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  1. They could shorten the parade by only including the Japanese Paralympic Gold Medallists..
  2. I want the country placard bearers to be crazy Harajuku girls!
  3. Rio was a spectacular Games, with beautiful locations, great competition and no major security issues,,,,,it looked great on TV, and the competition was successfully carried out in all 27+ sports. It was a successful Games...no one could have predicted the financial woes of Brasil 7 years ago. I loved the ceremonies because finally someone had the courage to slash the ridiculous budgets- in London Pandemonium was amazing, but the rest was pretty much a mess. Rio's ceremonies had more heart and cohesion for me. I think where they fell down was completing everything too late and not ha
  4. Everyone doesn't have to understand every piece of significance in a ceremony, everyone enjoys it at an individual level. Some people enjoy it for the colour and movement, or the music, or the dance, or the historical significance or the technical complexity. Criticising people and organisers for knowing deeper level of meanings than you do is really only showing your ignorance and small mindedness- educate yourself and enjoy it on a whole new level.
  5. Sad they couldn't move the casuldron sculpture to the Athletics Stadium for the competition....looks lonely over at the MaracanĂ£...
  6. Here's a factor we rarely mention- all media outlets that do not have the broadcast rights to the Olympics have an incentive to try to destroy the Games, its reputation and image, to minimise the commercial advantage of the rights broadcaster. We see it in Australia every Games- Channel 7 this time has the rights, so Channel 9 and 10 try to make out the Games are not news, are a disaster etc.....this is the downside to the IOC of selling the rights to one broadcaster for big bucks- it creates powerful enemies in the media...
  7. Its funny, people will remember Giselle and The Girl from Ipanema segment long after they have forgotten Pandemonium, or Chinese Typeface, or the Athens Lake... Cost-- a dress and some high heels!
  8. Is there unfinished landscaping all around the downtown cauldron!!
  9. The cultural parts of the ceremony were passionate and well paced, it raced from prehistory to hip-hop in just 40 mins....the quieter moments like the Girl from Ipanema and The National Anthem were beautiful. The Olympic Rings were inspired. The 'urbanisation' projections and race up the favelas/high rise was spectacular. However, the speeches (and Kip Keino thing) were way too looong and self indulgent and killed the middle of the show. The Carnvale parade seemed in the wrong place. Maybe the athletes should have come in at the end of the Carnivale...that would have been fun.
  10. Yes- that was the stand out for me, great projections, movement leading up to the high rise/ favelas at the end. The narrative blurred the lines between high rise,and favela living- it just was the story of high density life, which was quite clever and inclusive. I think Bach deliberately did not introduce the 'head of state' so the official opening could be done quickly as a surprise - before people could boo.
  11. I actually think the creative parts of the ceremony were good, lots of heart and passion and innovation- it is the pacing that let the show down....the speeches, Kip Keino killed the momentum after the wonderful tree rings.... and then the Carnivale came from no- where, then ground to a halt, then started again.... and the flame seemed anti climatic for some reason. But for the budget, and for the times a job well done.....I refuse to compare it to Beijing, or Doha or Baku that just burned 10s of millions of dollars.
  12. Fantastic so far, so glad someone finally stopped burning money and did a show on a budget. The cultural celebration (successfully) went from the primordial swamp to hip-hop in 45 minutes!!!
  13. Just got back from a big holiday in Turkey 2 weeks ago- thought I would go in case things spiraled out of control someday......
  14. That bottom picture with fencing, steel light poles and lights looks like a prison rather than an Olympic Park!
  15. OK... so are we to presume the 'city of boxes' will stay for the whole ceremony...they defintely look permanent for the show....
  16. One of the joys of a round stadium is its geometry creates an atmospheric, unbroken 'bowl'...my sensibilities are a bit disturbed by blocking off a big chunk and disrupting the 'bowl' effect....wouldn't the favela effect have been better built in the centre and removed during the show? Or is tearing down favelas a sensitive subject!
  17. Japan has so many unique and amazing cultural icons- architecture, costume, theatre, fabric, calligraphy, origami, landscape, porcelain, swords, samurai, traditional music, J Pop, manga, Haijuku fashion, tea ceremony, high speed trains, robotics...it is hard to know where to start in an 8 minute show!!
  18. In a formal Plaza setting, in an aquatic city I supect a Fountain/ Flame set up....
  19. That Sydney photo is very misleading, and tightly cropped. Sydney Olympic Park/ Bicentennial Park is hundreds and hundreds of acres, stretching many kms down the river. The built up part would only be 10 percent of the parkland site. In fact they have been building a lot more to consolidate the site, so it is not like the wilderness.
  20. I have been commenting about the lack of greenery for about 18 months...and the answer has always been, the green will come in late and grow quickly.... It never came
  21. Maybe they can get Pele to kick a flaming soccer ball into the cauldron. Argentina was going to get Messi to do that at the next YOG Opening, but changed their minds a couple of days ago for safety reasons.
  22. The extended videos in London- opening, Mr Bean and James Bond were very tiresome. Must have really broken up the show in the stadium. Other ceremonies like Sydney did not need to use any as far as I remember.
  23. I think the dots on the Paralympic medal looks like the Tokyo Paralympic logo! Oops. A bit Like the London medal which looked like Beijing bird nest stadium...
  24. What the hell have they done..the most beautiful city and country on earth and the medals look like that!!!!!!!!!!!!! The podium is not great either..definitely not Olympic standard.
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