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  1. I find it sad they cant do whitewater on a real river. (I think Paris 2024 asked the IOC about this)......in North Qld the Tully River in the Rainforest is amazing!
  2. I presume the cycling rod racing will be on the Gold Coast/Hinterland? Maybe it could start in Brisbane and head to the GC, often the first stretch is just a long 'warm up' run.....
  3. This I imagine is a big deal.....the National Govt didnt get near to funding 50 Percent of Sydney 2000 (of course security costs are much higher now since 9/11), and they were easily funded. The Games will be very affordable for the state of Queensland with huge TV rights already negotiated, The IOC throwing in funds, a more cost-effective Games model and planning stretched over 11 years.
  4. Q: I understand also that the new Gabba Stadium will be closer to the host city CBD 2kms away than any other Summer Olympic Games in history. The MCG is about a 1km? Tokyo and Barcelona would be about 1-2km (depending where you measure it from).
  5. RE: Gold Coast Closing....at 00.36 the HOSTS of the Closing Ceremony talk about how bad it was!!! Unprecedented.
  6. The Gold Coast Opening was a low budget, relaxed triumph...and then the Closing was an absolute train wreck....that was sad
  7. She was the most successful athlete at the last Asian Games- was then diagnosed and has been treated for leukemia, and the Games being postponed has allowed her to get back on the team. Anyone who follows the Olympics knows her story.
  8. Having been across Kazakhstan and been to Almaty- I think it is actually a pretty safe choice, and Almaty is a fantastic city. My only concern would be hotels, because there only seemed to be 5-6 top hotels. I went to World Expo 2017 in Astana, and it was a great success with over 100 countries (including all the big ones)....the Government spends money like crazy on stuff like this, so that wouldn't be a problem! Human rights are not great, but they are slowly improving, and Kazakhstan created visa free travel following Expo- a big step for a former Soviet Republic.
  9. Well I hope LA2028 is ready for China- and all its allies and newly found economic dependencies, to boycott 2028.... This is all very sad. Maybe they will use the boycott call to highlight the issue- but not carry through.
  10. IOC now goes risk free - Japan, China, France, Italy, USA, Australia..... they dont mess around anymore.... Why would they go near Pyongyang????
  11. Definitely the best of two (the other looks like it was created on MSDOS in 1984 by a ten year old)....adding colour brings it to life.
  12. Well on thing is for sure- it will be disappointing (whichever one they pick)!
  13. Why didn't they Gamesbids run the comp??? Seriously, for a country renowned for design, the second one looks like it was created by a ten year old. A snowflake- again.....urgh. I went with the grey white 'embossed' design. But it aint great.
  14. My only point earlier was aquatic centres are popular public facilities- of course a dramatically expanding city like Brisbane needs new Aquatic Centres .....
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