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  1. Two sports I hope they will drop is table tennis and weightlifting.
  2. Yes, I like the new sochi website, too.
  3. I thought they're going to release it on November or December. So okay next year.
  4. I chose Canada but maybe I should of chose Australia instead.
  5. I definately interested in this. Can you send me pictures and photos, please? I would like to know more about the 25th anniversary. What's like at the spirit lodge at the GM Pavillion?
  6. Terrific!! I think it will be great to have the Vancouver host soccer there.
  7. Reliving the first anniversary of the Vancouver games will be special for me. I really enjoy all the excitement when Vancouver hosted last year. I'm looking foward for this moment when I watch them once again. The Opening Ceremony, and Closing Ceremony. I would like to see Sidney Crosby's golden goal. What a moment it has been.
  8. I meant to say it will shown at 8:00pm Eastern Time.
  9. I wish I was in Vancouver to see this. I saw on TSN that on Sunday, February 13, CTV is going to show 1 year annivesary and it will be shown at 6:00pm and I will be watching it.
  10. I'm so happy that Russia will get the 2018 and Qatar for 2018. I think the three cities for russia will located in Moscow, St.Petersburg, and think Sochi. I wonder what Qatar will choose thier stadiums.
  11. I guess I have to get used to this name change, too. Why did Rogers took over General Motors?
  12. all of the merchandise in Toronto is nearly gone. I never had a chance to get some shirts. I'm so disappointed.
  13. Now that the Vancouver olympic games is over, are the venues will converted into something useful. I know that GM place will still be an NHL.
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