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  1. It would kill interest around the world, especially those out of the time zone. No one wants to go to the same place over and over again, and no one wants to see the same backdrop on tv over and over again. The Olympics captures the attention of the world because of the global romanticism mentioned above, not just because of the sporting competition. The IOC is better off just downsizing the the Olympics and ensuring they are distributed around the world. And why would Switzerland be the ideal backdrop for the Winter Games? They didn't found the Olympics. They're just another regula
  2. From the comforts of my couch and television, the Pyeongchang Olympics came across to me as one of a smaller, intimate Games. There's probably a few reasons I felt that: 1) The smaller mountains in Pyeongchang compared to the Alps or Rockies just made the Olympics feel smaller and cozier. It was a nice contrast to some of the more imposing ice-capped mountains of Turin or Vancouver or Sochi. The mountains I saw on television every day right before the start of events coverage gave off a serene, non-threatening feel, one more in tune with the people, venues and village, rather than the
  3. Nope. France is in decline as a winter nation. They will never be a top winter nation performer again, because it's not 1965 anymore and now there are other nations France must compete against. The problem is France can't compete with the newer and now better winter nations. For how much you hyped up France being such a great winter nation, I was very disappointed with the French performance in Pyeongchang. They were completely irrelevant in skating races and in sliding sports. Basically, irrelevant in everything except snow sports. Korea has already surpassed France as a winter nation
  4. Yes you personally, but as a whole, we don't care about biathlon in America and Canada. And well, everywhere else in the world!
  5. I feel the same too. I've seen others raise the "not logistically ideal" argument, but the way the IOC dealt with the bidding process the last few years (along with FIFA's decision to give Qatar a winter World Cup) leads me to believe that the IOC will roll with the times and adapt as needed. If a spread out Stockholm-Are bid is the only way for Sweden to host, and if they are up against opposition as weak as the 2022 candidates in the future, then I could see the IOC giving Sweden the Games. Is Stockholm-Are ideal from a compact point of view? Probably not. Is it doable? I don't see why
  6. Medals on home soil still counts. It still brings the locals to the events. And France couldn't win a sliding medal in Albertville, so maybe something is wrong with France as a winter nation if it can't even win a sliding medal on home soil. Yeah, I don't watch biathlon because it's boring and nobody in North America cares about the sport. The rest of the world doesn't care about biathlon either. Only Europe. Nobody else watches biathlon and nobody else cares. TV networks don't even bother to show it on prime time, if at all. Biathlon is a regional sport, not an internati
  7. Meh. Their loss. I was hoping for Munich 2022, and I'd still love to see a Winter Games in Germany or Sweden or Switzerland next... but hey, if they don't want to bid, I'm more than happy to have the Games go to Calgary next. Or USA or back to Japan. And eventually South America. I just don't see things as grim as you portray.
  8. 27 medals is pretty incredible. I'm more than happy with the Canadian performances these Games. It's always great to break an old record!
  9. Good for Germany! Hope they can take the gold, but I won't be holding my breath.
  10. Oh well, too bad for you. Sounds like sour grapes. If Europe doesn't want to bid or host, that's their problem. Just means more Winter Games for everyone else!
  11. Well said. Looking at number of empty seats is the stupidest way to determine the success of the Winter Olympics in Korea. Legacy in new horizons doesn't mean being inspired by winter sports in Day 1, buying tickets on Day 2 and filling the seats on Day 10. Legacy is measured by the state of winter sports 20, 30 years from now. It's pretty cool to see how far Korea has come even since first bidding for the Winter Olympics in 2003. Purely a short track nation at the time, 15 years later speed skating and figure skating are also part of the sporting landscape. Yuna-babies are propping up o
  12. Hi Tulsa, long time no see. Great Games, eh? Pyeongchang revived my interest in the Games after Sochi killed it. Hope you're enjoying the Olympics from your mountaintop in Annecy. Lol.
  13. The Korean womens' skipper, Kim Eun-Jung, is adorable. Very cool to see the Korean womens team emerge to be a darling of the Games and an unexpected medal contender.
  14. 42 years since Germany last medalled in hockey. Would be pretty cool to see them on the podium. Now's as good a chance as any.
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