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  1. Best day of my life was carrying the Olympic torch into Byron Bay (ala my avatar pic)...
  2. I was on the tier right above Juan Antonio and the gang on the front railing....best seats in the house! However, my new digital camera failed about 5 minutes in and I got no pics...not to worry there are pics and videos everywhere now, and I could concentrate on the show! I caught the train in from my house hosting 12 people!
  3. I was at the Opening too...best night of my life!
  4. RE: Sydney ferry and the flame I think I read that they wanted the flame somewhere safe and out of the way during the Opening Ceremony- so send it down to the docks and put it on the water for an hour or two...... London's flame came in by boat too!
  5. Interesting- were there seats removed (on the right side)? Do they have the names of the Olympic Champions (1964 and 2020) on the wall outside like they used to?
  6. Brisbane will be a super cheap Games.....Sydney was a cheap Games (3rd cheapest per event after LA and Atlanta)...... Australia can pull these things off very efficiently. Sydney was a low tech Games in many ways (half the venues and media facilities were metal sheds in a state fair ground, the stadiums were simple design with no 'hero architects'), but they still pulled off the best Games ever. I suspect Brisbane, planned and funded over 11 years, will come in on a low budget.
  7. Hard to see how anyone other than the Japanese could have pulled off the Olympics in 2020/2021. Not only logistically, but with the DEEP pockets just to keep spending what was needed. The IOC lucked out big time...
  8. Funny hey- loss of face to pull out of the tournament or loss of face losing 30-0? NIce choice!
  9. Yes, a host nation can graciously turn down a tournament place, or suggest its team 'qualify' through normal processes (ie get knocked out that way)...I think Brazil refused a couple of team placements for Rio?
  10. Q: We'll they want the emblem as like a game changer for the emblem for this FIFA Women's World Cup in 2023 that represents the two countries' cultures with the patterns in the light blue box with the mountains represents New Zealand created by Fiona Collis and the Aboriginal patterns in the green b.... Yes, I read the press release too.....just because that's what inspired them doesn't mean the meaning is conveyed in the finished product. Other than the soccer ball the rest is GENERIC and meaningless...the logo is a failed design. The indigenous background sub graphic is slightly better, but there is no way just looking at the logo you'd identify this as an event in AUS/NZ.... I have a Masters degree in Communication....I know a little too about this stuff.
  11. Q: e emblem and visual looks is different from the other emblems Different, but not better......it is a generic meaningless mess.....
  12. Urgh...that is ugly and meaningless.....looks like they tried to find the ugliest green/blue/red/pink and then put them together....
  13. Q: n 2014, even the little girl in the red dress from Beijing OC 2008 makes a return appearance in this Nanjing Opening Ceremony from 7 years ago. Wow, I didnt know she mimed in Nanjing too! One thing I wonder, if all the under-arena stage devices are still in the Birds Nest and operable?
  14. I thought the Tokyo Look was fine...the stadiums were classy. It is just the medal that seemed uninspiring. London looked cheap and like the 1980s.....the crappiest typeface, flatest design, outdated colours, and lets not start on the logo! Athens and Beijing were really smart in comparison.
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