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  1. That's the entry for the book, not the movie.
  2. Nonsense. Does this look like England? Also, no Umpa Lumpas in England.
  3. No idea if this is "real news" or just Deadspin being Deadspin, but story below about a fight between the Flames wanting taxpays to pay for a new Saddledome, and taxpayers saying eff that. Bring on SLC 2026! http://deadspin.com/brian-burke-to-calgary-nice-hockey-team-you-got-here-1795921392
  4. Trump will be gone... but the voters who elected him will (unfortunately) still be allowed to vote in 2024. I'd like to say we can't possibly do worse, but.....
  5. If true, that means no Gamesbids Index for 2024 or 2028. Kinda kills the site.
  6. Calgary would be snow, not rain. And you can skate outside in the snow:
  7. These people, and the people in the image above disagree that people won't buy tickets for outdoor hockey. As for what the IOC allows... I want the IOC to *change the rules* on what they allow. You want people to actually believe you care about costs and about not being a burden on host cities? Then allow outdoor long-track speed skating for gosh sakes.
  8. The IOC has 100% of the power over the federations. They could easily tell the federations the get whatever venue they get and if they don't like it they can go fkuk themselves. But they will never do that because it's all one big incestuous family. The federations get this super gold plated venue and the IOC gets to blame the federations. Ridiculous.
  9. I think both sides would object to being listed as an option for 2028. Up until the moment the other city has been picked for 2028, both cities will say they are only interested in 2024. The IOC can vote ahead of time to change the rules allowing them to offer the 2028 games to the runner up. Neither city could object to that since they both, at least publicly, think they are going to win.
  10. And LeBron was really good in Trainwreck and could have a career by then. But, I think the Williams Sisters (straight outta Compton) are by far the most likely choice. Honestly, how do you justify anyone else other than them or Phelps?
  11. Which leaves 17 Olympic cities (including Paris oddly enough) not supporting Paris. Not that it means anything but interesting anyway.
  12. Two issues... does having more government experience help you do the job as POTUS vs does it help you get elected. There is apparently a large group of people in the US who feel government experience is a negative.
  13. I'm not sure how any US big can be low risk when we have a childlike lunatic as president.
  14. Dude... Stallone single-handedly ended the cold war. Through the power of sports (See Rocky IV for details). That's the kind of thing IOC bigwigs loves. Plus you've got Blamer, who's the world's third richest man or something. They like money too.
  15. I wonder what percentage of Americans would correctly identify that picture as being Los Angeles. To me, the most icon building in that photo is city hall, and it's hard to notice. Which is not to say LA doesn't have icons... just that the downtown office towers aren't them. The Hollywood sign is one of the most recognizable icons in the world. The palm trees of Beverly Hills. Sleeping Beauty Castle. And if you must have an office building, how about Capital Records?
  16. You mean we haven't know all year exactly which two teams will be in the Stanley Cup finals and are just going through the motions until we get there?
  17. In other words, if you only count some of the expense (but of course include all the revenue) you break even.
  18. Hosting 48 teams isn't that hard and doesn't take that many resources. You simply have more games per stadium. Training/hosting space for the teams won't be hard to find. 48 teams does water-down the quality of teams and makes a mess of the near-perfect balance the current tournament has. But that's a different issue for a different day. Logistically, it's a non issue.
  19. But if they give it to China now, that cuts of the flow of bribes.This was is much better for FIFA.
  20. The winners in post-European Britain will be all the sick kids and elderly helped out by the extra £350m a week in funding NHS will get.
  21. NAFTA Article 2205: Withdrawal A Party may withdraw from this Agreement six months after it provides written notice of withdrawal to the other Parties. If a Party withdraws, the Agreement shall remain in force for the remaining Parties. So, six month notice and the US is out. There is some quibble as to whether the constitution requires congressional approval to pull out of treaties... Bush jr pulled out of one and was unchallenged. Carter pulled out of one, was challenged... a lower court ruled he needed congressional approval, the supreme court threw out the lower court ruling and
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