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  1. They probablty announce the roster in December or January.
  2. Two sports I hope they will drop is table tennis and weightlifting.
  3. Yes, I like the new sochi website, too.
  4. I thought they're going to release it on November or December. So okay next year.
  5. Is this new ice system for going to be also for hockey and curling too?
  6. Is there going to be a contest to name the Polar bear, Hare and the Leopard? How about Ivor the Leopard?
  7. I wish CBC still broadcasting.That way I can see all the hockey games.
  8. This new system on the new ice rink will look good for the envrioment. I'm liking it. I wonder if this will be for the figure skating venue or the Hockey venue also.
  9. I think NHL deserves to be in 2014 and 2018 for that matter.
  10. I hope the NHL will particpate in future Winter Games.
  11. I chose Canada but maybe I should of chose Australia instead.
  12. I'll try to find the stamps at the post office.
  13. I definately interested in this. Can you send me pictures and photos, please? I would like to know more about the 25th anniversary. What's like at the spirit lodge at the GM Pavillion?
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