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  1. Some people in Japan dont like the design, i find this news originally in polish website "Architect calls new proposal for Tokyo 2020 stadium a "sin"" http://in.reuters.com/article/2014/05/31/uk-japan-olympics-stadium-idINKBN0EB06A20140531 As for Cauldron issues, note that its trasparetn roof stadium, it gives a lot more space for ideas then normal closed stadiums
  2. You know that console is duing when you see this http://t.co/7Nms5xebEK

  3. Knowing my country, fact that idea about referendum show up AFTER application and now there hate campain in media is a not coincidince, somebody trying to takes this down with fireworks.
  4. I just heard about polling station problem..... we all present you ridiculousness power of polish politics Looks like there better chance for referendum to be invalidated (in polish law, as it needs to exceed 30% frequency to be valid).... but what IOC will thing about all of this? Sorry to say, but it seems Kraków killing there bid by themselfs
  5. It's not just olympics same talks was different sport events, people saying that Euro 2012 only give us lot of costs for few days of fun and we have stadiums which some are costly to maintain (specially national stadium which is not used in club football matches and not to mention it has opinion of being overcostly build), the same thing i'm hearing about World Games 2017 people worrying about costs even thru it's not so costly of a event and we got lot of ready venues, only olympic swimming pool and roller track which can be outside need to be build.... and same talk i hear about this bid. It's all talk that politics instead of spending money on short time sport events which is just days or 2 weeks of fun, insted should investing on something more useful to citizens of the city like roads, renovating post-German old buildings (in case of my city).
  6. Well it's not like only IOC fault, the hallow of economic crisis is all around Europe so people are more worried about costs, specially after talks all around how Sochi was expensive. But in case of Kraków and Poland in general it's also not quite good opinions about politic scene which will (as they need, somebody needs to pay for all this) involved in to this.
  7. You worried about frequency? If yes, then keep in mind if theres gonna be below minimum, referendum is invalidated, in other words like it never happened Thats actully may also save bid if theres gonna be more negative votes
  8. That depends if negative voices i hear is vocal minority or not
  9. To tell the truth i missed out the conference and din't check TV now i'm searching for videos and i find some interesting info Jagna Marczułajtis-Walcza said in this video that polish logo competition (and she dai that initaily they wanted for this compatition to be international but it's againts IOC rules) that failed because most od submitted logos didn't fit IOC requirements so it was hard to get something good and fit those requirements. http://www.tvn24.pl/krakow,50/rynek-i-parzenica-za-80-tys-zl-krakow-pokazal-olimpijski-logotyp,408567.html Here i find that this logo cost them 80 000zł (1$ is around 3zł, 1Eur is around 4zł)
  10. I guess all the logos submited in failed compatition was too complex for them
  11. Oh why you didn't atleast try to participate? It's pretty cool, maybe it was logotype they been waiting for and now they wasting money in Switzerland
  12. That might be polish logo competition fiasco leftovers, also this design is used by http://krk22.pl/ might be from creator of this site
  13. Ok here is my honest opinion about this bid I generlly worried about it. Initially and it still it feels very lossy, not very well glued, venues spreads out quite a bit even to different country, there also lot of voices in kraków against it (but that might be vocal minority) and when i watched debate of Jagna Marczułajtis-Walczak other guest (which was sceptic about it)in studio during Sochi covarage it look like full of PR then good disscussion, similar to our current ruling party style of talking which does not have very good reputation.... in general im also worry from political side might mess up something. We in Poland seen lot of BS from politics, not once I myself, i'm divided. I kind of aggre with those who againts it, that we already in huge dept and olympics might be too much for us and drive us to Greek situation as it was with Athens 2004 and there problems, on other side im a huge fun of Olympics and i would love to see Olympics in our country and see how we would organize it and considering winters Olympics are only realistic option for us and fact how hard it is to have olympics makes worries that you might not see it in your life time. Actully when i come here you guys gived me hope about it saying that it got some "If not Oslo" winning chance So i got mixed feeling about it.... but we will see how it goes, hopefully at least it gonna be better shot then Zakopane 2006 Not enough pixels to see it zoom in, but it looks like blue is dominant color
  14. Ahh ok i find info based on this date http://krakow.pl/aktualnosci/88961,202,komunikat,zio_2022___za_nami_kolejny_wazny_krok.html Press conference will be at 10:00 would be cool if it gonna be televised
  15. I find interesting video link in skyscrapercity forums (forums about city investments) showing current state of Kraków Arena and.... bid promotion event http://krakow.pl/mktv/7161,3941,film,krakow_pl_odc_108.html Kraków Arena starts at 5:45 Bid promotion event at 8:30 I kind of worried about logo.... in this video they using those logo less banners and i also notice it's exactly same font as those that promotion ad, i hope thats just placeholder.
  16. I would no so be sure about climate change, as sun give signs of another Maunder Minimum that might be coming which would most likely cause climate to go colder. Current solar maximum is very weak.
  17. Expansion of BMX and adding skateboarding seems to be natural next step looking on what Olympics already have, specially in winter. Not to mention sports man in those disciplines are a lot more recognizable then most sports in Olympics, same like Shaun White in Snowboard. Japan would be also good place to debut for those sports
  18. Russia was controvertial for you? Wait for north korea to aim there missiles in 2018 to make some noice xd #closingceremony

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