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  1. I think it’ll be lit by the Canadian who’s won the most winter medals, who ever that is. But once they light the cauldron inside BC Place, it’ll light some type of wire or something that’ll take the flame outside the stadium, and then, pardon my off topic nerdiness, not like that scene from the last Lord of the Rings, it lights a flame (or sets off fireworks) on top of the buildings in the path to the cauldron by the convention center. That would be mega epic.
  2. The windmill sign was such a cool design. I also liked the signs from Salt Lake.
  3. Was anybody ever announced to perform for Quebec during the Victory Ceremonies? I would love to see Arcade Fire! (They're from Montreal, right?)
  4. Wouldn't the signs be in English, since Vancouver is in English-speaking Canada? Maybe the signs will be in English and French. I hope who ever carries the signs wears something simple, not a dress modeled after a mountain like in 2006.
  5. So I was thinking, Indianapolis (which is my second home) is home to the Hoosier Dome (later named the RCA Dome), which also just happens to have an inflatable roof. So I did some research and found that the Hoosier Dome hosted the closing ceremonies of the 1987 PanAm Games, which think also has a cauldron. So for the closing ceremonies to be traditional and all, they should have a cauldron inside the stadium, so they could extinguish it to end the games. Now that requires a big flame to be under an inflatable roof, and now I’m rambling on, point is a huge open flame was under an inflatable roof, and the Hoosier Dome did not blow up, I know because I saw it when they deflated it in 2008. So wouldn’t that work the same with BC Place in Vancouver?
  6. I’m sorry to interrupt such an interesting argument from what seems to be who fairly interesting posters, but I have to ask. Towerguy, we know that Mr. X hails from Vancouver, but, as least I don’t know when you’re from. Are you also from Vancouver, because that would make a lot of since to me.
  7. The only way of cauldron overkill I would really like is the Lord of the Rings style: That would be the coolest thing to ever happen at the Olympics since Sydney's wallfall effect. Maybe they could so something similar to that to light the cauldron in Whristler.
  8. I would think they would do it the same way every host in the past has done it, just turn up the gas, and if it should go out, relight it before anybody notices.
  9. What about the millions of other people that weren’t at the ceremony?
  10. Oh no! That could blow up the Convention Centre!
  11. Do they really need to perform it in a tribal language? I mean it’s not really the official language of Canada, and it sounds awful.
  12. Well, isn’t BC Place going to be renovated and made into an open air stadium? So why not just light the roof on fire and get rid of it, then revile the cauldron which will be seen inside and outside the stadium.
  13. Maybe it’ll be something as simple as having two cauldrons, one inside BC Place that kinda looks the Rio 2007 cauldron, that can be small but visible and then athletes can stand in front of it for Victory Ceremonies, and then there be a giant, more traditional cauldron outside the media center that will be seen all over Vancouver. But I guess we'll find out on Feb. 12, unless somebody can break into BC Place and smuggle out some useful information...
  14. I think it should only be in English and French, since those are the national laguages of Canada. Native Americans also live in much of the American West, yet they did not perform the "The Star Spangled Banner" in aboriginal language in 2002. They could just bring the entire Mormon Tabrinacle Choir up to Vancover to perform, they were amazing in Salt Lake.
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