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  1. Well, yeah. I'm all for other opinions. That's why I asked. So... what's the justification for Allyson Felix over the William's Sisters?
  2. Again I repeat... Venus and Serena Williams. Honestly, I don't understand where this is much debate. Other than Michael Phelps, what's the justification for picking someone over Venus and Serena?
  3. For exactly the reason you think. New name is just World Taekwondo.
  4. zekekelso

    McDonald's bails out of TOP programme

    Again, I'm sure there will be leaks and hints that McDonald's was pushed. Even if it's not true, the IOC will want to save face. They could go the health food angle, or suggest McDonalds was too pushy and demanding.
  5. zekekelso

    McDonald's bails out of TOP programme

    Get ready for a slew of leaks and stories from the IOC strongly hinting the McDonald's was pushed rather than jumped.
  6. zekekelso

    McDonald's bails out of TOP programme

    Tip of the day: Shamrock Shake + Jameson. Don't say there's never useful information on Gamesbids.
  7. Won't be popular with many of you, but I'm excited to hear golf is confirmed through the 2024 Paris games! http://www.cbssports.com/golf/news/golf-will-remain-part-of-summer-olympics-through-2024-possibly-in-los-angeles/
  8. American media doesn't do so good a job explaining British politics (doesn't to a great job on American politics either, but that another story for another day.) There's a report that the Scottish Tories are splitting off. Does that mean anything, or just some posturing?
  9. A few questions for you UK folks: 1. What the heck is the Plaid party? 2. Why does anyone take UKIP seriously? 3. Does the shift from SNP to Labour mean anything? 4. Even if the Tories gain a majority, shouldn't May step down? 5. Why is there only one "r" in Tories?
  10. zekekelso

    Movies set in Olympic Cities

    That's the entry for the book, not the movie.
  11. zekekelso

    Movies set in Olympic Cities

    Nonsense. Does this look like England? Also, no Umpa Lumpas in England.
  12. zekekelso

    Calgary 2026

    No idea if this is "real news" or just Deadspin being Deadspin, but story below about a fight between the Flames wanting taxpays to pay for a new Saddledome, and taxpayers saying eff that. Bring on SLC 2026! http://deadspin.com/brian-burke-to-calgary-nice-hockey-team-you-got-here-1795921392
  13. Trump will be gone... but the voters who elected him will (unfortunately) still be allowed to vote in 2024. I'd like to say we can't possibly do worse, but.....
  14. Maybe, few people care, and nobody cares.