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  1. No one hates LA at all, much less "so much". There are thousands of posts in this thread.... I many have missed one or two, but I can't recall any hating on LA. Not sure what you are talking about. There is some disgust for 1-2 posters who make idiotic arguments for why LA should win. But the vast majority of posers have said both LA and Paris would make fine hosts.
  2. I don't see how anyone can say the US is the safe choice when we have an unstable nincompoop as president.
  3. >> The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Friday said there may be adjustments to the bid process ahead Psst... IOC guys.... the bid process isn't what needs adjusting.
  4. Considering the Southern Hemisphere thing, shouldn't that be "looking down"?
  5. " good Olympic shuttle system which they have perfected from 1984 " I'm pretty sure traffic has changed in LA in the past 40 years and something different will have to be used for 2024.
  6. Extensive? They get, what, 10 events a year? Public funding of football stadiums is also a huge boondoggle. The media loves to mock the Olympics with shots of rotting venues.. but doesn't apply the same scrutiny to football. Love this video of people playing golf inside the ruins of the Pontiac Silverdome.
  7. Good point. Decoupling from the Olympics wouldn't kill the paras altogether, but would kill them as we know them.
  8. It's a viable suggestion for the Olympics. It would be a near-death blow to the paras.
  9. Just to be a geography geek for a second... Czechoslovakia disbanded 25 years ago. The proposal was for a joint Poland/Slovokia bid, which I still think would be awesome. There are no mountains in Finland anywhere near where people live. There are no mountains regardless of country anywhere near Helsinki. There are many imposed restraints on the WOG that could be lifted (need for lots of 5* hotel rooms, the calendar, etc.) But a ski-able mountain is pretty much non-negotiable. Helsinki, despite having territory north of the Arctic Circle ain't hosting a WOG. Of the eight countries n
  10. I'm mostly joking. But can't you just see Mayor Quimby as an IOC voter: Now wait just a minute! We are twice as smart as the people of FIFA. You just tell us your idea and we'll vote for it.
  11. If Budapest drops out, that means there will be at most one loser. Is "one" too many? Anyway, I'd be more in favor of the pick two hosts at once if I didn't think it originally came up because some IOC voters were thinking, "Hey, FIFA recently picked two host cities at once. If it's good enough for them, we should do it."
  12. That's what I wanna know... PS - I don't think your friend understands where the "1/2 billion contingency" comes from.
  13. Nowhere in all of Asia except for Japan?? I'll call this #alternativefacts Meanwhile, after the recent terror attacks in Sweden, I expect Scandinavia to be out of the running for a WOG.
  14. >> The cool thing is that we know exactly how much money is being spent on venues We know exactly how much money is in the budget for venues. History says costs will balloon. The LA organizing committee says they won't.
  15. The IOC is about as willing to "pay for their party" as Michael Corleone is to pay for a gaming license.
  16. The problem is the president of the United States takes those statements seriously.
  17. The preparations for the Olympics were a huge mess? I don't remember that... what am I forgetting? Yeah, the political situation in Brazil was a mess. Just like it is in South Korea today.
  18. Note to the new guy.... the forum has an ignore feature. I find it makes things much more readable.
  19. Oh for Pete's sake. France has hosted two Olympics in the past 50 years (for whatever that matters). They've hosted FIFA world cup and tons of huge events. There is not the slightest doubt in any voter's mind that Paris can do a wonderful job hosting the Olympics.
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