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  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=2026+commonwealth+games&rlz=1C5CHFA_enAU922AU922&sxsrf=AJOqlzU1GGdqTvhehHPuRAyxr7ulILKIgA:1675197447773&source=lnms&tbm=nws&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiAk7bm1PL8AhW6umMGHYPCDFQQ_AUoAXoECAIQAw&biw=1440&bih=789&dpr=2#:~:text=Search Results-,Geelong Advertiser,1 hour ago,-InsideTheGames
  2. Geotech and archaeology work begins on Eureka Stadium and Ballarat showgrounds By Gabrielle Hodson Ballarat Courier January 23 2023 Geology experts are getting down and dirty at Eureka Stadium and the showgrounds, testing the ground to determine what can be built on top ahead of construction of major infrastructure for the 2026 Commonwealth Games. And it's all good so far. Archaeologists and staff from the Ballarat office of A.S James Geotechnical Engineers spent the weekend drilling, digging, sifting and sampling soil from underneath the stadium property on Creswick Road - and the showgrounds next door. Workers also dug several bore holes to a depth of 12 metres on Saturday. Wade Fullerton from A.S. James said while the samples needed detailed lab analysis, much of the land between the showgrounds and oval (the space used by visiting circuses) was a relatively undisturbed layer of clay over siltstone - and thankfully, no high water table. Morgan Turner and Wade Fullerton of A.S. James help drill core samples to a depth of up to 12m at Eureka Stadium - the first step in planning future facilities for the Commonwealth Games. Picture by Kate Healy. They didn't exactly hit gold - or any old mineshafts - but small amounts of quartz were found in the samples. The Creswick Road showgrounds have been council property since at least 1934 and before that, the show was held on a site between Lake Wendouree and Gregory Street. Maps from 1861 depict paddocks across the area. Archaeologists representing local indigenous groups were also on hand to check the level and amount of siltstone, which Mr Fullerton said could sometimes yield aboriginal artefacts. COMMONWEALTH GAMES 2026 COUNTDOWN - The Games begin March 17, 2026 - 1148 days The testing is the first stage to determine what sort of grandstands, parking and more can go on top. Eureka Stadium will get a $159 million upgrade ahead of the March 2026 Commonwealth Games in country Victoria to prepare the site for athletics and para-athletics. It includes the addition of 5000 permanent seats to the stadium. A.S. James was also the company that tested Ballarat's GovHub site in 2019 - revealing thousands of intact goldrush-era bottles and a giant boulder with a core of hundreds of 10 centimetre crystals known as Natrolite. Staff said the boulder cracked open during removal and was mistaken for naturally-occurring asbestos. They said they would have liked the crystals to have been put on display at the government offices but were unsure what had happened to the huge rock. Siltstone samples being readied to be sifted by archeaologists for indigenous and other artefacts beside Eureka Stadium. Picture by Kate Healy. A.S James is also hoping to work on the former saleyards site at Delacombe, which has been selected a the site for a Commonwealth Games village. The State Government estimates the games will create more than 600 full-time equivalent jobs before they start, another 3900 during the games and an extra 3000 after the closing ceremony. They believe it will inject $3 billion into the Victorian economy
  3. I had to make an Olympics bid for my Year 9 Geography Tourism assignment. I got 100% A+ with my Melbourne bid.
  4. a GamesBids CWG Bidding comp?? I like the sound of that! Bring it back!!!
  5. So I’m thinking about air bnb? My sister is off to Paris this year but the travel agent said air bnbs are illegal? what’s the truth? also what are the safe and dangerous areas in Paris please.
  6. A bit of a delayed post from September... It is though interesting and pleasing to see that CWG hope to lock in hosts for 2030 and 2034 way in advance. This is great for the stability of the Games and provides opportunities for these hosts to host a terrific games with years of preparation. It would also lock in hosts early ahead of what is an interesting period for the Games with Queen Elizabeth II no longer sovereign. Unless something drastic happens, it seems like Hamilton, Canada is all but locked in to host in 2030. I fully back this in because by then, it would have been 36 years since Canada hosted the Games. There have of course been some false starts along the way, Hamilton lost the vote for the 2010 Games which in hindsight would have been the better option, Halifax bidded for 2014 before withdrawing, Edmonton bidded for 2022 before withdrawing, as did Victoria, BC in the second bidding process. Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary and Hamilton all flirted with the idea of hosting in 2026 with Hamilton seen as the front runner to host in 2026 for quite some time before refocussing their bid towards 2030. I fully back a 2030 Hamilton bid for 2030. In a historical Games, hosting the Centenary edition of the Games, the Games may return to their birthplace in Hamilton. It just makes sense. Hopefully Hamilton is announced as hosts for 2030 and I hope to be in attendance. Could Hamilton's 2030 Commonwealth Games bid though be affected if Vancouver decide to pursue the 2030 Winter Olympics and more so, win the bid? After 2030, who would be next? I would love to see the Games return to New Zealand however the Government doesn't seem to want to back a multi sport event for that country which is a deep deep shame. With the flexible hosting method for the Games now, they could host it across the country or at the very least either a north island or south island based Games. A multi nation games? That would help the smaller nations host the Games. Ideas for a multi nation games could include: A Pacific Games with hosts in PNG, Fiji and a few of the other Pacific nations. That would be special. An African Games. Africa have bidded for the Games before like 2014 with Abuja but they lost to Glasgow. Maybe by partnering together, they might get a Commonwealth Games. They already are hosting the Youth Olympic Games in 2026 although that is not in a Commonwealth country. Singapore-Malaysia as suggested above. Although both countries could easily host on their own. Why don't they? Singapore would make a terrific Commonwealth Games. Like another suggestion, a West Indies game would also be great and I could definitely see it happening although those countries may look to exit the Commonwealth in the years to come.
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