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  1. Has anyone seen the cauldron since the opening? Broadcasters dont even bother to show it starting their coverage!
  2. I just found the ignore/ block feature...now i don't have to read posts from a very rude, ubiquitous poster...
  3. The weird Opening...we knew it would be more sombre, but to be so disjointed and scatter gun- without a single 'wow' moment.....they really messed things up.
  4. Did you read my post- it was about the broader issue of unaccompanied under age girls (around much older competitors and sport administrators) and the inherent dangers of the sport... Whether the winner travelled overseas is a minor academic point. There were many under age girls in the competition.
  5. Having unaccompanied, 13 year old girls, travelling the world and participating in a very dangerous sport is a recipe for disaster.....that really should have an age limit of at least 16. As you say there is the Youth Olympics.
  6. There are different rules for events outside Tokyo....not sure of that covers the Road race course...
  7. No one has mentioned Susan Boyle singing the doves of peace segment....WTF
  8. Did any one time the length of the speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeches........WTF....Bach said NOTHING of importance. I actually think that is disrespectful tot he athletes standing in the middle who have to compete.
  9. Q: Maybe only saved by Paris segment Paris is phoning its segment in from Paris...so no action in the stadium there!
  10. I know they didnt want to upset the Japanese people by putting on a huge, flashy, happy show...I wonder if people will be upset by presenting such a poor show instead? One of the worst things (among many) was the lighting....the performers performed in a static bright white light...the whole field of play was brightly lit the whole time...the stands were brightly lit so you could see they were empty etc...
  11. I think Osaka will play a role- they have even moved here match back....
  12. SPOILERS allowed? Yes there is Imagine....including (among many others Keith Urban.... Make of that what you will!
  13. The Gold Coast 2018 Opening Ceremony was great- on a budget, but still a worthy celebration. The Closing Ceremony was a steaming pile of dog ^&&*>. I see the Paris Handover at the Closing Cermeony will be beamed in live from Paris...and not done in the stadium! (sorry if already reported)
  14. Queensland has so many great Olympians....like Susie ONeil, Keioran Perkins, Sally Pearson, Cathy Freeman etc....hard to know who to pick. If her career keeps going like is going, maybe Brisbane native Ash Barty. When was the last time an indigenous Australian woman lit the Olympic Flame?
  15. I hope the Opening has men in white shoes concreting the the floor of the stadium...and then putting up a 'for sale' sign. Before the entry of 'Joh'. (an in-joke for Australians)
  16. We did a great logo on here, didnt we?
  17. Q: What's this one for? They are announcing the host of 2036!
  18. Spare me the 'expense' rubbish.....spread over 11 years, with this low-cost bid, these Games will cost next to nothing. The grand Sydney Olympics, built over 7 years , cost less than 1 percent of the state budget.
  19. Congratulations.....but the presentation and 'answers' were very weak...but they got over the line.
  20. It is a special feeling being there when it is announced....Sydney was unreal at 3AM, and Beijing was just pandemonium with over a million people!
  21. Istanbul is a magnificent city, definitely better than Doha (what a dump) and Baku. Jakarta is a fantastic city in an important, very large country...And Indonesia will get the Games sooner or later (their economy will be the size of the UK this century). They are moving the capital at the moment, I imagine they will have a more serious bid when that is all sorted.
  22. stupid white ovals..I suppose they are best for projections... so we are stuck with them!
  23. I didnt think about going to Brisbane for the vote- but I was in Sydney and Beijing when they won!
  24. In a specialty forum you are chatting with people who have followed a topic passionately for 20-30-40 years or more. Some of us have been to multiple Games....some are academics experts in the field... Make sweeping statements at you peril!!
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