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  1. @Luos_83 The discord site looks quite nice :> this service in general looks great, only thing missing is screen shereing :p

  2. #Paralympics jest kolejny medal! Chojnowski wygrał pół finał, dwóm się nie udało ale jest szansa na brąz

  3. @Luos_83 in latest attack on titan manga cheptet they finally reched basement ;3

  4. @Polsport @TVP1 @sport_tvppl Więc efektywnie możliwość oglądania paraolimpiady została zredukowana w Polsce

  5. @M_Krogulec starczy jedno złoto by wskoczyć do pierwszej 10 :>

  6. Dont know why but i liked #Paralympics ceremony more, steal feel cheap but was nice

  7. RT @nyanchuoya: #PS4share https://t.co/vv9WXszKwH https://t.co/zdF3MiPWsf

  8. Another proof that UBT in #UE4 dont need full VS to work... do that even need to be proofed?

  9. I freaking standing on hands to install VS2015... i hope it is fing worth it or else i gonna explode

  10. @Dumptyyy そうか ^^'

  11. RT @nixcraft: The two main stages of sysadmin/IT job or programming tasks. https://t.co/TdjtkJTE1f

  12. @sig3200 @ShoA_3go 多分、4つの目だ :p

  13. RT @Courotcamehi: Is that you Morgana ? Cat in the bag ! #persona5 https://t.co/onuRO9T0gn

  14. @PreetiBhuyan i really hope he will dig out from 200s rank somehow ^^'

  15. As #Rio2016 is over and i fon't have my cousin bothering me on his summer break, i can resume playing P4G after nearly 2 months break ;>

  16. This is common practice when you have solid color logo and graphics, you can see the same practice in phone apps design which currently is dominated by this style, it might be general cause why recent olympic related logos are so simplistic
  17. @MidCourtCrisis Either way i'm very interested of this match (well i'm Polish :) Djoko is only big player he yet didn't come across

  18. @ShoA_3go そうか、ありがとう ^^

  19. @ShoA_3go 過去にこれのようを食べたって思い出す

  20. I think thats not much possible, it too big opportunity for group of interests to miss, but knowing Japan i would not expect much of propaganda they quite neutral on many world affers. But i think 3.11 deserve a tribute it's quite on the back of Japanese people and i think history and culture presentation is a must or else it would ceremonies would lose there magic imo. Even pop-culture centric London ceremony has bit of it and i really liked it, ceremony should scream Japan and anime and jpop is not enough for that. Also i found fun new tweet ;]
  21. @itsChimpanzee You played too much LBP now it part of your DNA :p Congratulations btw

  22. @wanwansun 多分、アナの伝記の動画です

  23. @martin423 面白い、ありがとう^^

  24. I think Hiroshima is quite outdated problem and not much relevent to current politics other then just being a symbol. 3.11 (not just fukushima which is only a consequence) is probably what is more in Japanese people mind then that and same as 1964 games showed Japan rebuilding it self from war, in this games probably want to show that they recovering from 3.11 and ensure the world that they keep Fukushima in check which same as Chernobyl will be a scar on the map for decades if not centuries. Not to mention they been on axis side during war so i don't think they want to dig much in that part of history.
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