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  1. For the IOC it is SUPER safe only these days- France, Italy, US, AUS...wooing US, CAN and Japan.....an in the future probably Germany, Scandinavia etc.... It is good corporate risk management, but I think a little bit sad for those who like new frontiers .....
  2. Hungary is the most successful Summer Olympic nation that has never hosted the Games.......for what it is worth!
  3. Thanks....interesting. I thought they said they had given up on the reassembly elsewhere, but will donate seats to the third world. Time will tell....London's 'temporary' and transportable venue had no takers.
  4. Yes, there are many real containers, but are they ' integral' to the structure of the stadium, or just a decoration? I believe very little of the hype of this WC....
  5. Q: Made of recycled shipping containers Is it really 'made' of shipping containers, or are they just added as a zany decorative detail????
  6. "but the Tram Stop is 450m from Carrara Stadium." 450m is very close...no?
  7. We already know the 2030 slogan "The Games No One Wanted"
  8. One thing I liked about Tokyo's event space graphics was that the clean, simple lines and colours were a good background to the competition.....they didnt distract from the competitors. Some people call London's graphics edgy, I think they were the laziest, most garish and tasteless ever. Pink and purple triangles....is that 'edgy'? It was pointy.
  9. There is something a bit basic, childish and unsophisticated on this take on Art Deco....and the pastel colours are a bit blah...
  10. We wont see branding and logos for a while- it affects sponsors if there are too many Olympic 'brands' floating in the zeitgeist. I was amazed how early LA28 announced its logo- that was highly unusual.
  11. Preet good selection, glad shooting is there to keep Indian interest.... Golf uses an existing venue, so is an easy inclusion. I imagine cycling (track) will end up in Melbourne, and that's no big deal. Will be an interesting experiment across the Victorian countryside.
  12. I watched a report on the Sydney Closing, the closest we have had to the Seine opening, when 1.5 million people crowded the harbour for the closing fireworks. There were just 6 arrests for minor things, and it went off smoothly! I still think a Seine Closing would have made more sense- city wide party when everything is over....and people can trash the place and then sleep in for a few days!
  13. Q: In reality, we are only guessing and can only be guided by what info they have released to the public. Of course, this is an Olympic chat forum, what do you expect- we chat about Olympic issues from what we know. But we also avid Ceremony watchers and analysers, and I don't think the concerns we are raising are insignificant. Just because something is new, innovative and ambitious doesn't mean it will be a success. I don't see much love in here for Albertville.....that was French, new and innovative as well.
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