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  1. Well I hope LA2028 is ready for China- and all its allies and newly found economic dependencies, to boycott 2028.... This is all very sad. Maybe they will use the boycott call to highlight the issue- but not carry through.
  2. IOC now goes risk free - Japan, China, France, Italy, USA, Australia..... they dont mess around anymore.... Why would they go near Pyongyang????
  3. Definitely the best of two (the other looks like it was created on MSDOS in 1984 by a ten year old)....adding colour brings it to life.
  4. Well on thing is for sure- it will be disappointing (whichever one they pick)!
  5. Why didn't they Gamesbids run the comp??? Seriously, for a country renowned for design, the second one looks like it was created by a ten year old. A snowflake- again.....urgh. I went with the grey white 'embossed' design. But it aint great.
  6. My only point earlier was aquatic centres are popular public facilities- of course a dramatically expanding city like Brisbane needs new Aquatic Centres .....
  7. No one is suggesting a permanent 15000 seat pool....a modern aquatics centre with temporary seating. Like Sydney or London, but with an aquatic centre legacy.
  8. I need to find the article, but I read a great analysis of Olympic City costs- and there have been 3 really Ƨheap' Games - LA, Atlanta and Sydney. It is amazing how cheap Sydney was- but it was still the best. No hero architects or grand designs (but still the biggest venues), simple materials like corrugated steel, use if temporary stands etc. The state fair ground that hosted a lot of venues and the print media cost only $200 million- the print media were housed in the cattle pavilions, the broadcast media a Dept Store warehouse etc etc..I think Brisbane will be just as thrifty!
  9. After having 2 'troublesome' games within 12 years (Athens and Rio), the IOC has gone SUPER safe- Japan, China, France, Italy, USA, Australia...I think that is a little sad, the occasional new territory helps connect the world and bring new excitement. Deserving countries like India, Indonesia, Turkey, all of Africa and even Hungary might be waiting a while..
  10. The Aquatic Centre is a funny one- it is one legacy people actual want and use- will be financially successful, no need for a temporary fix!
  11. One thing about Aquatic Centres in Australian cities they tend to be jammed full from opening day- they are a very successful legacy.
  12. I am amazed if there will be 3000 marching- they are encouraging athletes to arrive late and leave early. Many wouldnt even be in Tokyo yet. If you trained for 4 years, why would you add to your risk at the last minute at the Opening?
  13. So it looks like three of the next four Summer Olympics are on the Pacific Coast...(just an observation)
  14. I think this process can be seen as their most corrupt yet (I am not implying Brisbane is corrupt)......but having a behind the scenes situation where you make a secret proposal ten plus years before the Games, it gets discussed and developed behind closed doors, then suddenly WHAM you are the preferred candidate before anyone knows....
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