies for, they want to see there delegation walking in and also see what other nations has to offer, the flag entrance was really time reduction for commentators to say something about country made them fill it with very pointless quick info about them which made me cringe sometime, instead of saying something that let you look forward to see from them. i can let it go for YOG which is intent to be low budget as not much people are interested in junor events, but i really hope this won't move over to other games. About games itself so far they really look low budget... which is actually good thing. This my first YOG that i watch everyday, atleast at night where there most medal events on. I was really suppriced about there athletics venue which looks like typical athletic stadium in some small village in Poland, which explain why they did opening on the streets :p We organized Junior World championships in Poland on way bigger mid-size stadium. I also really liked breakdance events, i like atmosphere of it and i can see it fit YOG... but don't kind of see it fit adult games So far for Poland not much success, but one supprice, so far only 3 medals.... but all of them in swimming, sport that kind of floored after Otylia Jędrzejczak left which is good sign and we even get first non-mixed YOG medal in team event there. I kind of hope we get something more in athletics as this is our main Olympic sport. I would be really happy if we got alteast 10 medals ;p
  3. this defiantly look like 6-7 earthquake https://t.co/961j8JXfMz #Hawaii

  4. RT @type99arisaka: これすき https://t.co/wkAuNZdi6G

  5. RT @trgrrl: today is the only day you can retweet this. https://t.co/GpWxqcMc3c

  6. @wanwansun 私がこの戦を遊んだ時はみんな99lvあった ;p

  7. @UnrealEngine So far there nothing that prevents me to participate on this one, so i try to perticipate

  8. @NZGoebbelsa @sadfdsfsd_ Ja bym się na jego miejscu martwił o stan UE jeżeli ich ważny urzędnik idzie bez ochrony :p

  9. RT @ConnAbbotto: EXCLUSIVE: Preview of Haru's All Out Attack from P5A https://t.co/qWfzGNryhp

  10. @BartoszN6 @MarcinPo3 Ojej widzę materiał na korwinowca ;p coś kiepsko śledzisz politykę i ogranicza się do TVNu gd… https://t.co/QW4Z92mx5y

  11. RT @purinharumaki: は?????????????????????????めっちゃ上手いんやけど??????????????????????まんたさんmaimai全然やってねーのに https://t.co/yYBS01eplY

  12. RT @AeroArtwork: It's finally time! I would like to announce my large scale Sonic Mania mod! Sonic Gaiden promises to add 10 New Original Z…

  13. @Luos_83 PillowOmniverse? :p

  14. RT @piplupfan77: sonic adventure was a groundbreaking game https://t.co/a8HUCqrBcq

  15. RT @WorldAndScience: Bombardier Beetle when threatened, sprays the attacker with a mixture of boiling hot chemicals. https://t.co/QK5qSGbc6P