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  1. Zbigniew Brodka won gold in speed skating by 0.003s and become first Polish man to get medal in this discipline. This and bronze of woman team from Vencover may cause that speed skating track that Polish speed skaters been begging for years now, may be build regardless of bid result. Or at least cover existing outside track.
  2. Yey first gold for Japan, gz!!! ^^ Yuzuru Hanyu in figure skateing @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

  3. Kowalczyk got gold in crosscountry ^^ @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

  4. Head hit didnt end up goid for connection ; p http://t.co/fZobwHgKmI

  5. Gz ^^ another silver medal for Japan in nordish combination by Watabe @Ruizu39 @hitottovi

  6. Wawel Dragon is possibly the most recognizable legend not only in Kraków, but also in whole Poland, i bet we will see ton of references to it in the bid. Not to mention it could be used for something cool involving Olympic flame ;]
  7. YouTube changing layout again......... when they gonna fing stop doing that and concentrate on one

  8. Sara is 3rd after 1st round, but i think she can correct that on 2nd ;] to bad i cant see it on tv :(@Ruizu39

  9. There was news that Kraków hired Event Knowledge Services placed in Switzerland to help with application work. There was also news that there was a contest for a logo, but logos that was submitted was supposedly not satisfying... which personally i hardly believe (and whole thing smell fishy for me), as i know you definitely can find someone that can do good graphics in Poland. So they decided to get someone from Swiss to do the logo, and i suspect it's mentioned EKS that they hired. Thats all i know about Kraków logo. www.insidethegames.biz/olympics/winter-olympics/2022/1017679-krakow-2022-hires-mclatchey-s-eks-to-help-with-olympic-bid http://www.tvn24.pl/krakow,50/logo-igrzysk-w-krakowie-zaprojektuja-szwajcarzy,388142.html Deadline for applications is March 14 and application needs logo, so we see them all before that date.
  10. Stoch won!!! First medal for Poland 15th overall and 3rd gold in history of witer olympics :)#Sochi2014 @Ruizu39

  11. Kamil Stoch 105.5m 1st Round, hill record! Things looking good in #Sochi :o@Ruizu39

  12. I know there can be info here but i would dive in to 50 pages so i look on dates, this is news dated 08 Feb. if this contradicts inital info i guess its something noteworthy Besodes it saying near location so it might be what you ssying Besides* saying*
  13. RT @Ruizu39: @ShadowriverUB i'm watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony on video recorded. it was a wonderful Ceremony! http://t.co/370NXmlg…

  14. There actually something similar and it can be find in World Games, it's Orienteering, Run on unfimiliar terrain with a map to find points http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orienteering But it's not quite popular
  15. Some suggestions where Olympic village would be In Polish Flighters Park (Park Lotników Polskich) near by Kraków Arena thats is under contractions and one of proposed Olympic venues https://www.google.pl/maps/preview/@50.0705436,19.99148,1420m/data=!3m1!1e3 http://lovekrakow.pl/aktualnosci/wioska-olimpijska-zio-2022-w-czyzynach_4306.html
  16. Small correction as i cant edit post and i think some people might get confused "..is not decided if to give..." So in general they still thinking
  17. Some news showed up in Polish (aka the compatition ) media, regional part of Gazeta Wyborcza, most know news paper in Poland. Also they don't pointing out any source, so i'm not sure if it's true. Also sorry of this was already mentioned as i didn't read whole over 50 page thread: http://krakow.gazeta.pl/krakow/1,44425,15413487,Oslo_nie_chce_igrzysk_zimowych__Wladze_Krakowa__nasze.html I will translate the lead text, for rest use translator: Oslo don't want Winter Olympics. Kraków governors: "Our chances rising" Government of Norway is not decided to give finance guaranties to Oslo, that are needed for promotion of there winter olympic games application. Surveys suggest that citizens of this country don't want Olympics. Kraków magistate: :"If Oslo will cancel there application, chances of Kraków would rise significantly." In text they also mention those survey results: "If Oslo and regions of Lillehammer should be host of the games" 55% No 38% Yes, highest negative answers was in north part of the country 79%, they also saying that in Oslo number of people againts Olympics rised with 49% No 45% Yes ( to compere with official referendum 53% Yes 43% No) But again they don't list any source no source so i don't know how much it is true.
  18. I liked #OpeningCeremony ,my favorite part was cyrllic alphabet, dont know why; p i was also impressed of mascot animation, near CGI quality

  19. Oh, its missing red ring from begining ; p #sochi

  20. Which was done by one man with his own agenda, targeting left wing politics more then incident people.
  21. Since first news about plans of this bid, i knew that idea of using diffrent country assets will be the biggest problem which could make this bid impossible to breakthouth.
  22. RT @Shropshirelass2: Hey everyone @Dragonvarsity_ from LBPC has just joined Twitter and needs some cool LBP people to follow ;)

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