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  1. Mis na miare naszych mozliwosci XD #closingceremony

  2. Can you guys post link to info not just images out of nowhere?
  3. Throwing away Oswiencim and Katowice is good idea, more compact = better, bid is already too muchbspread. Also where logo? I hope they dont plan to pull of Sochi "non-logo" Much spread*
  4. Another netherland full podium speed skating ; p @Luos_83

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      As I said above to another updater - please don't put results spoilers in the status updates! :)

  5. Beautiful day and historic Olympics for Poland! No doubt about it this bid race will be all about Investment vs Insurance
  6. Hmmm Polish comenttators raports that Kasai back hurts :( i wish he jump good anyway and both Stoch and Kasai get medal @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

  7. Zbigniew Brodka won gold in speed skating by 0.003s and become first Polish man to get medal in this discipline. This and bronze of woman team from Vencover may cause that speed skating track that Polish speed skaters been begging for years now, may be build regardless of bid result. Or at least cover existing outside track.
  8. Yey first gold for Japan, gz!!! ^^ Yuzuru Hanyu in figure skateing @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

  9. Kowalczyk got gold in crosscountry ^^ @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

  10. Head hit didnt end up goid for connection ; p http://t.co/fZobwHgKmI

  11. Gz ^^ another silver medal for Japan in nordish combination by Watabe @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

  12. YouTube changing layout again......... when they gonna fing stop doing that and concentrate on one

  13. Sara is 3rd after 1st round, but i think she can correct that on 2nd ;] to bad i cant see it on tv :(@Ruizu39

  14. Stoch won!!! First medal for Poland 15th overall and 3rd gold in history of witer olympics :)#Sochi2014 @Ruizu39

  15. Kamil Stoch 105.5m 1st Round, hill record! Things looking good in #Sochi :o@Ruizu39

  16. I know there can be info here but i would dive in to 50 pages so i look on dates, this is news dated 08 Feb. if this contradicts inital info i guess its something noteworthy Besodes it saying near location so it might be what you ssying Besides* saying*
  17. RT @Ruizu39: @ShadowriverUB i'm watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony on video recorded. it was a wonderful Ceremony! http://t.co/370NXmlg…

  18. There actually something similar and it can be find in World Games, it's Orienteering, Run on unfimiliar terrain with a map to find points http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orienteering But it's not quite popular
  19. Some suggestions where Olympic village would be In Polish Flighters Park (Park Lotników Polskich) near by Kraków Arena thats is under contractions and one of proposed Olympic venues https://www.google.pl/maps/preview/@50.0705436,19.99148,1420m/data=!3m1!1e3 http://lovekrakow.pl/aktualnosci/wioska-olimpijska-zio-2022-w-czyzynach_4306.html
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