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  1. Marianne is a great symbol for us, let’s share her with the world
  2. I'm not a fan of Luis Fonsi but I think his presentation was good
  3. Looking forward to my second Pan American Games
  4. Italy built a bobsled track for the 2006 Olympics and let it fall almost immediately into disrepair Now it wants to spend (at least) $50 million to rebuild the 1956 Olympic sliding track
  5. I think the 2026 Winter Olympics should go to Sweden rather than Italy because with global climate change and reduced snow in the Alps
  6. I am so proud of them! Sweden hasn't come this far since 1994! And that says a lot!
  7. Wow. This year's Paralympics opening ceremony is seriously impressive!
  8. I sure am enjoying watching this opening ceremony without listening to Matt Lauer’s annoying voice
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