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  1. At least Leipzig has that large trade fair going for them. What does Vladivostok have other than being the same timezone as the Australian Eastern States?
  2. There's the Build Build Build program by the current Duterte administration. Also there's 2 international airports being built in the coming years. Once all these projects are completed then you could turn NAIA into an Olympic Park. I wouldn't exactly call it lightyears.
  3. Rio's problem was the corruption (a given) but more importantly, the fact that they didn't plan the 2016 Olympics as Pan Ams 2.0. They tried going greater than that and made a mess of it. India's just a mess no matter what city it decides (if any) to put forward. Does Singapore want the big one? Istanbul is just another opportunity to snub them. Jakarta is sinking and even with the experience of hosting the Asian Games, that's not going to help. So long as Manila's 2 planned airports, the subway, National Railway (expansion and rehabilitation) and other infrastructure projects are complete by the time a bid is even considered, they might stand a chance. All that would need to be built is the Olympic Park, village, and some specialized venues. They have most of the arenas already.
  4. But they can't help it. They're desperate for bidders from anywhere. As long as Manila has the prerequisite of all their major transport projects completed, they might not need an Asian games to help boost an Olympic bid.
  5. No mention of Manila? This Skyscraper City post of mine lists Manila's potential without the need of an Asian Games as prerequisite. https://www.skyscrapercity.com/threads/2036-olympic-summer-games-bids.2316193/post-174616920
  6. I would still opt for a dedicated tennis Center and use Parken as a dual indoor venue like Atlanta did with the Georgia Dome. Malmömessen is large enough to host something. They hosted Eurovision once. Otherwise, this would be a media subsite. Malmø and New Malmø Stadium is perfect to have temporary hockey pitches.
  7. Hvidovre Stadium makes no sense for Field Hockey. Why not have it at Malmø Stadium and New Malmø Stadium? You have a potential 14,000 - 18,000+ All seated venue at Malmø Stadium and the rectangular New Malmø Stadium would host finals at a 22,000 seater capacity. Parken makes sense as a roofed venue that could be divided to host 2 indoor team sports. Ballerup Superarena has a capacity of 3,700 seated in Track Cycling mode. Just keep it as is. It might be able to host another indoor sport (Montreal's Velodrome did), but expect no more than 5,000. Equestrian should be held at a dedicated Equestrian Centre. Baseball/Softball should be in it's own venue, a football stadium simply won't work. You forgot Malmö Isstadion. That could serve an indoor sport. Malmömässan could also serve something. Tennis would need it's own dedicated venue. Bella Center, site of the 2009 IOC session would be the Main Media Centre. The land next door could serve as a media village.
  8. I always assumed that Toronto got undermined because of the whole "Breads not Circuses" campaign against the Olympics. Even when the bid committee conceded that the proposed athletes' village would become public housing, this still wasn't enough to appease the no crowd.
  9. Why would Singapore need to team up with anyone else other than their next door neighbour of Johor Bahru? They've got plenty of existing venues and would probably team up with next door Malaysia for some specific sports.
  10. What about Slovenia? Ljubljana has some arenas, could replace the old outdoor speed skating oval, has that Nordic Centre and a Biathlon course. As well as the necessary ski resorts of course.
  11. So that must be where Melbourne got it's Atlanta torch. The Australian Sports Museum has every Summer torch except Helsinki 1952.
  12. Do it the old fashioned way with cardboard cutouts. You could have paid homage to frontline workers worldwide by having their likeness where the spectators would have been.
  13. No crowds meant no audience participation. Aside from the obvious Ceremonies book and maybe a torch, what else would a Tokyo 2020 audience kit have?
  14. Would it have been different if there was no Covid? Who knows. But it was indeed a somewhat lackluster effort, even without the audience. Why not have a zoom like presentation and have "spectators" projected on the seats? More homages to the tireless frontline workers? Yes, using Imagine by John Lennon was cringe again. I would have loved to have seen the kids from Nagano 1998 all grown up with their own children parading around the stadium to the tune of Children Rule the World. But that might have been a pre Covid idea. Bolero, but no Ode to Joy eh?
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