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  1. The main reason why games are held in July/August is that NBC required so In the fall there are already other sports on TV
  2. the Olympics being on TV right now would be the perfect thing to keep people entertained while quarantined
  3. Biggest losers will be TV especially NBC in USA When the USA boycotted Moscow in 1980 it almost bankrupted NBC (who had rights in USA that year) The Olympics are used as a lead in to new fall schedule
  4. Marianne is a great symbol for us, let’s share her with the world
  5. I'm not a fan of Luis Fonsi but I think his presentation was good
  6. Looking forward to my second Pan American Games
  7. Italy built a bobsled track for the 2006 Olympics and let it fall almost immediately into disrepair Now it wants to spend (at least) $50 million to rebuild the 1956 Olympic sliding track
  8. I think the 2026 Winter Olympics should go to Sweden rather than Italy because with global climate change and reduced snow in the Alps
  9. I am so proud of them! Sweden hasn't come this far since 1994! And that says a lot!
  10. Wow. This year's Paralympics opening ceremony is seriously impressive!
  11. I sure am enjoying watching this opening ceremony without listening to Matt Lauer’s annoying voice
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