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  1. They probablty announce the roster in December or January.
  2. I've seen the video on you tube but I'm hoping he will perform in the opening ceremony.
  3. Two sports I hope they will drop is table tennis and weightlifting.
  4. I'll see. Maybe I will get to see it during the special games!
  5. Yes, I thought of Vladislav Tretiak, too.
  6. Yes, I like the new sochi website, too.
  7. I like to know about K pop culture. I'm interested about this. Can you tell me more about this? oh sorry I meant to say k pop group
  8. I'm confortable with 2 groups of six.
  9. I thought they're going to release it on November or December. So okay next year.
  10. I'm hoping that the new website will have information about logos
  11. Is this new ice system for going to be also for hockey and curling too?
  12. Do I get them online? Is it available in Canada?
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