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  1. As much as I am disappointed about this result, as much I dont want too see a German bid for Summer Games. They are far too big nowadays.
  2. Everywhere are the comments so negative. I will never experience Olympic Games in my country.
  3. Now that Oslo is in the race, I think we have a (new) frontrunner, even if Munich bids. The Norwegians are much more popluar compared to the Germans and Bach can not lobby for Munich anymore.
  4. A majority of the members of the Bavarian Parliament has said today, they will support the bid, if the referedum will be positive. Only the Greens have said, they are against a possible bid.
  5. If you are really from Germany, you should know, that your sentence in capitals does not fit to 2012.
  6. Let 2004 repeat! Seriously, so I have only three matches to support "my" team...
  7. A German delegation was at Auschwitz today. An English, Dutch and Italian delegation will follow.
  8. Germany will lose against Portugal and the Netherlands. Spain and Italy will be the other semifinalists. The Dutch will lift the trophy.
  10. Well, maybe Sweden is more successful in Curling or Ice Hockey than Switzerland, but they would die for Curling and Ice Hockey. There would be not a much difference.
  11. PC has won, because they presented a bid for third time in a row and it has won, because a few Korean companies are top sponsors of the IOC. Sweden can not offer that. Therefore I find it not correct to compare Ă–stersund with PC.
  12. Maybe I am wrong, but could a Swedish bid not face the same problems Munich and Annecy had? Will the public support a bid and not just the government(currently Sweden has a minority government!)? Does Sweden really need a artificial sliding center, since Sweden has no tradition in these sports. Will the environmentalists protest against the construction?
  13. Munich 2018 has its own channel at youtube: M2018
  14. has a poor knowledge of the English grammar.

  15. I dont underdstand that. Without her the team is much weaker. Why does she let them down? By the way. Gold and Silver in cross-country! These are the biggest surprises for the German team so far (at least for me).
  16. I am very sure: the USA will top the medal table!
  17. Gold: Hollingworth Silver: Willams Bronze: Huber
  18. I am very glad about this gold for Svindal. He deserve it. But I am not happy with only four(!) decisions today. Now I have to wait three more hours.
  19. FIL is based in Berchtesgaden and its president is also German. Will Reithmayer end today the German domination? It would surely help the sports!
  20. It happened at the finish of the track, not at the medal plaza.
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