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  1. Thanks Quaker! Will do. You've been a great help.
  2. Looking for primetime broadcasts from Lillehammer and Sydney if you have them. You can email me at Icedog2735@gmail.com if you would like. Thanks.
  3. Is anyone aware of any other message boards or websites regarding the Olympics that might have other collectors and traders of Olympic broadcasts? Still trying to work on obtaining other recordings and, in addition to reaching out to networks and libraries, I've gotten pretty stonewalled here. If anyone knows of anywhere or anyone that would be great. Willing to trade what I have or pay to obtain. Thanks!
  4. I too have been looking to fill my collection lost similarly to what WinteRings has stated. Specifically, I am looking for 1994 Lillehammer (CBS) and 2000 Sydney (NBC). You can email me at Icedog2735@gmail.com if you can help ... please!
  5. Not sure if this is posted in other threads, but they are definitely game planning to get the Games off this year in some way shape or form. IOC, Tokyo to Unveil Rule Book for Beating Pandemic
  6. Would it be possible for you to send me a private message; I have a question about some of the Olympics videos you have mentioned in various threads? I tried sending you a message but it said your account was not accepting them.
  7. I'm not in an area close enough to the border to get the CBC coverage but being an NHL fan I could imagine that that crew was over-the-top on their homerism, especially in Vancouver.
  8. But what you are saying supposes that it's the IOC's fault for what has transpired in the world over the last year or so. I'm not so sure Japan will be jaded and want nothing to do with the Olympics as you suggest. Now, might they hesitate on a Sapporo bid given the amount of money they have invested in Tokyo 2020 and the cost of bidding for and staging a potential Winter Games, sure, but I'm not sure one depends on the other. I am quite certain Tokyo would rather have the fanless Olympics you state but still recoup on broadcast money to gain at least something back rather then have a straight cancelation or a swap for the Games in 2032.
  9. I would have to wonder if perhaps athletes participation would be limited to countries who have gotten to the point where their athletes have been vaccinated and those countries willing to pay for their athletes to travel to Tokyo weeks before the Games to complete a mandatory 2 week quarantine. Once in Japan I would think the athletes would be as isolated as possible for the duration of their competition. But as has been stated by a few here, I have to believe that all parties involved are going to put maximum effort into developing a plan to stage the Games this year in some way shape or form. The broadcast money is too lucrative and I realistically can't see Tokyo wanting to delay any further, let alone wait until 2032.
  10. Being so knowledgeable about previous Olympics, especially from the Canadian perspective, I wonder if you go back as far as 1988 and recall what the Canadian reaction was to the whole Ben Johnson doping scandal in Seoul?
  11. I've always found it fascinating how different nations' coverage of Games could take on such different flavors. Not to criticize one as being better than the other but the ceremonies stand out to me especially. Some broadcasts let the pageantry speak for itself while NBC and even CBS before then seem determined to be more explanatory about the context of the presentation or present statistics about the scope of its grandeur. The Parade of Nations too where other nations' broadcasts are more descriptive of the athletes participating and who has medal opportunities or interesting backstories where as NBC has turned it into a geography/political lesson for the viewer. Not saying one is better than the other; just always thought it was interesting how the production of the same event is fit to the people viewing it on a country-by-country basis. Could speak to how each country views the Olympics as an event.
  12. Hello!

    I was looking back at some old threads and saw you have posted in various places about recording past games broadcasts.  Long story short, I used to do the same and tragically lost much of my content.  Rather than recreate my collection,  I am looking to obtain recordings from Sydney 2000 and Lillehammer 1994, my two favorite games that have significance to me and my family.  I am not sure if you would be able to assist with this.  Truly ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!  Message me or email me at Icedog2735@gmail.com so we can discuss.  Look forward to hearing from you!

  13. Hi mattperiolat,

    I've been browsing some of the threads looking for members who have catalogues of recorded Olympics videos and I stumbled upon a thread you posted in from many many years ago.  Would you be able to message me or email me (Icedog2735@gmail.com) to get in touch about your video collection?  I am looking specifically for videos from Lillehammer 1994 and Sydney 2000.  I could give you the back story once you get in touch.  I would really appreciate it!  Thanks in advance!

  14. I am in search of NBC and CBS broadcast video from the Lillehammer and Sydney Olympics. Mostly, I am looking for the primetime telecasts from each night of those Olympics. If you have these videos or can point me in the direction of someone who does, please send me a message and I would greatly appreciate it.
  15. I am in search of old footage from previous opening ceremonies American broadcast feeds. I have a number of them and also have non-US broadcast versions but I am desperately searching for copies of the following: 1994 Lillehammer (Would love Opening, Closing, and honestly any US broadcast footage from the 94 games ... this has been my white whale!) 1992 Albertville 1998 Nagano (I have a partial broadcast but would like the full thing) 1988 Seoul 1996 Atlanta (Same as Nagano) You can email me at Icedog2735@gmail.com if you can help or know of someone who can help. THANK YOU!
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