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  1. Today we have medal chances with Neuner, Wolf, Hüfner and Geisenberger. Did anybody else see the girl with the GDR-flag!!! during Lochs celebration?? What a disgrace.
  2. I had a comment on my profile, that every medal that a non-Canadian wins is a medal in favour of the Fair Play. This comment was mainly based on a remark by a German skeletoni that he wont have any chance to come near the podium because the Canadians had 170 more practice runs. Last night I couldn´t find sleep. So switched the TV on and watched the first run of Womens Luge. Before the start German TV showed a report about Geisenberger. She was furious about the junior start. All the summer training was totally needless now she claimed. But nevertheless the journalists and experts only speculated who of the German runners wins gold and if there will be a clean sweep. They talked about the American and the Canadian to deny the Germans a 1-2-3, not about the Austrian. I saw the second runner, the Austrian, and her run was very smooth. After her the best Canadian started, so I expected a better run. But already after 10m, in the first curve her dream of a medal ended. I couldn´t believe what I saw there! But I didnt feel any kind of "Schadenfreude". No, I really felt sorry for her. Four years of training, of hard word, of living a dream, of excitement,... all gone after only 10m. And it wasnt even her mistake! The same happened to second Canadian. So unfair, so undeserved.
  3. I am very unsure whether Loch and Möller can keep their nerves. Möller has no self confidence and Loch is too inexperienced.
  4. The Mens Biathlon Sprint (Hopefully with fairer conditions) The Mens Luge
  5. There must have been two more training runs today. German media reported that the German athletes dominated these two runs. Felix Loch, the current World Champion and son of the German coach, was pleased with his performance. But Zöggeler (THE Gold favorite) and Demtschenko dont like the Womens start. It is not as steep as the Mens start and good starters have an advantage now. Zöggeler and Demtschenko arent good starters anymore. Maybe I am ridiculous, but why dont they bring the sliding events to a save track, to Calgary?
  6. Well, the best ten athletes of the World Cup had the possibility to chose their start group. But Neuner seems to be absolutely happy with her result. Pursuit favors reliable shooters. My money is on the French Ladies. The Swedes and the Russians must be disappointed, expect the Russian that took Gold of course.
  7. Although Silver is a great achievement, I am a bit disappointed. Neuner is my favorite biathlet and I thought one penalty loop would bring her Gold.
  8. @faster and canuckfan: Sry Guys maybe my post is misunderstandable. I talked solely about Womens Biathlon, not the Mens competition. All athletes will be better in Whistler. Still I think the Germans are superior to the Russian. I agree with SI about the relay though, but the individual events are a catfight between Sweden and Germany. Berger as an outside chance. Jonsson is such a good shooter! At a second glance I find the German medals in Alpine Skiing too optimistic,too!
  9. From a national point of view, I must like these predictions. They have included all German medal hopes. And honestly, I find them quite reasonable. I would change gold and silver in the nordic combined (Gold to the US and silver to Germany) and I am not so sure the gold in Womens Skeleton. Further, I find the 1-2 in Mens double in Luge a bit too optimistic. In Biathlon they played with the German athletes. Jonsson and Olofsson-Zidek (both SWE) are the first candidates for gold. But Swedes used to fail when it matters, at least Magdalena Forsberg did at the Olympics, and the Germans are the first to succeed, not the Russians.
  10. Will they publish a full list like they have done it in previous years? I am curious!
  11. Turkey has 8 matches with a home advantage!
  12. I knew I am starting a controversy with my comment. I knew not everybody agrees with me. Although I like some controversy, it was never my intention to insult you. I just have to keep in mind that not everybody is so unpatriotic like me. One of the most important sports events in Canadian history is due to begin and many you are proud to experience these Games in your nation. I am sorry. Please accept my apology.
  13. Thats what I am here for! Firstly, I like Lindsay Vonn a lot more. She looks great and her German is so cute. Riesch is always in a good mood when she wins. But when she finishes far behind she is some kind of a sour loser in my eyes. No, I prefer Vonn. I have to confess that I am not a real fan of Figure Skating. I surly wont watch the competitions as they are at nights (our time). Ingo Steuer is my problem. He has lied about his Stasi-Past and in my eyes he should not train any athletes. Hmmm, thats difficult to explain. Maybe I see Canada simply too negative. Sometimes I think Canada is a needless state. Give the French speaking people their independence and give the rest to the USA!
  14. I dont care, how many medal the German teams wins. I am hoping only for Magdalena Neuner, Leitner/Resch, Friesinger-Postma and Edelmann or Kircheisen to win a medal. I dont like Riesch or the Figure Skaters. I agree with Faster, the team is weaker. But it has also few pluses on its side: The Skeleton team is able to medal for the very first time. Diana Sartor came twice 4th in 2002 and 2006. In fact, if everything works in favour of them, the team could win all gold medals in skeleton, luge and bobsleigh. The gold medal in Mens Skeleton would be the biggest surprise though. Also the Alpine Skiing has one or two medals prospects. Honestly, as long as Canada does NOT top the medals table, everything is fine for me.
  15. Stephan Keppler (Alpine Skiing), Christophe Schmidt (Snowboard - Halfpipe) are the lastest members of the German team. Georg Hettich, gold-, silver- and bronze medalist from 2006 will probably get the fifth and final ticket of the Nordic Combined team
  16. Josef Wenzl (Cross-country) has just qulified in Russia today. The sixth place in the sprint was enough.
  17. Excuse me, but I dont understand why it is so important to top the medal table!? Germany was a t top the last time. I didnt get healthier, the weather didnt get better, the unemployment rate didnt get lower and I didnt feel better. It had no consequences to me or my life. Medals table is so needless and old fashioned to me. BTW, Loch hasnt been in form recently and Wolf will lose to the Chinese skater. And Aljona Savchenko/Robin Szolkowy dont even win against the Russians any more. How should they beat the Chinese? Faster, one gold medal less...
  18. Why? I dont like many Germans athletes either, but to say that only three Germans should win a medal sounds totally unfair. The same with the Americans. I wish Lindsay Vonn would win ALL gold medals at the Games. She is just great. I agree with you Germanys medal collection has peaked. The former GDR athletes are now out and thats just fine.
  19. It´s hard to predict, because there havent been any races lately, but I dont agree with that. Canada should be lucky to get one medal here. My money is on Ireen Wüst and I am hoping for Anna-Christina Friesinger-Postma of course.
  20. Will Hendrys handball harm France chances?
  21. Aliona Savchenko is probably out of the Games.
  22. The young Swedish team has won the mens Curling-ECH today. The title for the womens competition goes to Germany surprisingly!!!
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