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  1. Spanish media said the whole week about, crisis, dopping....it was the biggest issues for Spain, and i whatched and readed it in 75% media , and i am and live in Spain.
  2. Ana Botella ( relaxing cup os cafe con leche ), said yesterday, Madrid wont bid in 2024.
  3. In tve page u can follow theconcert of supporter, it seem as we won WC football .... Im so scared... But if Madrid loses, good luck Tokyo and Estambul.
  4. I know, but it is a long time eork, not only today, and Felipe last speech can help... I wish
  5. I wish Madrid win, it is difficult, i will cry again this time if we lose and if we win...
  6. Not bad references to the others bids by the moment...
  7. Albert said how they will help in region as they have said
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