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  1. After four failed attempts by Madrid to organize the Olympic Games, the mayor of Madrid hints that it is time for Madrid to celebrate the Games after previous attempts and with so much work and structures already carried out. So soon Madrid will say they will bid a last attempt.
  2. Ana Botella ( relaxing cup os cafe con leche ), said yesterday, Madrid wont bid in 2024.
  3. Please spanish, turkish and Japanes people, please be relaxed and enjoy this last week previous to election, and try to dont be disgusting each other, everyone who have said a single word against other is responsible , so try to say now good things about each city and show us the glory of each city. My hope is Madrid winning hehe obvious. Enjoy.
  4. Davosmad... Te estás cubriendo de gloria y perjudicando a Mdd 2020, haz critica constructiva y no echando por tierra a los demás, ya q no estamos en una situación como para ponernos como ejemplo. I've said : he doesnt need to say such those type bad thing of everybid for make bigger Mdd 2020, it is not fair play, and we have problems too as everycountry. Piensa un poco, piensa en todos.
  5. ahh cool!!! well who knows... lets wait and see what happen!! :-)
  6. Cadiz is for yatchin or Valencia ??? i wish Cadiz but i think it is Valencia, tell me more information about it if u can
  7. sure... if i want surely many people want too hehehehehe.
  8. mmm... i want OG for 2020 but... i think this time population support will be so low... lets see what happen... maybe how Madrid has 80% built, they can call the bid as The most economic and efficient Bid jajajaja. Hi im back and sorry for my fantastic english loool
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