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  1. 2022 18-25 Sep Cycling UCI Road World Championships Wollongong 23 Sep-3 Oct Basketball FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup Sydney 16 Oct-13 Nov Cricket ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Various 13-18 Dec Swimming FINA World Short Course Championships Melbourne 2023 18 Feb Athletics World Athletics Cross Country Championships Bathurst 10 Jul-20 Aug Soccer FIFA Women’s World Cup Various 2024 TBC Triathlon World Triathlon Multisport Championships Townsville 2025 TBC Rowing World Rowing Coastal Championships & Beach Sprint Finals TBC TBC Canoeing Canoe Slalom World Championships Sydney TBC Rugby Union British Lions Tour Various 2026 TBC Multi-Sport Commonwealth Games Victoria TBC Cycling UCI BMX World Championships Brisbane 2027 TBC Netball Netball World Cup Sydney 10 Sep- 23 Oct Rugby Union Men’s Rugby World Cup Various 2028 TBC Golf President’s Cup Melbourne TBC Cricket ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Various 2029 TBC Rugby Union Women’s Rugby World Cup Various 2032 TBC Multi-Sport Olympic Games Brisbane TBC Multi-Sport Paralympic Games Brisbane
  2. https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/worlds-best-swimmers-dive-melbourne?fbclid=IwAR0bneZAZqV8HqBw6734vtiRK8pTgkf9xIMd6t1CLotUGKVWlZpOehgPK9M
  3. It will be a golden opportunity for rugby's golden event to be staged in the world's sporting capital.
  4. This is all part of our plan- the golden runway and decade towards Brisbane 2032
  5. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/2027-rugby-world-cup-to-be-in-australia-final-may-be-at-the-mcg/news-story/831b9541fd1bd55aad66fd810c51ab7e
  6. Sorry but these events are for the whole of Victoria not just the western country towns.. that is why Gippsland is hosting
  7. It is okay, Victoria 2026 will bring back the professionalism
  8. How is sharing news and updates about the games incessant?
  9. I would be shocked if that was how Eurkea Stadium looked come 2026- surely they would upgrade the stadium to allow legacy benefits?
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