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  1. Considering the huge interest in shooting in India the largest Commonwealth country, it would be crazy not to include it. ...Victoria has a few facilities, they are not expensive anyway.
  2. With the clip/loop thing it looks like a bottle opener......it looks too 'cheap' to be an award for sporting excellence! More like a participation medal for completing a fun run.
  3. It is getting like the old system in one way, by next year it will be seven years before 2030.....the same time frame as the old system!!!
  4. Living in Adelaide, I am furious we knocked them back- we have a great main stadium, aquatic complex (used for the national / Olympic trials), national cycling centre, huge indoor arena etc.....there was nothing to be built. It all got caught up in a political campaign leading up to an election, with the parties fighting to 'save' money and spend it on urgent health priorities etc.....just plain dumb.
  5. Anyone boosting Doha has never been there- it is an absolute dump. There is no downtown, no green space, no 'old city', no tourist sites (except a couple of isolated art galleries with nothing much in them). There is no where to walk, to meet, and definitely no where to drink. The place is totally car borne and polluted. How it could be so rich and so soulless and horrible is a mystery. As for the weather, I was there in July - it was 51 degrees and 90 percent humidity. I went outside once to cross the road to get to a 7/11 and thought I would die! etc etc
  6. Q: If not we're condemned to watch bids from cities like brisbane and jakarta as a new rule I agree Brisbane is borderline- but Jakarta? Capital of the worlds 4th most populous nation, that will have bigger GDP than the UK by 2050? It is a fantastic city (not without problems ).
  7. Being at the Sydney Opening it was incredible how seamlessly each of the huge segments flowed into the next...it was amazing how hundreds of performers and props came on and off so seamlessly. It was the most epic night of my life!
  8. 2018 was a great Opening Ceremony. Q: (Melbourne will never host again because) it had one of the worst and most politicised preparations leading up to the 56 Games.... FFS that was 66 years ago, nearly 3 generations ago! Denver literally reneged on hosting the Games only 46 years ago in 1976, and it didn't stop the US getting the Games in 1984, 1996, and 2002....
  9. Wow...Brisbane is wasting no time, with more than 10 years to go. Good for them! And go bin chickens!
  10. So 2023 would be the 'normal ' year to announce 2030- seven years before.... Time got away on this one!
  11. I think it is time to use the ''blocking'' function......
  12. Sochi was just magnificent (with all the caveats we know about). Athens was so artistic, historic, beautiful and inspired. I never tire of its class and ambition.
  13. Sydney didnt even have a flagpole for the Australian flag.....
  14. I was at the Mebourne Opening- it was staged on an enormous scale, had some great elements (the tram, the CBD projections, the river/fireworks) but the main artistic segment was just flashy ''stuff'' with no narrative.... beautifully done though.
  15. Q:But from which RAP? There are dozens across the host regions. I am from a family of elders- we are more than capable of selecting the appropriate person/ people for the job....maybe an elder from each host city. Victoria does not have that many aboriginal nations. We are not stupid...we governed ourselves for 60,000 years....
  16. I find it weird though that LA- a city of 20 million in the top swimming nation in the world, can not support a permanent swimming venue with say 3000 seats (topped up with an extra 10000 for the Games) like the pretty 'cheap Sydney pool.
  17. RE: Helsinki protester..... Wiki: After the Olympic flame was lit, the Archbishop Ilmari Salomies was due to say a prayer, but German Barbara Rotbraut-Pleyer, nicknamed “White Angel of the Games”, had jumped from the auditorium onto the track and ran straight to the speaker's seat. Organizers quickly removed Pleyer, who had time to say just a few words into the microphone. Pleyer's purpose was to proclaim a message of peace.
  18. and at 06:20- an unidentified woman barges onto the officials microphone podium and is escorted away- now that's a protest!!!
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