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  1. Considering that the US can pull out of NAFTA anytime our nincompoop of a president wants to, I wouldn't count on NAFTA being around long enough for the UK to join. (Not sure if the story made it overseas, but Trump was just about the pull out of NAFTA, but a 10-minute conversation with his son-in-law changed his mind.) As for Brexit, it was sold as - Continental Europe sucks - Continental Europe needs the UK more than the UK needs Europe, therefore - UK will get to keep the good parts of the EU without the bad parts. Now that people are waking up to the fact that the
  2. A case could be made that any "sport" where men and women can compete is, by definition, not a sport.
  3. Three new *state of the art* luge tracks. The insistence from the federations that each venue be the greatest ever in that sport really drives up costs.
  4. Almaty? Sure. Erzurum? Never. The IOC will change the rules or cancel the winter games before they go to Erzurum. As for the golen age of authoritarian governments.. the fact that Beijing is getting their 2nd games says we already are in that era.
  5. There's no mechanism for that. Even if you had proof Trump himself had paid Russian hackers to go into the systems and change votes, he is still POTUS. At best, Congress can vote to impeach him, but that just kicks him out of office and makes elevates the VP. There aren't any do-overs.
  6. Nope. The LA boosters are playing a shell game. There's a huge amount of funding going on with LA's bid. But they are saying LA was going to do all this stuff anyway, so it doesn't count.
  7. Every time I think how idiotic the US election system is (and it's really stupid at times) I look at other countries and feel better. Who sets up a system that allows the leader to say, "I'm way up in the polls, let's have an election right now to prove it."
  8. Obviously what Canada needs to do is station a large military presence in Germany. From a soccer standpoint, it's the best thing the US has ever done.
  9. Underestimating, or overestimating? Who knows. We often ignore that much of the world is run by dictators and semi-dictators. They may like him. Erzurum's biggest problem is Erzurum. Off the top of my head I can't think of any less desirably city (from an IOC voter standpoint) that has ever put forth a serious bid.
  10. The USMNT has made it out of the group stage the past two world cups, and three of the last four. While the team is currently is disarray, they are likely to be in position to get out of the group stage in 2022 and 2026. Many team that makes it out of the group stage can win. In a short, single elimination tournament funny things can happen. Right now, we suck. But it would be crazy to write off the US's chances for a tournamebt that far out. The best players on that team may be in junior high now. Or whatever they cal junior high in Germany.
  11. Does it count if you get in as a host (joint host?) country, or do you have to earn your way in?
  12. This would be an example of that "lack of logic" that makes discussion pointless.
  13. Psst - Discussing issues with a Fox News acolyte will just give you headaches. Their lack of facts and logic and willingness to simply make stuff up makes it pointless.
  14. So, wait, there's a Victoria in Canada and in Australia. Or is that like the requirement to be a Commonwealth country... you have to have a Victoria.
  15. Just to be clear, NBC is just promising that it air it's west cost shows simultaneously with the east coast. The show itself will still be a mix of live sports, tape delayed/edited sports, and talking heads. But if they show something tape delayed on the east coast at 8PM eastern, it will air on the west coast at 5PM western.
  16. >> People will still say "Take the La Brea Exit off the 10" instead of "Take Exit..." I don't even know what the exit number is for La Brea Ave. from the 10. It's the Southern California habit of referring to numbered highways as "THE xxx" that makes you weird and different
  17. And slave owners were within their rights. Just because the system is rigged in favor of corporations and against people, that doesn't mean everyone should sit back and accept it. Good for this guy to stand up (er, sit down) for his natural rights. Hopefully this will trigger change that will benefit us all.
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