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  1. Barnakedladies are great, Billy Talent are indeed popluar here, but I have read, that they arent so good live.
  2. I doubt Pechstein will be acquitted. And even if so, it will be tough for her to qualify for Vancouver. There are already three German skaters in the 5000m race.
  3. Every host nation wants a good show up on the podium. But there has never been so much pressure on a team like this time. It doesnt surprise me, that the Britons complain about curling and skeleton. These events are their only medal hopefuls. The German "ice track" teams arent pleased with the Canadians either.
  4. Of course, Canada will be the team to beat. I dont expect the German team to finish on the top. But honestly, it doesnt bother me. There are a few athletes, that I support (like Neuner, Kircheisen, Loch or Friesinger-Postma), but the the majority of the team dosent excite me (Greis, Riesch, Angerer, Savchenko&Szolkowy or Wilhelm). On the other hand I am hoping for David Murdoch and Anette Norberg in curling, Svindal and Vonn in alpine skiing or Malysz in ski jumping.
  5. Canada will win many medals in skeleton and bobsleigh. Even in luge it is possible, because the track is new and only the Canadians have good practice plan there. Dont underestimated the home advantage in these disciplines. Just look to the las W-Ch in luge in Lake Placid.
  6. The CAS decision starts tomorrow. German media says that this decision could make history, not only in Germany. FIS president Kasper has said he has a long list of athletes that will be banned, if Pechstein will be found guilty.
  7. Sour loser! Italy wasnt better either.
  8. I think "surprised", "astonished" and "disappointed" are the emotions of the press and of the public. The case Werth is easy to understand. The veterinarian used a medicine for the horse, that was not allowed for any animal, not just sport horses. But it was Werths third horse, not the one, that won the medals with her. But nevertheless, the wont be able to compete because she pregnant now. The case Pechstein is unique. My English is too poor to explain it. But I can tell you my personal view: I think, she has cheated. Pechstein seems to be not aware, that this part of the blood gets tested. She denies any wrong doing. She is not only fighting to compete in Vancouver, she is also a member of the German Federal Police for her lifetime. If the ban remains in place, she would be forced to quit and would lose her pensions. I would not call it a sad day. Every cheater has to be found, no matter his or her nationality. But the problem is, that the mistrust is rising. Britta Steffen has a former GDR-coach and swims WR. Can we trust her? Can we trust Sebastian Bayer, when he jumps 7,90m 8,00m and suddenly 8,71m (indoor) and 8,49m (outdoor), while his coach is telling in an interview, that he himself tried doping? Can we trust Brink/Reckermann when they are the first Europeans, that win the Beach volleyball WCh? The suspicion is always present and thats annoying.
  9. Huge topic here in Germany. She is most successful German athlete at the Winter Games. Two of our most successful athletes cheated. Who can we trust now? I dont want to defend her, but she has never been tested positive. The CAS will decide. So far Pechstein has still the support of the of the German NOC and its chairman Thomas Bach. The second athlete is Isabell Werth, one of our most successful dressage athlete.
  10. Game over for the Ukraine? Platini has said for the first time, that Berlin and Leipzig are an option for the Euro 2012. Lien (en français) What do you think?
  11. He was tested positive at the last years TdF, but L´ Equipe reported the result after the Games. His story here: Stefan Schumacher
  12. Hehe Schumacher is no surprise. He was suspicious for a long time and there was a discussion, whether he should represent Germany at the games. And again a Greek T&F-athlete. Was at least one member of their team in 2004 clean??
  13. I think the Scandinavian Head of States will attend the opening ceremony. For their nations (FIN, NOR, SWE) the winter games are more important as the summer games.
  14. Canada will win all gold medals in skeleton and bobsleigh, no matter who will win the medals in this years WCh. It is all about the knowing of track and the Canadians dont give the other nations enough time to practice.
  15. No, you are not alone. You have the same problem with biathlon and cross-country at the winter games. But you can only solve it, when you restrict the number of starts.
  16. Hopefully the German team will keep the medals.
  17. Group E Sweden : Canada 2:1 China : Argentina 2:0 Group F Brazil : Nigeria 3:1 North Korea : Germany 0:1 Group G USA : New Zealand 4:0 Norway : Japan 1:5 Quarterfinal USA : Canada China : Japan Brazil : Norway Germany : Sweden Semis USA/CAN : CHN/JPN BRA/NOR : GER/SWE USA are already in the final with this draw.
  18. I really fear this medal decision. I still remember 2004 too well and i still think there has been done great injustice to Bettina Hoy and the German team. But it looks better this time. The Britons will win a medal, the US is too far behind and the French are already out. I hope Germany will stay at top, but Australia has the bigger experience in this situation.
  19. You are allowed to call me pessimistic. Maybe you are right. You all know the medal table. One gold medal is more worth than 30 silver medals. We will win more medals in total than HUN, NED, JPN and maybe ITA, FRA and GBR, but we will struggle to win many gold medals.
  20. I watched Argentina against Lithuania. Thrilling matching, great comeback in the 4th quarter but Lithuania secured the victory with final whistle.
  21. The Australian women have won in stunning match against South Korea. They were 1-4 down at halftime, but have won 5-4!!! Superb match.
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