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  1. Temporary vs Permanent depends on city and local sports needs, i won't say which one is better for Oslo as i don't know it's infrastructure and needs. And yes stadiums can be used same as halls, to everything that can run outdoors.
  2. Kraków just submitted theres: https://twitter.com/JagnaMarczulajt/status/444118813882449920 I finally want to see Kraków logo >.<
  3. I find interesting video link in skyscrapercity forums (forums about city investments) showing current state of Kraków Arena and.... bid promotion event http://krakow.pl/mktv/7161,3941,film,krakow_pl_odc_108.html Kraków Arena starts at 5:45 Bid promotion event at 8:30 I kind of worried about logo.... in this video they using those logo less banners and i also notice it's exactly same font as those that promotion ad, i hope thats just placeholder.
  4. 2 days left to application file submission deadline, we should have all cards uncovered soon
  5. I would no so be sure about climate change, as sun give signs of another Maunder Minimum that might be coming which would most likely cause climate to go colder. Current solar maximum is very weak.
  6. I think Korea, Japan, China combo would feel too similar and boring over time, i bet devercity is more importent for IOC then numer of games in continent. Besides after IOC being kicked around because Russia i dont think they likely to pick China which has similar issues
  7. I'm not talking about money, but state. Ukraine have more importent problems right now. But decision need to be made in 2015
  8. I'm really talking here about Poland, Lviv probably won't even able to run a bid with country in such state.
  9. I also want to point out that Sochi been picked regardless of very known Chechenya rebels issues in region
  10. There no signs of anything going to happen on Polish bourder, only hot spot there is no Russian border and it's still not sure if anything going to happen
  11. In both cases Olympics in country it's usally not goverment idea, but NOC or some other people who whats it.
  12. I think some people here dont understand that organizations operating the bid and goverment are two diffrent organs which both may have diffrent opinion and one needs to ask another for money. As news tell they actully relese the logo to boost the support for the bid to convice the goverment. http://www.insidethegames.biz/olympics/winter-olympics/2022/1018278-oslo-2022-launches-logo-in-aim-to-boost-norwegian-support-for-bid If bid wont get money they wont able pay for fearther bid promotion and need to withdraw. So relese of logo does not tell anything, same as Krakow ads dont tell if they gonna submit application or not.
  13. Expansion of BMX and adding skateboarding seems to be natural next step looking on what Olympics already have, specially in winter. Not to mention sports man in those disciplines are a lot more recognizable then most sports in Olympics, same like Shaun White in Snowboard. Japan would be also good place to debut for those sports
  14. Russia was controvertial for you? Wait for north korea to aim there missiles in 2018 to make some noice xd #closingceremony

  15. Mis na miare naszych mozliwosci XD #closingceremony

  16. Can you guys post link to info not just images out of nowhere?
  17. Throwing away Oswiencim and Katowice is good idea, more compact = better, bid is already too muchbspread. Also where logo? I hope they dont plan to pull of Sochi "non-logo" Much spread*
  18. Another netherland full podium speed skating ; p @Luos_83

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      As I said above to another updater - please don't put results spoilers in the status updates! :)

  19. Beautiful day and historic Olympics for Poland! No doubt about it this bid race will be all about Investment vs Insurance
  20. Hmmm Polish comenttators raports that Kasai back hurts :( i wish he jump good anyway and both Stoch and Kasai get medal @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

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