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  1. Was there that night. It was a great little ceremony. Sydney still had the Olympic glow.
  2. Looks great....and quite big too with stands on both sides.
  3. The boat parade sounds better in theory than reality I think.....it will be a huge logistical exercise for not much pay off.
  4. Maybe Ricky Martin- but is he Nth American or Latin American, or does he have a finger in both camps?
  5. I wouldn't believe everything you read in the Murdoch Press....he has been trying to destroy Andrews for a decade. And Andrews just keeps getting a bigger and bigger Parliamentary majority (including last just last year).
  6. If anything that the individual logos look even worse...look at the NY one, does it say anything about NY/The US/ Football? It is so all cheap and crude.
  7. The baton has been a bit of a joke for while.....the queen puts a message in the baton and then pulls the speech out of her pocket for example. A message in a bottle idea is a bit...outdated. I like the idea of a relay from the last city to the next city- the people of Birmingham to the people of Victoria - a Commonwealth baton.
  8. Q: I really wish they'd scrap it and use the Sydney 2000 venue instead. Like the Tokyo Marathon (held a 1000kms away in Sapporo), as long as all the branding, timing and signage is right no one watching TV will ever know.
  9. Q: If Stockholm wins 2030, Salt Lake City and Sapporo could fight for 2034. That would be a cruel betrayal of SLC that has stood firm and committed...
  10. Wow, the Munich Opening was good...loved the electronic music of the flame....and the speed and efficiency of the flag raising!
  11. I dont think sportspeople in non-Olympic, fringe sports played in a couple of countries like league or cricket will be anywhere near the Gabba....
  12. SO who are the favorites for 2027? The US seems to have a lot of events happening around that time and have hosted twice already.
  13. The transport was phenomenal (and free) for Sydney 2000....there was a nationwide 2 week school holiday as well, so everyone could go to the Games, watch the Games and all of Australia's school buses could be used!
  14. Q: - Michael Klim's remarks were interrupted by the late Barry Humphries (as Dame Edna Everage) and he never completed his speech That was the joke...Edna always just pushes in!!! Klim's speech was entirely a 'fake' set up for Edna taking over, athletes never give a speech at the Closing Ceremony!
  15. Never seen this before- 2 hours of the horses rehearsing for the Sydney 200 Opening Ceremony!
  16. If you have a small economy like Greece it is even more important to amortise and plan your building schedule and expenses over the full 7 year period- or else you will hit capacity and funding restraints and that is what happened. A bigger city/country can escalate at the last minute much more efficiently. No need to make excuses for poor planning.
  17. Sydney had its venues ready very early too- the main stadium was nearly a year early, the rest all completed the year before the Games.
  18. Did you see what Rio and Athens did in their first year after being rewarded the Games (comparing like to like)?..... They definitely were not completing venues like Brisbane is already doing. Even Paris 2 years out didnt know the location of the Aquatic Centre!
  19. Brisbane is really powering ahead with venues....like a reverse Athens or Rio!
  20. I wonder what would happen if they drag all this out so long that SLC walks away...it is always a risk....they need to get a signature on a piece of paper!
  21. Q: But I believe the ultra-Left had a big part of it. Thats hilarious- the Ultra left want free, state-supplied public transport for all. The Ultra right are the Oil and car companies that demand an end to public transport. You have things back to front.
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