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  1. After long struggle Finally solved issue i had with my project :o Victory! ...solution as always was under my nose

  2. RT @AskPlayStation: In the unlikely event a disc becomes stuck in your PS4, follow this process to eject it: https://t.co/97qb1KTHd4 https:…

  3. Boże chryste ktoś musi się zlitować nad Michnikiem i sprowadzić Justina Trudeau do jego najwiekszego fana https://t.co/NcPpuXAuKL #wyborcza

  4. 100 hours played 100時遊んだ https://t.co/fXOFpupdAt

    1. Palette86


      100時間遊んだ is correct. Anyway,it's so crazy.

  5. RT @Managore: proudly presenting WINDOWFRAME, a game whose window you can manipulatehttps://t.co/yKrdmUlrXn https://t.co/1QqrPhzmOe

  6. Coś mi mówi że przekręty głosowanie za innych się zdarzały, bo to jedyna szansa by uratować ich kombinacji, by przeszło tak czy siak #Sejm

  7. I cheer for Budapest If IOC wants to proof that Olympics hosting can be more accessible i don't think there better place to proof that.
  8. Lol she is on vacation ;p also whats up with music? #PS4share http://t.co/zLoHojIY5n

  9. Oh LBPCentral is back :o didn't noticed :P and i was about to skip it for LBA update

  10. Fakty TVN jadą dzisiaj na pełnych obrotach, ich bul pupy przekracza poziom 9000

  11. RT @Luos_83: Ever wanted more than a few swords? what about over 9k?What about more than 190m? check out this awesomeness! https://t.co/m7…

  12. TVN obrarzona że jakiś honorowy pogrzeb Wesołowskiego, a jak Jaruzela który ma też ludzi na sumieniu chowali z honorami to wszystko ok

  13. Beginning of MGSV: You sleeped for 9 years.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *fants* You don't have a arm.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *fants*

  14. Like submission is only way of cooperation? Besides you should be happy that they keep them there country, they want to go to your country and your country only, they don't care about Hungary, that why "solidarity" won't work anyway. China do a hell lot of worse things then Hungary and i don't know why you justify them because they big
  15. Well it is problem for them as well as all of EU (not really all but countries effected by it want to make it problem for all, by "solidarity") and there a lot more extreme movements in Hungary.
  16. Thats actully... good news, i really didn't like this logo, i hope they design something better http://t.co/EWOcM50uem

  17. I don't really mind that I don't really mind that if it's lack of courge, if anything knowing Japanese i think local opinions (which i don't know) was more impactful then from outside
  18. I cheer for Budapest, if it would work it would show that any country can make Olympics aster 2022 debacle and would be good test for 2020 Agenda. I also wondering how candidature and people opinions there about it, as political alignment is similar to what my country is going (minus romance with Russia ). I was once there and it buityfull city, i like how on one side of river there hills and on another is flat
  19. I also think this is good news... i really didn't like that logo, i also hope they reconsider the font design (which usually becomes official font of Olympics) it's too generic
  20. Dzisiaj PO ma dzisiaj wielki bul pupy

  21. Palikot na całego jedzie

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