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  1. If the Games need to be in Australia again, I would like to see a new city (or cities/regions) that have not hosted the games for some time. This would be the order or preference 1. Adelaide 2. Perth 3. Tasmania 4. Darwin 5. Canberra 6. Sydney 7. Regional Vic/NSW 8. North Queensland
  2. Exactly. Brisbane is by far the most logical bid to lock in as hosts! The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games proved what the region can do. COVID has also proved what a great region SEQ is how they have been able to limit cases, host the majority of the AFL season including the Grand Final (the first time ever that the AFL Grand Final has ever been played outside Melbourne). The three level of government support is very important especially considering the different political parties involved. All parties on both side of politics are behind the Games bid and this can really put Queensla
  3. Just throwing this idea out there- the World University Games (Universiade) have never been in Oceania. Could Brisbane bid for the games to help lead in and prepare for the 2032 Olympics? 2025 is the first year where there isn't a host as yet.
  4. I know it is early BUT Sally Pearson surely is the one to light the cauldron What performances would be at the ceremonies? Would they focus on Queensland artists or bring in other Aussie artists too? I was at the Commonwealth Games 2018 ceremony and was shocked there was no Waltzing Matilda or those famous australian songs. Maybe there is an aussie song medley? I thought the national anthem was done well though.
  5. There is nothing wrong with that though. and was to say those nations didn't deserve the games? Keep in mind, Japan- 57 years since last Summer Games and 23 years since last Winter Games China- 14 years since Summer Games, Never hosted Winter games before France- 100 years since last Summer Games, 32 years since last Winter games Italy- 66 years since last Summer Games, 20 years since last Winter games USA- 32 years since last Summer Games, 26 years since last Winter Games Australia- 32 years since last Summer Games, Never hosted Winter games before
  6. https://stillmedab.olympic.org/media/Document%20Library/OlympicOrg/News/2021/02/IOC-Feasibility-Assessment-Brisbane.pdf Venues BRISBANE Brisbane Olympic Stadium- 50,000 (Athletics, Track and Field) NEW Brisbane Arena- 15,000 (Swimming, Water Polo) NEW Brisbane Aquatics Centre- 4,500 (Diving, Artistic Swimming, Water Polo) Existing- Upgrade Southbank Cultural Forecourt- 4,000 (Archery) Temporary Brisbane Indoor Sports Centre- 15,000 (Basketball) New Southbank Piazzy 4,500 (3X3 Basketball) Existing Anna Meares Velodrome- 5,000 (Track, BMX Cycling) Ex
  7. Thank you everyone!!! I decided to focus on the shape of Queensland the state where Brisbane is the capital of. The shape of the state also is made to look like the Olympic flame. The indigenous patterns focus on two major hubs for the games where I'd assume most of the events would take place (if it expands outside Brisbane). South East and Far North. The Kangaroo i was a bit hesitant of putting on but thought it is the most recognisable icon for Australia across the globe. And yes, the colour for the Olympics focus on Queensland's maroon whilst the Paralympic focuses on a vibrant green
  8. I think that Brisbane should be moved to 2028 since Australia have controlled COVID so well. This is what I would do if Tokyo got postponed (again) 2024- Tokyo 2028- Brisbane 2032- Paris 2036- LA Obviously Europe and America are i bad situations however USA is worse so 16 years provides enough time for them to get their act together.
  9. My link for uploading image isnt working hopefully you can see the images for 2026 and 2032!
  10. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/breaking-news/new-push-for-sa-to-bid-for-2026-commonwealth-games-but-treasurer-says-it-wont-happen/news-story/9152ac667be0d68549414ce954f1ee4c Looks like it isn't happening...
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