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  1. As much as I am disappointed about this result, as much I dont want too see a German bid for Summer Games. They are far too big nowadays.
  2. According to an article on sueddeutsche.de the IOC would love to go back to Norway. The article quotes FIS-President Gian Franco Kasper. He says that Oslo is the strongest candidate.
  3. Everywhere are the comments so negative. I will never experience Olympic Games in my country.
  4. Munichs referendum is this Sunday. But if Oslo annouces its interest, without having the gouvermental support und withdrawls later, Norway can say goodbye to Olympic Games for the next decades.
  5. Now that Oslo is in the race, I think we have a (new) frontrunner, even if Munich bids. The Norwegians are much more popluar compared to the Germans and Bach can not lobby for Munich anymore.
  6. Munich is probably out as a host for the semis and final, since the President of the DFB has announced today, that Germany will bid for the Euro 2024.
  7. A majority of the members of the Bavarian Parliament has said today, they will support the bid, if the referedum will be positive. Only the Greens have said, they are against a possible bid.
  8. Because the Bavarians will elect a new parliament on September, 15th and the Germans will elect a new parliament (Bundestag) on September, 22nd. Although the two biggest parties in Germany will support a new bid, it is possible, that the Greens will become a member of a coalition government after the elections in Bavaria and for the Bundestag. The Greens were against Munichs bid 2018 and I dont see them supporting a new bid for Winter Games.
  9. Germany is the center of Western Europe. We have nine direct neighbors. Only Russia and China have more. The German politicians do nearly everything to make them satisfied, not just France. I live relatively close to the Dutch border and I have the impression, the German-Dutch relationship is better as the Franco-German friendship. Every democratic German politician is aware about our past. We dont deny it and try to keep the remembrance alive. I think, these are the greatest differences between Germany and the UK. The Britons live on an island at the edge of the continent. The UK was a worl
  10. With Fi I meant Finace Industry or more common Finacial Sector. My impression is, that the British politicains are very unpopluar in Brussels and many other European capitals. Does the British Gouverment has Partners in Europe? Even the Dutch PM Mark Rutte had no plan to attend Camerons speech in Amsterdam. Is there any nation, that has the same ideas, the same priorities or the same goals like the UK? The UK is like a Rugby player in a football team.
  11. You dont have to agree with me. No British members or even many Non-British members here will agree with me on my statement. I respect that. I dont respect it, when you compare me with Hitler. In many International forums you can read statements like yours, just because a German has a different opinion. It is very common and nothing new to me. I thought you were more creative.
  12. Why a referendum in 2017? I want it this year! If the UK doesnt give up the rabate, doesnt join the Schengen-Area and join the Fiscal Pact, throw them out! I know, it is not possible, but who is taking the UK seriously anyway? Who is taking this government seriously? All Cameron wants is to protect the FI! I cant believe it. The FI is responsible for many problems we had and still have. For me, it is like a cancer and Cameron is protecting it! Apart from the FI the UK is only successful in Entertainment and Military. I can live without tanks and without the Australian jungle The EU has 28 m
  13. The Olympic Park needs money to repair something or to modernize the swimming pool. Every intra-structure needs money. But apart from that Munich had the best concept for the stadium, arena and village after the Games. The Park was frequently visited and it belongs to the most visited Olympic Parks in history. 2022 wouldn't be such a problem, since the majority of arenas are already in place.
  14. I dont see Olympic Summer Games in Germany. The Games are bigger now. Germany has a very good sports infra-structure does not need desperately new arenas or stadiums. Furthermore Munich is still paying the bill of the 72 Games. The Olympic Park needs millions of Euros every year and the City can not afford it. Berlin has already a huge debt and it wont get much public support, since Berliners are very lazy. I do support Munich 2022!
  15. If you are really from Germany, you should know, that your sentence in capitals does not fit to 2012.
  16. Let 2004 repeat! Seriously, so I have only three matches to support "my" team...
  17. A German delegation was at Auschwitz today. An English, Dutch and Italian delegation will follow.
  18. In 2002, so 30 years after the Olympics the European Athletics Championship took place at the Olympic Park in Munich. The Championship was one of the first bigger international events here in Germany after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Security was on top of the agenda. The Israeli Team took part and had an extra police corps (?) to protect them. The event itself was average. On the first days it was raining very much. But still Paula Radcliffe was able to a new ER on the 10,000m. But the emotional highlight was the pole vault. The German men were quite good at that time and the expectat
  19. Again the Netherlands? They had the Euro just in 2000. If England doesn't bid because of 1996 and Germany doesn't bid because of 1988, why should the Dutch bid?
  20. St. Moritz will host the Alpine World Championships in 2017!!!
  21. That was me! If there is one nation obsessed with the ESC, it is Sweden. In this years competition have been 16 (!) songs from Swedish composers. Azerbaijan is represented by a Swedish song every year!
  22. Maybe I sound arrogant, but I hate these 2-, 3- or 4-nations-bids. That means, that the teams are automatically qualified for the group stage. We see it this year and we have seen it in 2008, there are quite tough groups and there weak groups. The Ukrainian team is a joke and the Swiss/Austrian teams have been a joke. Let Russia, Turkey, France, England, Spain, Italy and Germany host the Euro and not these tiny nations like Austria or Switzerland or unsuccessful nations like Poland and Ukraine.
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