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  1. Further venue changes in the works though not all are approved yet. With swimming moving to La Defense Arena, gymnastics will move to the Bercy Arena which is still set to host basketball. A secondary venue for basketball will be needed, most likely one of the exhibition halls at Paris Expo. Volleyball moving to the Paris Expo as well. Handball is likely moving to the stadium in Lille. Rugby sevens moves to Stade de France and shooting from Le Bourget to Saint Denis. If this holds, Paris will have done away with all the temporary arenas to save costs. It's a good move and I suspect you wi
  2. COVID19 is likely still going to be around come next summer, vaccine or not. If either the Tokyo Olympics get cancelled or go ahead with no fans in the stands, then I think you will see the Sapporo bid shelved. The Tokyo Olympics are costing billions of dollars and no one exactly knows what the final price tag will be if they are held even in a scaled down version next summer. A cancellation would not only doom Sapporo but it would probably take Japan out of bidding for decades to come (with all the money put into Tokyo 2020 if it was cancelled the financial fallout would be such that I would
  3. A dry Asian Games (no booze). Can't wait to see how well that goes over.
  4. Further venue changes to cut costs. It's not official yet but it looks like the temporary arena for volleyball in Le Bourget will be scrapped and volleyball moved to Stade Pierre Mauroy in Lille. It makes sense given the economic recession. Frankly, no one has figured out how to repurpose a 10,000+ seat temporary arena anyway. Rio couldn't do it (they had one arena that was modular and was supposed to be converted into a school). Tokyo's gymnastics arena was supposed to be 100% temporary but it is being kept as a permanent venue. London came the closest. They just couldn't repurpose it (I thin
  5. If the Tokyo Olympics get cancelled because COVID19 is still an issue in the summer of next year that will be an unprecedented financial loss with all the construction and logistics for Japan. IMO that would be more than enough for a Sapporo bid to be dead on arrival. Suddenly 2030 is wide open.
  6. So there is some precedent for saying no to venue construction that would be too expensive. On the topic of the aquatics venues (problematic for the reasons highlighted in an earlier post) we're seeing some movement in terms of recent world championships and the Olympics away from the expensive permanent venue to existing stadiums/arenas that can be fitted with temporary pools (though I think London's as well as Sydney's have fulfilled their legacies well. I'd add Atlanta's to that as well). Kazan used a football stadium for the world championships. Fukuoka is planning to hold the world c
  7. It's very premature for Coates to be talking about a Queensland Olympics being the catalyst to recharge the economy after the COVID19 pandemic. We're only scratching the tip of the iceberg in terms of the widespread economic damage that's going to result from this. I've mentioned in other threads about the prospect not just of a global recession (that's a given) but a second great depression and that would make Olympic bids a tough sell in countries who are hard hit with high unemployment rates. On the other hand, yes, Australia has done a better job than many others in terms of controlling t
  8. This is where the host cities have to push back. With the limited number of bidders as it is, IMO the host cities have significant leverage over the IFs right now. Sure they might throw a fit over the use of an existing venue that's not in the host city limits(UCI did this when Tokyo declined to build a new velodrome) but eventually it's still the Olympics and they'd have no choice but to accept it. I can't think of any recourse an IF would have to try to get an Olympic host to build the venue they demand.
  9. In terms of volunteers and organizers, well, its certainly not an ideal situation with spread out venues. On the other hand, IMO when you factor in the costs of construction plus annual upkeep, it's hard to see some extra shuttling and accommodations across the country being more expensive than constructing a new slalom canoe complex in L.A. If the IOC is willing to allow Paris to host surfing in Tahiti then I am sure they'd have no problem with L.A. hosting slalom canoe events in Charlotte. As for reducing the number of sports, I'd put slalom canoeing, golf, and modern pentathlon on the chopp
  10. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1093758/paris-2024-aquatic-tender-award-costs-up Paris has chosen a tender for the aquatics centre and no surprise the costs have gone up. Still no word on the aquatic center that would host swimming. I assume it will be a temporary venue adjacent to the permanent one (water polo, diving, artistic swimming)?
  11. A permanent host is a problem for the reason you've mentioned but I don't see why existing venues in a region couldn't be used. For example, Brisbane uses the Penrith Lakes course for slalom canoeing for a future U.S. summer bid uses the velodrome in Los Angeles. In terms of being spread and, yes, I agree about the transportation issues, but IMO this is something that the IOC and the respective IFs are going to just have to deal with. Drut also suggested the Games have too many sports (agreed but how do you reduce that number?) and I'd even add maybe it's time to consider smaller capacity venu
  12. Apparently an idea being considered for saving money is to combine the Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies into one so there'd be two ceremonies (one opening and one closing) rather than four.
  13. This reminds me of the race between Moscow and Los Angeles for the 1976 Olympics albeit on a smaller scale and there's no compromise candidate (I thought a city in India might fill that role this time around). Regardless, it's a no brainer. Doha should win in a landslide. Unless Saudi Arabia is going to dramatically liberalize even further (not likely in conservative Riyadh) is the OCA really going to award the Asian Games to a country where there will be gender segregation, strict dress code requirements for women including foreigners, and above all, no alcohol?
  14. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1093623/pandemic-opportunity-to-reinvent-games I saw an article yesterday where Guy Drut commented about the Olympics needing to be "reinvented" in the post-COVID19 world and insidethegames picked up on it today. I was rather surprised at how he directly called out Paris 2024 as being "obsolete and outdated." The more I think about though, I think he's directly referencing the economic fallout that is sure to come that will likely have serious ramifications for the Olympics going forward especially in the bidding process. I've touched on the economi
  15. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1093589/paris-2024-aquatic-centre-proposals This is a bit of a head scratcher but Paris is now planning to host all the aquatics events at one site? I didn't think this was possible with the addition of women's water polo which essentially required a second pool for the water polo competitions since one facility alone wouldn't be enough due to timing and scheduling constraints. If I'm reading this correctly, all the aquatics events will be held at one site but the pool for water polo/diving/artistic swimming will be kept permanently while the pool f
  16. Speculation yes. No one really knows how the world economy is going to come back from the biggest crisis since the Great Depression. Regarding Italy and the Olympics, no it's not a foregone conclusion and I agree really the only way Italy wouldn't host would be for them to give it back. It's a longshot given it's still 6 years away, but I'm considering it as speculation based on the fact that Italy is broke. They are approaching an economic crisis along the lines of what Greece dealt with in the 2000s and still hasn't recovered from. Italy will not be able to repay the debt they are incurring
  17. Couldn't agree more. A global recession is already here. A second great depression is a real possibility. When this is all over there's not going to be a quick bounce back the way some people think.
  18. https://www.espn.com/olympics/story/_/id/29076093/tokyo-ioc-odds-massive-cost-olympics-postponement Tokyo and the IOC at odds over who's picking up the tab for the postponement? I'm not surprised though I am surprised it's come out already. A Tokyo spokesman asks the IOC to remove a comment from its website from Abe suggesting that Tokyo would pay most of the costs. Meanwhile, John Coates says the IOC is chipping in a few hundred million (a drop in the bucket really) and that's it. Add to that the current cost of the Olympics is at $12.6 billion but a government audit suggests the actual
  19. The IOC has said nothing. All their talk and focus has been on Tokyo and the damage the postponement will cause. In terms of finances, I know the Lombardy region is the wealthier part of Italy but I question whether that will even be enough for Milan to go through with all the costs needed. I was reading an editorial the other day on COVID19 and the world economy and one of the things mentioned was countries that have incurred high amounts of debt in fighting COVID19 like Italy who's already in huge debt anyways won't be able to pay it back. It will have to either be forgiven or Italy will def
  20. I'm not so sure Sapporo is a sure thing anymore. With the billions of dollars having to be shelled out by Tokyo along with a recession, I have doubts whether there will be the finances or political will to go through with a bid from Sapporo. As for Vancouver, it's a matter of when, not if, they host again. Given the skepticism still surrounding the IOC and its reforms, I could see the IOC going back-to-back WOGs in North America. A good selling point for Vancouver could be making the city the permanent training home for winter sports in Canada (I suspect in the near future the sliding tr
  21. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/52331657 So already there's rumblings that the Tokyo Olympics could be in jeopardy next year? It's still a ways off I get that, but there's a valid point to be made that the idea of full stadiums and an Olympics as normal probably doesn't happen until either a vaccine is found or an effective treatment plan is created and used on a wide-scale basis. Add to that the costs of this postponement are expected to be in the billions and the IOC gave the No Olympics crowd a gift by stating the IOC will cover the cost a few hundred million but Tokyo will have t
  22. Right now with the current situation, I highly doubt the IOC is looking to lock up hosts for any future Olympics right now. Some are even questioning whether or not the postponed Tokyo Olympics will even be able to go through next year. With the added costs in the billions with the postponement, it also gives more ammunition to the No Olympics crowd. Without a vaccine, I'd even venture to say Beijing 2022 is questionable. There's too many unknowns right now and the financial fallout (world recession is a given but some economists are even talking economic depression) probably puts bids, even
  23. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1093015/tokyo-2020-acknowledge-coronavirus A worst case scenario, but, one that does bear thinking about especially if COVID-19 is seasonal and comes in waves as some are predicting. If we are still talking about COVID-19 as a problem in Japan by summer of next year, then, what would the next step be. I think the IOC would have no choice but a cancellation. I doubt Tokyo would want to splash out even more cash for a postponement to 2022.
  24. It's not official yet. Infantino mentioned the idea last December. https://www.latimes.com/sports/soccer/story/2019-12-20/womens-world-cup-could-be-held-every-two-years-fifa-president-says Meanwhile, details are emerging about the proposed joint bid for 2023 between Australia and New Zealand. Eden Park would host the opening match while Sydney's rebuilt ANZ Stadium would host the final. Australia would host matches in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle, Launceston, and Melbourne while New Zealand would host matches in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch, and Hamilton. https
  25. Is there room in the IAAF calendar for the world championships and the CWGs? My guess is if forced to choose the top athletes would go for the world championships.
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