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  1. Semi-finals

    That settles it. The world needs a Brazil-Argentina final.
  2. That's just terrible and unfortunate. You never want to see players get hurt and you always want to see the best players play.
  3. FIFA World Cup 2026

    The Centennial Copa America should be a good one, one that hopefully Canada can qualify for. I'd like for a pan-American tournament to be held every 4 years. Hopefully CONMEBOL finds the US-hosted and US-involved tournament to be a cash cow and makes the tournament a permanent event!
  4. Quarter-Finals

    Colombia, Belgium and France have looked good but they haven't faced quality opposition yet. There should be some great games but I'm predicting Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Argentina.
  5. Group D

    Costa Rica now plays Greece in the round of 16! Go CONCACAF
  6. Group C

    That means my sweepstakes team is now out, and in a couple of days my actual team will also be out. Time to find a new team.
  7. FIFA World Cup: Day 10 Live Chat

    And Messi does it again! Argentina are through.
  8. FIFA World Cup: Day 9 Live Chat

    Imagine these round of 16 matchups: Mexico v Chile Costa Rica v Ivory Coast USA v Belgium It would be insane if 3 CONCACAF nations made it to the quarters!
  9. FIFA World Cup: Day 9 Live Chat

    Costa Rica looks very good out there! Now a very happy group C team or very happy Costa Rica will make the quarterfinals.
  10. 2024 thoughts, why not Copenhagen?

    It's my computer, but it's not just mine as others had problems too. I can quote from my phone, but I'd rather use my computer if I can.
  11. 2024 thoughts, why not Copenhagen?

    The quoting button doesn't work for everyone. I'm not able to quote either.
  12. FIFA World Cup: Day 7 Live Chat

    Zeke- I'm not too sure about the "good-looking" part. Spain does have a bunch of uglies.
  13. FIFA World Cup: Day 7 Live Chat

    Danny I think you have the wrong idea of what means. It's used when you want to be sarcastic. Just in case things are lost in translation.
  14. FIFA World Cup: Day 6 Live Chat

    Well that stunk. I was hoping to take a full 3 points from Russia. This Korean team is still lacking.