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  1. Other sources? For a couple recent Olympics somebody has appointed themselves a ticket guru on Twitter, made it a full time hobby to track ticket availability and tweet stuff out. This is especially helpful for people who live in EU countries and often can buy from many countries. I first heard of such people here on gamesbids. Somebody above mentioned reddit... I wouldn't be surprised if there was info there. Personally, I don't bother with other sources (out of laziness and a lack of internet hipness) ... I just check the cosport website almost every day. Takes about 15 seconds. Right before
  2. I've often said going to the Olympics is unlike other trips. Usually, you plan out a trip, then decide if you want to go or not. With the Olympics, you decide "I want to go," then fill in whatever details you can get. Are you wiling to take that leap of faith. One thing people might not realize is how much of the "Olympic Spirit" does not involve going to events. As much as I love going to events, they can be a real pain. Lots of logistical headaches, lots of security to deal with, lots of waiting around. Many times is better to watch an event as a bar or "live site" than at the event it
  3. Now that 2020 is out in Japan, there are a lot of videos up on youtube. Can't say I'm loving the blue on blue on blue with simple white logo look. Hopefully it will be better in person.
  4. Just noticed a bunch more tickets showing up on the US Cosport site. Looks like they are just going to dribble things out for a while.
  5. Rant that only you guys will understand: I'm meeting up with some friends in Tokyo, one of whom is a first-timer. He read a news article that said there is huge demand for tickets in Japan, so we are DOOMED. We went thought the cosport offering and only got tickets for one event, so we are DOOMED. Cosport had a second round and it took three hours to get online and all tickets were sold out, so you guessed it, we are DOOMED. I've tried to explain how the process has worked (though I have to caveat by saying this is how it has worked in the past and I can't promise it will be the same for
  6. Try hard to get that changed. They might not be able to add delivery to this order, because CoSport, but try. And if you add more tickets in the future, try again
  7. If cosport list two different days, I’d say it’s about a 30% chance of coming out the first date listed, 40% chance of coming out the second day and a 50% chance of coming out a completely different day. And no, that doesn’t seem to add up, but we are using cosport math here. Just to repeat something I said earlier, this is the first ticketing round of many. And the first round is by far the hardest for getting tickets. Over the years I’ve been shut out in the initial round many times, but have always ended up with more than enough.
  8. LinkParkFan - I so agree that these games would be better if Nintendo opened up their entire catalog of characters. Instead we get Amy Rose and Robotnik. Bummer. But I still enjoy them and will buy Tokyo 2020. One cool thing is the blink-and-you'll-miss-it switch to retro graphics at 0:32 in the first Sonic&Mario video above. What's really neat is that the livery switches to Tokyo 1964. I really hope they make that a whole mode and not just a quick visual gag.
  9. Of course, Cosport didn't get their ticket prices approved in time. Can't say which I hate more - Cosport, or the USOC for taking their bribes and making us use them.
  10. https://ticket.tokyo2020.org/File/ToKyo2020/Olympic/Production/GP/Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Price List_Seat Map_EN.pdf
  11. Also try this link, which shows the ticket prices as well as the venue maps showing where the different categories (A/B/C) are located.
  12. Try this link: https://ticket.tokyo2020.org/File/ToKyo2020/Olympic/Production/GP/GPNotice/20190508/Competition Schedule and Price List(9th May 2019).pdf
  13. Every games I say I’m only going to get a few tickets. And every games I fail. This time for sure! A buddy of mine is coming with his family. I’m tacked onto his order for some athletics and a sport climbing ticket. I won’t be filling an initial request myself When I start seriously looking, karate will be at the top of my list. Maybe golf, maybe modern pentathlon. I have narrowed things down a bit by committing to the second week and ruling out any event in the Tokyo Bay Zone (other than that sport climbing ticket with my buddy) Good luck everyone!
  14. Note to any newbiews... there are many rounds of tickets and opportunities between official rounds. By far the hardest round is the first. Don't be discouraged or take it as an omen if you are shut out initially.
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