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  1. I, Tonya

    Indeed...all the logos, bunting and decorations were 'tweaked' for legal reasons obviously....there was one big error though, in the movie in 1992 her coach comes up says 'the IOC have decided there will be a Games in 2 years instead of 4 years'...this decision actually happened in 1988, 4 years early. Great movie, sad error.
  2. Pyeongchang 2018 Ceremonies

    Rio didn't 'glorify slums'....it celebrated high rise living- a celebration of all the peoples of their great cities, from the super wealthy in their penthouses, to the poorest in the favelas. I actually thought that was rather brilliant and inclusive.
  3. Weather Delays... again

    It is a fine balance- too cold and wild for events, or too balmy and warm for good snow....
  4. The Worst WOG of the history

    As far as empty seats go, they have to do something about ticketing. I would have gone to Korea except the only way for me to get tickets was through the stupid agency- that charges a fortune for a few D class tickets (first round curling, womens hockey, etc).... they didn't open the general ticket office to the world, even late, so I wasn't going to risk getting to Korea and try my luck. Now I sit at home and see empty seats I would have happily bought, lets say 3 months ago. Arrgh...but every Games is the same.
  5. As for the cauldron lighting...as a layman watching at home I 'read' the industrial/ agricultural/ crude flaming metal pole as Korea rising from the ashes of WW2 and Korean War into the shiny new modern age of the glistening white cauldron..... Apparently I read too much into it- but it makes more sense than the 30 rings/ year story.
  6. Good point about the stadium cost......not very 'eco' friendly either...
  7. Here's a thought...why not lit the cauldron by drone...Yuna KIm could light a little drone that fluttered up to the Cauldron...too risky of malfunction I suppose, but a lot more elegant and keeping in theme..
  8. Pretty much agree with all above- an Olympic standard fine start to a Games, with nothing spectacular and a few flaws. * Very happy that the budgets have come down since London / Sochi....I find seeing what a country can do on a tighter budget more interesting. Sochi is perhaps my fave ceremony ever, but it could not continue on that scale. * The athlete parade finally was pacey, I think the super quick music helped that. * Glad to see PEACE screamed at the world- poor Korea has been the scene of some of the deadliest battles of the last 120 years..SEOUL has been flattened about 5 times ......more than anyone they DO NOT WANT WAR. We should all get the message. But why use "Imagine", it just felt icky. * When there is no narrative, or strict chronology, a ceremony can just become a series of 'stuff'. * A kids journey again. * The scenes seem disjointed, and divided by looong videos. This must have seemed strange in the stadium. * I will have nightmares about that fire phallus forever...and was Yuna Kim the most stressed human you have ever seen? Seemed strange for a professional athlete. Cathy Freeman by comparison looked like 'yeah whatever'....
  9. Betty Cuthbert Dies

    The only athlete, male or female, to win the 100m, 200m and 400m Olympic titles. An historic achievement from a classy lady.
  10. Calgary 2026

    Interesting- just out of interest, can anyone see any major down sides to picking the next 2 hosts (summer or winter)..there must be risks...the world losing interest in bidding for 8 years, unknowns of a city/country 11 years ahead....
  11. India Set To Study Possible 2032 Olympic Games Bid In New Delhi

    I think India pissed off some mighty powerful people in 2010- and they have long memories.
  12. Qatar 2022

    Qatar Airways are the sponsor of FIFA- this is gonna get ugly!
  13. Off course the MCG is pretty much the biggest cricket stadium (and one of the biggest stadiums) in the world. They are not all that size!
  14. Gold Coast 2018

    The key word is smaller- all the Gold Coast facilities are much smaller than the Melbourne ones, and set a precedent for a SMALLER Games......whether new, old or recycled. Larger venues, even existing ones have higher overlay, staffing, and ongoing capital costs.
  15. Of course, with only 4.5 years to get it all ready (by the time the decision is made) they may need to pick a London, Melbourne or KL..