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  1. Such overwhelming consensus favouring Paris. Perhaps the most obvious front runner since the 2008 race? My only hope is that LA doesn't get anything less than 2nd place - lower would be a snub. Let Budapest and Rome fight it out for 3rd and 4th like the bottom feeders they are.
  2. "Several of the client groups that had General Admission" - thats really not that much of a big deal - especially for some of the smaller sports in smaller venues, its quite manageable.
  3. I'll agree that the comparison between Paris 2024 and Beijing 2008 does have merit - but I think Los Angeles will perform better than Toronto did for 2008.
  4. I don't think so - Los Angeles is mounting a very strong bid. Paris = Hillary, Los Angeles = Bernie.
  5. Its rubbish like this which is why I refuse to renew my paid membership. Free forums have greater respect for their participants by actually moderating trolling behaviour.
  6. Too true. Still surprised by the USOC overlooking 2020. Even before the candidates started to drop out, they would have stood a significant chance. Most US cities - perhaps even the second tier ones like Dallas or Philadelphia - would have stood a very good chance of landing 2020 over Tokyo and Istanbul,.
  7. So by your logic Brisbane 1992 would have kept that Koala motif in your avatar as its official logo?
  8. I'm well aware - I saw it in person in 2008. Also - that would be 12 years (seeing as we're obviously excluding Rio and London's efforts).
  9. I actually think this stadium is going to be one of the best in a very long time. If it turns out well it would be worth the loss of heritage from 1964.
  10. I love Paris' font! I hope something like that eventuates in a real logo - Very slick, very Sydney 2000.
  11. I've always seen the logo as vital as a point of organisation - it distinguishes the brand of the Game from the brand of the Games. I see your point but I feel its an important representation of place and time.
  12. I really dislike the "We're so ready we could host tomorrow" card that is trumped out by cities. Its brazen, shows arrogance, and underestimates the complexity of organising an Olympic-magnitude event in the 21st century. It even irritates me when its wheeled out every few years by politicians in Melbourne. Rome, like Melbourne (and Los Angeles) would need years just like any other city to appropriately prepare. Rome should also be careful of using this card with respect to fellow competitors in its cohort like Paris and especially Los Angeles that are both logistically better placed to stage the Games than decrepit Rome.
  13. Love the logo, best for 2024 so far. Looking forward to seeing LA's bid evolve. As I've mentioned before, I'm rooting for a Paris triumph in 2024, but would be happy to see LA come through also. I hope the USOC sticks with LA if it loses 2024. Might do them good to stick with the one city instead of going elsewhere like they always do. Although if Chicago changed its tune, it could be a steal for 2028.
  14. LA isn't exactly a bad back up plan! TBH Paris has been quite quiet in the new year, and LA is becoming more and more appealing. Would be pleased with either prevailing at this point. Cant be bothered with Budapest or Rome. Boring.
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