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  1. Thanks for the Nagano update..didn't know that. Shame, it is only a short bullet train ride from Tokyo...and would have had nice mountain scenery for the road race.
  2. I was wondering about the road cycling..maybe somewhere closer like Nagano, that is in the mountains, surely it is much cooler (and closer than Sapporo)?
  3. Indeed, I was there last year. A lovely country, but very poor these days. Chernobyl clean up still consumes 10 percent of GDP and Russia has only recently invaded and annexed much of the country..
  4. Having been to 50 countries in the last 10 years- from Turkmenistan to Chile....the answer is no. Can't believe all the sports Federations selling their souls to go to Qatar, when bids from real sports nations, like Spain and Australia, are knocked back.
  5. OMG...Qatar is such a dump (spent time there last year) and that ceremony of video cliches and men giving speeches for half an hour was dire. Money can't buy taste or class. Now with empty stadiums for example, less than 3000 people for the womens 100m final. Thanks IAAF (and soon FIFA).
  6. The Rugby World Cup ceremony was fantastic- especially as it was a quick, 20 min ceremony conducted on the playing surface. Colorful, hi tech, fun. great music, easy to read and understand the motifs and concepts ...ceremony of the year for mine.
  7. Thanks for posting the African Games. It looks like the stadium was 80 percent empty...and the on field volunteers and VIPs looked miserable and bored.
  8. Currently in Vietnam, and have been witnessing the violence of France's colonial past..and the vicious ferocity of her attempt to keep her Empire well into the 1950s.. .will not want to highlight that!
  9. (As I predicted here)an easy win for Milan. This was a no brainer for the IOC- sensible risk management of a major decision. Stockholm had questionable public support, questionable political support at all levels and an untried multi country complication. Would love Sweden to host, but it will need a more polished bid to achieve success.
  10. John Coates has a history of getting over excited and ahead of himself. The IOC would piss a lot of nations off if it secretly started handing out Games hosts with no process at all. And I find ANY argument about a rich nation like Australia spending too much on sport a joke- it is just a tweaking of priorities. Australia spends 40 billion+ a year on defence for example (we spend a lot for our population size), so in crude terms say 40 billion x 12 years to the Games= 480 billion.....The Games might cost say 12 billion over that time, that's 2.5 percent of the defence budget. Totally unno
  11. Too many unknowns and complications in the Swedish bid (popular support? all levels of government support? 2 country games? etc)- the IOC will opt for the easier choice. Understandable.
  12. Krakow is a great city, but the European Games have no profile...
  13. Still think the Comm Games stench will affect any bid- they still haven't settled with all the contractors. Even Ric Birch wasn't fully paid (they said his work wasn't up to scratch). Delhi is now the most air polluted city on Earth, and summer temps are 50 plus...
  14. I agree it is not Australia's turn, and it is not good for the Games...but having no host is worse, and it is a really great city...beautifully planned, huge gardens, major venues right in the city, good trains and trams, beaches etc.....so it will be a good, cheap Games that won't scare future cities (like a budget blowout Delhi or an Olympian scale Melbourne).
  15. The 2026 Comm Games decision is only a few months away...and from all my searching there only seems to be one bid left- Adelaide (my new home)...The Comm Games Federation has been through town a number of times and been impressed, we have a new Government here in full support and no local opposition... So I suspect Adelaide it will be. Adelaide needs no new venues, hosts numerous festivals a year and can do it easily- accommodation will be tight though.
  16. Invictus Games Opening- worst ceremony EVER..I am embarrassed for my city and country...D List celebrities, endless mindless chatter, patronising interviews, speeches galore- all on the most amazing setting ever, the Opera House steps. C R I N G E
  17. Such a weird year for ceremonies- Russia, the grandmaster of spectacular ceremonies, pulled out a cheap and amateur opening ceremony, and then put on a magnificent World Cup. Flashy little Gold Coast put on a classy opening ceremony, a great new model for an affordable Commonwealth Games, and then pulled defeat from the jaws of victory with a truly appalling Closing, that was slammed in real time by the broadcasters! Then newbies Indonesia managed to upstage them all with great ceremonies and a great Asian Games...the biggest Games around, that were arranged with limited time after V
  18. I would pick Melbourne over Brisbane (or Sydney) anyday as the next Aus host- it really could do it with four years notice if it had to.....its facilities are second to none. As people point out, it is the timing that is the issue....it is 2000km South of Brisbane, and the Games would have to be held from October.....Sydney just squeezed its in September (and luckily had unseasonally warm early Spring weather.
  19. Prediction..the Tokyo 64 cauldron was lit by a 19 year old born on the day of the Hiroshima Bomb...the Tokyo 2020 cauldron will be lit by a 19 year old born in Sendai on the day of the tsunami???
  20. Amen- the Youth Games are a joke- 99 percent of people don't know they exist. They are not televised anywhere. They were supposed to be a little 'budget' Games, then Singapore and especially Nanjing blew huge amounts of money on them. They should never have gone to China-they host the real thing.
  21. I think Adelaide Oval will be wide enough as it is a cricket/ AFL pitch. It has an open end, so the track can be pushed out that way. It is the most sublime stadium- all lightweight and open, surrounded by parklands and in the centre of the city. Capacity about 55,000..
  22. Yes- Gold Coast snatched defeat from the claws of victory! I found it so refreshing in an era of PR Spin and corporate speak, hearing Joanna Griggs and Basil of the host broadcaster stand in front of a camera and say- that was a load of crap! Respect to them for risking their jobs to say that. And respect To Beattie (chairman of GOLDOC) for fronting every media outlet this morning and say they stuffed it up.
  23. I just moved to Adelaide- so I really want it to host. Had it got its act together, it would have had 2018. It is its turn as Australais 5th city (GC is 6th). Adelaide has now got its fantastic new stadium in the city, a new Aquatic Centre (it will host the Olympic trials in 2020) and a pretty good second one, an indoor velodrome...plenty of indoor venues, so facilities are not a problem. The weather has been very good the last couple of weeks (but will soon get cold). The major problem would be accommodation-then again the Gold Coast had a huge excess apparently when the locals clea
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