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  1. よろしく #PS4share https://t.co/oLElUOlUe4 https://t.co/EnaFoTisYF

  2. @bettieh10 i expected is not yours because everyone post this, but it's clearly photoshoped

  3. @King_Windsor @MastaBlastya @nerddog_ It's not a secret that animals use sign language, so they can understand body… https://t.co/GYhtxuCZBL

  4. It's funny that people now discovering Hotel Mario while all CDi Nintendo related games are one of the oldest runni… https://t.co/bNPhPDoSrA

  5. @KOW_z_KOD Tym bardziej wątpię że ma sprzęt WOŚP jak i ich "fundusze"

  6. @kupelwajzer @gutekgda Tylko że PiS to nie sprawił ^^' Owsiak powinien po prostu bardziej apolityczny, nie robić pr… https://t.co/jGh0jyN3CZ

  7. @Aro_z_Krakowa Owsiak sam upolityczniania WOŚP i generalnie swoją osobę, dlatego nie tylko PiS, a cała prawica za n… https://t.co/EzwhTBLpK0

  8. RT @Artgerm: In class rendering demo with my students. Hahahaa. #popteamepic #pipimi https://t.co/kcadGtmF2I

  9. RT @catsuka: Awesome little teaser for "The Ricochet Splendid", a mysterious project by @2veinteStudio https://t.co/TsVPAtezkT https://t.co…

  10. I wish UE4 editor asset editors could be more resuable. Material editor that i wanted to use on my extended materia… https://t.co/cGlmDqdmyu

  11. RT @UnrealEngine: Congrats to Martov Co! They'll receive an NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti as a December @nvidia Edge winner for Chiaro and the Elixir…

  12. RT @Stabberthomas: Abusing @UnrealEngine 's reflection system for cheap transparency. Results in an almost predator/chameleon-like effect.…

  13. RT @d_rygielski: Orzeł jest nasz! ???? #STOCH #Bischofshofen #skijumpingfamily https://t.co/XSnyol3LDl

  14. RT @klemen_lozar: New year, new tips. When you have a camera facing mesh with a panning effect, offset it in a world space direction to mim…

  15. @WojciechGontarz chyba im kamera padla