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  1. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy music was played in the opening ceremony of the Olympics
  2. Naomi Osaka getting to light the Olympic cauldron is exactly what she deserves after the year she’s had
  3. ode to graphic design at the Olympics opening ceremony! The Japanese came up with the pictograms for each sport in 1964 when they hosted for the first time
  4. That’s the Emperor? He just looks like a regular dude. I was expecting some kind of fancy dress.
  5. This is like when NFL owners give a speech after winning the Super bowl
  6. Eddy Alvarez on NBC: "So emotional. I feel the energy from my team right now and it's absolutely incredible."
  7. These country facts are very "Encarta Encyclopaedia Geography Edition on CD ROM"
  8. shoutout to Pita Taufatofua for competing and trying to qualify for so many different sports (Both Summer and Winter Olympics)
  9. The Olympic Camera crew must be fired after today. How you must show Jamaica for 5 seconds
  10. Nothing like hearing “Dick Pound” at this hour in the morning
  11. What tune did the music drop into as Australia walked out?
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