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  1. 50,000 is pushing it. While I agree 40,000 should be acceptable, you have to factor in seats for sponsors, the IOC, media, dignitaries, and the rest of the Olympic family and suddenly there's far fewer seats available for ticket purchase which means less revenue. So when 40,000 can work for a CWGs or world championships, I do t think it would be accepted for an Olympics. And it's practically a carbon copy of the original only with all the bells and whistles and those much desired luxury suites. It lacks the feel of the original though
  2. This was the poll I was referring to. I remembered 77% from somewhere. That's a small sample size. More polling is needed to get a more accurate picture of what type of support a Vancouver bid would have. Also remember that the 2010 bid did have to pass a referendum which it did. The IOC and Olympic bids have a rather long losing streak when it comes to referendums. Any future Vancouver bid could face a referendum again. Of note though about Insights West, they correctly predicted a Donald Trump victory in the 2016 elections so they have some credibility IMO.
  3. I am of the mindset that if London can host it on their own again, then that makes the most sense from a cost and legacy standpoint. Alexander Stadium is in a residential area so expanding it to the size needed for an Olympics is not feasible. I cannot envision a scenario where Manchester United leaves Old Trafford. Old Trafford is to football what Yankee Stadium is to baseball. I could see it maybe one day being rebuilt stand by stand, but there's no way there would be an agreement for an athletics track.
  4. It won't be that bad but the restrictions will be tighter than Tokyo. Vaccinated athletes shouldn't have a problem though I would t rule out mandatory two week quarantines in the Olympic Village. Outside of that I expect China to be quite welcoming though I would not expect repeated reminders about wearing masks as in Tokyo as China will likely have stricter consequences for covid protocol violations.
  5. Vancouver has some hoops to jump through before it can be considered for either 2030 or 2034. The poll showing 77% public support was a very small sample size. It reminded me of the surveys the Democrats conducted in Pennsylvania showing Biden with 15 point lead prior to the election. A poll with more recipients and from a wider representation is necessary to gain a more accurate view of what the public support is for another bid The other issue is money. B.C. passed on Vancouver as a 2026 World Cup venue and Victoria as a potential 2026 CWG host. If you can't find the cash for a WC or CWG how are you going to come up with the cash and government support for an Olympics which will require significantly more capital. Don't forget the forest fires as well which are sapping public funds. Vancouver had also been on record stating a regional bid is at least a year away. 2030 is a major problem for the IOC. SLC is ideal but the IOC will have to make some financial concessions for that to happen. There are no other realistic options at this time
  6. Sadly with no fans this venue was a complete waste of money. The only legacy will be the pool's themselves. Paris rightly recognized this scrapping their aquatics center by moving swimming to La Defense Arena
  7. I am aware of Japan's pro volleyball leagues, however, Ariake Arena lacks a permanent tenant and given the number of indoor arena Tokyo has, is another permanent indoor arena really that urgent. If it was that much of a necessity then surely Yokohama Arena wouldn't have been considered in the first place. Ariake Arena is not the only questionable choice either. The Olympic Gymnastics Arena was supposed to be temporary but its structure has negated that. What use is that going to get besides being a glorified community center? Paris meanwhile has taken note scrapping the temporary arena for handball along with the temporary aquatica center. Saves money and creates less legacy headaches.
  8. The unwritten reality of the YOGs is they are for candidate cities that cannot host the big version. It gives places like Singapore and Buenos Aires who do not have the financial resources or infrastructure a chance to say we hosted an Olympics. The IOC also used them as a way of saying "the Olympics are finally going to Africa" although we are seeing even the YOGs are well beyond the capabilities of a city like Dakar.
  9. Let me be clear. A double award of Salt Lake City and Vancouver is a long shot. Given the IOC's new process and with Salt Lake City already engaging with the IOC, I would expect the IOC will try to move quickly as they did with Brisbane. Most recent news about a possible Vancouver hid was a formal bid could be as much as a year off. I don't think the IOC will wait that long if SLC is ready to get serious now. Still doesn't solve the sponsorship money issue though.
  10. I will also add the USOPC is a non-profit entity. It is not affiliated with the U.S. government. There are limits as to what they can compel the USOPC to do.
  11. Not happening. This is a symbolic protest. No legislation has or will be passed regarding the Olympics. Team USA and the rest of the world will go to a Beijing. At most there will be a diplomatic boycott.
  12. I think the stadium issue is why Khan has kicked around the idea of UK bid that incorporates London. My guess is London has to be included because of the athletics stadium. On the flip side, one can then make the argument that London can easily host another Olympics alone.
  13. I also saw where the new arena is on hold due to budget concerns. Will the Saddledome still be demolished if plans for the new arena fall apart?
  14. My understanding about the Richmond Oval is while it still can fit a speed skating oval, the facility underwent extensive renovation following the Olympics to turn it into a community center, taking out most of the seats. Reconfiguring it back into competition mode could get very expensive when Calgary has an oval ready to go. If the IOC was ok with Calgary using Vancouver's ski jump then surely they'd accept Vancouver using Calgary's oval.aa for curling, surely the Langley Eventa Centre would suffice.
  15. I had forgotten about the forest fires. If finances are that dire then it's hard to see this getting out of the starting blocks. That'd be a shame too because Vancouver is practically as ready as Salt Lake City. They have all the arenas, Calgary's oval could host speed skating, the Whistler venues would get some needed touch ups. The only hamper is the Olympic Village which can be complicated as Paris is finding out. Perhaps UBC could use some new dormitories for student housing?
  16. This "continuous dialogue" is shady and opaque because so little is known about just exactly what is being said between the IOC and candidate cities. I am actually not surprised there has been some level of discussion but as I stated in another thread I expect after Suga and the Liberal Democrats get swept out of power in the elections set for after the Olympics that the new PM will kill the bid. I still don't see how the sponsorship issue with SLC gets resolved unless the IOC wants to write a generous check. If Canada is serious, particularly with Vancouver, there's a wonderful opportunity to lock up two WOGs hosts that are probably more ready to host than any place else for 2030 and 2034. The question is as I raised in the Vancouver thread, is the will and the cash there to do it?
  17. After the most expensive Olympics in history as well as the one with the biggest financial loss there's no way Japan will want an Olympics for decades. After the Olympics, Japan is set to hold national elections in which Suga's Liberal Democrats are widely expected to be swept our of power. More than likely the new PM will cancel the Sapporo bid.
  18. It ticks all the boxes including a legacy that would cement the city as Canada's winter sports capital. One potential problem, is the money and will to bid there? B.C. didn't want a part of the 2026 WC nor support a bid from Victoria for the 2026 CWGs. If B.C. won't spend on those events, would they pony up the cash for an Olympica?
  19. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1110690/usopc-ready-discuss-salt-lake-city-bid It looks like the IOC is taking the same targeted approach with Salt Lake City for the 2030 Olympics as they did with Brisbane for the 2032 Olympics. Still don't know how they are going to get around the sponsorship money issue though.
  20. India and Indonesia have zero chance at 2036. If London is serious about 2036, then the field will be cleared by the IOC quickly. Furthermore, the IOC has more pressing problems at the moment finding WOGs hosts (2030 and 2034) If they are smart, they are trying to figure out how to convince Salt Lake City to give 2030 a shot.
  21. Actually I expect China to take a page from Qatar. Full venues but all spectators and athletes will have to be fully vaccinated. I also expect depending on how the pandemic is in February we could see mandatory two week quarantines for some athletes in the Olympic Village. The IOC might oppose this but China can call their own shots on covid protocols and they know there's not a thing the IOC or anyone else can do about it. Much like Qatar has pretty much told FIFA how they will run next year's WC.
  22. Unfortunately Etihad Stadium is now a rectangular shape so a platform track used in Glasgow or like what Los Angeles is planning is a no go. I also highly doubt the sheiks who own Manchester City would agree to any renovation to install an athletics track
  23. I do not think that Madrid had the cash for a 2032 bid given the state of their economy. Even with Brisbane's selection, the idea of a regional spread out bid that can be cost effective is still very much a question mark. If Brisbane can pull it off then the idea of more regional bids are more plausible. Biggest problem any northern England bid will have though is the troublesome Olympic Stadium. The other side of the coin is Paris and Los Angeles will have compact bids using almost entirely existing venues. If both of those cities are successes then I think London would be favored for another go over any regional UK bid. And London has the athletics stadium needed.
  24. I visited Lake Placid in summer 2019. Saw the museum and the sights of the 1980 WOGs. Enjoyed the trip and would like to go back in the winter months. Unfortunately, while I'd like to see the games return to Lake Placid they would have to likely team up with New York to make it work. That's a logistical challenge transportation wise not to mention a satellite village would have to be built in the Lake Placid area for the skiing and sliding events and I don't see a need for one post-Olympics. Salt Lake City is like Los Angeles. They are as close to a sure thing for a cost efficient and compact Olympics as there is. Good to see Lake Placid hosting the winter universiade though. Those venues are getting some much needed upkeep.
  25. India, Istanbul, and Indonesia will politely be told no chance by the IOC (I don't see the IOC considering any bid from outside, the US, Korea, China, Russia, or Western Europe for the SOGs). The IOC wants safe hosts. This one is western Europe's to lose. Madrid or London or a Russian bid would be as close to locks as one could get.
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