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  1. Doesn't want to pay to be a part of COMSEQ but still wants all the benefits thus the indecisiveness.
  2. Le blob is a good way to describe them. The idea was okay but the execution is poor.
  3. You'd have think if cricket somehow gets introduced for 2032 that Carrara Stadium would be the most likely venue.
  4. Brisbane Airport Corporation flags third terminal option with air traffic expected to double by 2040
  5. While I like the idea of the Gabba rebuild a price tag of 2.5 billion for a 50,000 capacity stadium would be quite outrageous so I really hope they can reduce the cost.
  6. Gabba redevelopment still has bipartisan support
  7. Maybe this will work. Need to remove the question mark and everything following it.
  8. Gonna be too soon after Brisbane but I'd love to see them host in 2040 instead.
  9. Building a temporary velodrome sounds like an expensive waste of money when there's a perfectly good velodrome already available.
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