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  1. Already discussing bands for the opening ceremony?
  2. I just took a look at the US site for the first time in a few weeks. A couple events have dropped of the board, but for the most part everything is still there. I wouldn't count on any discounts for individual tickets. Best I hope for is they throw in some free stuff if you buy. There's a bit of a self-sustaining problem for Cosport. Normally, people snap up tickets because they fear getting shut out. But it seems pretty clear that won't happen with PyeongChang. I normally would have bought my tickets by now, but I'm content to wait since I"m not too worried.
  3. The stadium is in decent shape. It just had a round of renovations forced upon it by - of all entities - the NFL. So it has fancy scoreboards, luxury areas, wireless internet etc. But it's still a 50-year old stadium and much of the infrastructure (ramps, walls, lights) are original.
  4. Uh, other than sons recent dust ups due to our lunatic-in-chief, the US, Canada and Mexico get along remarkably well. Meanwhile, Argentina and Chile have a loooong history of animosity.
  5. Worth noting that the three crappiest South American teams are in CONCACAF, not CONMEBOL.
  6. No way Azteca hosts the final: - altitude - perceived attractiveness of the host city - no matter how it's officially presented, the three hosts are not equal. The US is the top dog here. My guess is the Rose Bowl for the final.
  7. There is no where to pay. Your only options in South Florida are Sun Pass or "toll-by-plate". The rest of the state is moving to that as well. You'll see the same system in place when you come to Massachusetts for the 2028 Boston Olympics.
  8. If the scale isn't clear from this picture, the Coliseum is roughly 3.5 miles East of the new stadium, and 4.5 miles North. Oh, and forum looks great in this picture. Is it scheduled to host any events?
  9. San Antonio's sister city presumably. For the curious, 1994 host cities: Pasadena, Stanford, Pontiac, East Rutherford, Chicago, Orlando, Foxborough, Washington DC, Dallas
  10. Of for pete's sake. With that many spots, who doesn't get it? Other than Canada of course
  11. If war breaks out in Korea, the 2018 Olympics should be the last of our worries.
  12. For a minute, ignore the fact that Turkey is trying to piss off more countries and organizations than even Donald Trump. Just take a look at Ezurum itself. First, the good news. They actually have mountains. Now the bad. It's cold, bleak, over 1,000 km from Istanbul. It has no 5* hotels and shopping. No 4* hotels or shopping. It has a couple hotels that might qualify as 3*. And its run by hard core religious conservative Muslims. Not exactly the kind of place IOC voters are going to choose for their big party. I highly recommend the video below. And I sweat (1) it's from this
  13. I'm sure all the other Olympics that went way over budget had rigid checks and balances in play... and yet overruns happen.
  14. Assuming we don't count race tracks as "sports fields" I guess. FYI Here's a good view of Turner Field as a baseball stadium. You can see the footprint of the much larger Atlanta Olympic Stadium.
  15. Hard to imagine a language other than English being spoken in LA.
  16. My post of "no" just means I thought you were wrong. The shortness of it was the was the exact opposite of "let's talk Athens". I didn't object to your argument, I disagreed with your statement, and I certainly didn't tell you to shut up. Post away. But don't get cranky if someone disagrees with you without posting a dissertation.
  17. I'm objecting to simplistic arguments that label some games good and some bad. It's a lot more complicated than that. But a full detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the Athens games doesn't really belong in a single post on the LA games. Especially when I'm sure you already know the details as well as anyone.
  18. In the last three days alone, our Fearless Leader has managed to piss off the UK and Germany. At this rate, will there be any country left that isn't annoyed at us?
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