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  1. Why the hell would NBC make such an asinine request for the Parade of Nations? They're not even going to show the blessed thing live!
  2. I support a total ban on Russia competing, not just in Rio 2016 but in Pyeongchang 2018 - both Olympics and Paralympics. Would the overall level of competitiveness be affected? Of course. But it would nice to see someone win gold in rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming who isn't Russian. Not that there's any doping in those sports, but if Russians can manipulate the judging in figure skating... The turnover in synchronized swimming was rather quick, don't you think? The USA had won gold in Atlanta, but between then and Sydney, they just disappeared in favor of the Russians. It was as if they didn't even matter anymore.
  3. I'm not naive. I know that this happens all the time around the world. I've been watching the Olympics since 1992. Still, NBC's coverage, even by broadcasting standards, is ridiculous and takes all the fun out of watching the Olympics. Often I have to press the mute button on my remote control, even during the Olympic Trials broadcasts. NBC can praise everyone on Team USA to the high heavens, and paint a gifted but resource-limited runner from Chad or Myanmar as a worthless peasant if they wish, but they forget (at their own peril) that the Olympics are for the whole world, not just their personal gold medal hoarding ground.
  4. So, I've been watching NBC's coverage of the US Olympic trials. As is the case with anything combining the Olympics and the Peacock Network, it's sickening, especially in the swimming coverage. I couldn't believe it - they were making the swimmers out to be these pure, holier than thou, humble do-gooders who deserve to win every gold medal in the pool because they are pure, holier than thou, humble do-gooders. "Katie Ledecky is so humble, and yet she's going to Stanford!" Ugh. Give me a break, Ambrose. Even Michael Phelps was portrayed as this god now that he has a son. The commentators are going to be insufferable come Rio. On the one hand, this is to be expected from NBC. On the other hand, it smacks of bad sports coverage.
  5. I didn't know about the time difference in the summer. Fortunately I edited my spreadsheet.
  6. I am following the Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer. Yeah, I know that some people think that they're just BS, but I like seeing potential stars of the future taking part in these events. The cultural and educational events also add a lot of gravitas. I also like the fact that these athletes HAVE to stay for the duration of the Games, even if they've already completed the events. Of course, they're mostly minors. It probably wouldn't work for those over 18. Could you imagine elite athletes at the Olympics being forced to stay and attend conferences and such? Many would beg the nearest volunteer to smuggle their asses out. "I'll give you this worthless bronze medal which you can flog on eBay, use as a coaster, or fashion into a coke spoon if you can get me out of here! If I have to attend one more damn seminar on the side effects of drugs, I'll kill somebody!"
  7. So, I made a spreadsheet of the scheduled finals in each of the 300+ medal events in Rio (except for badminton, sailing, and tennis, for which I couldn't get concrete times). I didn't just do the local times, I did what times they would be on the West Coast (where I live) and the East Coast. I discovered that many of the blue-ribbon events, such as in swimming and athletics, would take place just after 10 PM Rio time. This would mean that if NBC showed them live on the East Coast, this would be around 7PM ET (4PM PT). I bring this up because I'm not sure how NBC is going to air their showcase prime-time show each night. In addition to athletics and swimming, their Summer Olympic prime-time shows always include taped coverage of diving, gymnastics, and depending on what happened during the day, a look at a significant gold medal win for Team USA (such as in rowing). Will they do it live in all time zones, like they did for Atlanta 1996? Or will it be live for those in New York and Chicago with tape-delay for Denver and Los Angeles? I'm also curious how they're going to show the athletics finals (aside from the marathons and race walking events) that would take place during the day. For Rio 2016, those are the women's 10,000m, men's discus throw, men's hammer throw, women's 3,000m steeplechase, men's triple jump, women's discus throw, and men's 400m hurdles. I suspect that with the exception of the men's triple jump (where American Christian Taylor is the incumbent Olympic and world champion, and the favorite to repeat in Rio) and maybe the men's 400m hurdles, the closest that they'll get to prime-time will be the late night show, unless the US scores medals in the mentioned events - then they could get prime-time mentions.
  8. I'm still annoyed that South Africa refused to let Sive Speelman compete in Sochi.
  9. I personally do not mind if athletes from countries that aren't known for winning tons of Olympic gold medals across the board, end up running tables (if not THE table). That to me is part of what attracts me to the Olympics. I also like it when people like Matthew Mitcham and Chad Le Clos come from virtually nowhere and thwart the favorites.
  10. I have a lot of complaints about NBC Universal's Olympics coverage. But one thing that really pisses me off is that every two years, they build up many American athletes as not just gold medal favorites, but favorites to win multiple gold medals. I think that NBC plays a significant role in athlete's Olympic campaigns. It wasn't necessarily always like this. Ever since Mark Spitz won 7 gold medals in Munich, subsequent US Summer Olympic teams have had at least one person who was touted to win wheelbarrows full of golds: Shirley Babashoff in 1976, Carl Lewis in 1984, Matt Biondi in 1988, and Michael Johnson in 1996. But then it kicked into overdrive when Marion Jones announced her Drive for Five in 2000 - and we all know what happened there. Since then, irrespective of the end results, most every American athlete has come into the Summer and Winter Olympics with gold medal hoarding potential. Winning one isn't enough; the more golds you can win, the more it benefits everyone involved, including NBC, who plays a significant role in the Olympic movement as the most lucrative broadcaster. NBC craves ratings and money, and there's no better way to guarantee that than turning athletes who would kill for one Olympic gold medal into athletes who would kill if they don't get eight gold medals. Is it talent that they're showing off, or just pure greed? (Sidebar: Call it sacrilege to say this, but I have never understood Michael Phelps' hoarding. With 22 Olympic medals, 18 of them gold, he is essentially the Crazy Cat Lady of the Olympics.) And now every American athlete is being touted as a potential Michael Phelps/Crazy Cat Lady. With Rio coming up, swimmer Katie Ledecky and gymnast Simone Biles are already being touted as the latest. Simone has won multiple world titles, and I would not be surprised if in a year's time, NBC plays up the possibility of winning as many as all six Olympic golds in women's artistic gymnastics. I also think that NBC thinks that if any athletes other than the Americans become Crazy Cat Ladies of the Olympics, they would prefer that they be Chinese and/or Russian. I think that NBC thinks that their Olympic mandates won't be fulfilled if a Japanese, Australian, Canadian, or even a Ukrainian athlete runs the table in the "primetime" Olympic sports like athletics, swimming, and even figure skating. The most prolific Winter Olympian of all time, Norway's Ole Einar Bjørndalen, got scant primetime Olympic attention from NBC. He was mostly a daytime Olympic coverage personality, and NBC's bread and butter comes from their flagship primetime coverage. (Back when CBS showed the Winters, they did show Bjorn Daehlie more than a few times in their primetime coverage.) Though if a Chinese or Russian did likewise, NBC would constantly blab on about how such wins mean the world to one billion Chinese and 140 million Russians and other over the top, hyperbolic statements.
  11. Excluding anything about the International Olympic Committee, what are your pet peeves about the Olympic Games?
  12. I've calmed down now. Anyway, I bet that Japan and South Korea would be horrified if, in seven years time, the Communists break through in several sports that they've been trying to break through for decades. I bet that there is a cross-country skier in South Korea or New Zealand or even Iceland who has been skiing since childhood and trains as hard as the Scandinavians if not harder, but won't ever make it to a World Cup, World Championship, and/or Olympic podium because FIS will be too busy pumping money so that the Communists can rope a man or woman who's never skied before into becoming a medal-hoarding machine for the good of the Communist Party, and so that the FIS will have completed its expansion mandate just like that and will henceforth ignore the development of their sports in other countries. "Oh, you've been skiing since you were a kid? And you live in New Zealand? And you're just as talented as the Norwegians? And your federation supports you as best as they can? Well, too bloody bad. We're going to groom some random person from Inner Mongolia or Hunan Province into the next Bjorn Daehlie even if he or she has only seen sand in his or her lifetime, and there's nothing you can do about it! (sinister laugh) You might as well call it a career and get a real job stocking shelves at an Auckland supermarket or prostituting yourself outside the supermarket. The only snow that you'll be seeing is cocaine."
  13. FFS. I'm so pissed. Thank goodness that I'm on medication, otherwise my bedroom would be a disaster. This has got to be the worst decision that the IOC has ever made. It went against its best interests and ruled in favor of money snow as opposed to the real, reliable thing. Communists. We might as well have chosen other beacons of freedom like Sochi and Salt Lake City, and hell, while we're at it, let's give the next Winter Youth Olympics to Pyongyang! How about Tehran? They won't let women in the stadiums even with their chadors and burqas and niqabs because they are dirty whores who corrupt men! They'd make fabulous hosts! Oh, and let's add Saudi Arabia to the mix! Women can't drive, religious minorities are outlawed, and people get executed if they use Twitter! But that doesn't matter. We can build a fabulous set of stadia with all the oil money! And what about Sudan? That country's run by a dictator that South Africa couldn't arrest even as he set foot in the country. Let's give Khartoum the 2040 Summer Olympics! Hell, let's limit the Olympics to the Communist Chinese, thw Putinist Russians, and Team NBC Universal Comcast Xfinity, I mean the Americans. At the Olympics, no one gives a **** about Australia or Canada or Brazil or South Africa or South Korea or even tiny-ass Saint Vincent and the Grenadines! (sighs) Sorry for the rant. It's just after 3:30 in the morning here in California and my worst Olympic nightmares have just been realized.
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