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  1. I liked #OpeningCeremony ,my favorite part was cyrllic alphabet, dont know why; p i was also impressed of mascot animation, near CGI quality

  2. Oh, its missing red ring from begining ; p #sochi

  3. Since first news about plans of this bid, i knew that idea of using diffrent country assets will be the biggest problem which could make this bid impossible to breakthouth.
  4. RT @Shropshirelass2: Hey everyone @Dragonvarsity_ from LBPC has just joined Twitter and needs some cool LBP people to follow ;)

  5. So valve doing there own Linux distro :>

  6. 15 min to first steam annoucment :>

  7. RT @LittleBigAudioo: @nyanchuoya and friends published 2nd JMC gallery ^^ 13 new songs, also avabale on LBA http://t.co/pgsoFOMA3c

  8. ...but i play game for real man ; 3 time to get those cheap win while pros play gta ; p http://t.co/ZFH0e7xL0A

  9. tha GTAV got 9/10 there.... it hell rare

  10. Fun fact.... you can paste inside mask... yet you can't in same layer? XD I hope i just missing something here

  11. Thru it gonna make domain names confusiong... people are too much used to use .com .net .org and national domain (like pl)

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