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    All Sport, Eurovision, Medicine, Traditions, Culture, Books, Cars, and friendships and 1000 things more :D
  1. Spanish media said the whole week about, crisis, dopping....it was the biggest issues for Spain, and i whatched and readed it in 75% media , and i am and live in Spain.
  2. Ana Botella ( relaxing cup os cafe con leche ), said yesterday, Madrid wont bid in 2024.
  3. In tve page u can follow theconcert of supporter, it seem as we won WC football .... Im so scared... But if Madrid loses, good luck Tokyo and Estambul.
  4. I know, but it is a long time eork, not only today, and Felipe last speech can help... I wish
  5. I wish Madrid win, it is difficult, i will cry again this time if we lose and if we win...
  6. Not bad references to the others bids by the moment...
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