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  1. The bidding process for the 2029 and 2031 World Aquatics Championships has opened. https://www.worldaquatics.com/news/3676908/national-federation-bidding-process-opens-for-the-2029-and-2031-editions-of-the-world-aquatics-championships It really is long overdue that Australia hosts the WAQ Champs again.
  2. Can now see why we haven't heard any more. The bidding process hadn't even begun until earlier this month. https://www.worldaquatics.com/news/3676908/national-federation-bidding-process-opens-for-the-2029-and-2031-editions-of-the-world-aquatics-championships
  3. Sounds like they want stadiums to be upgraded rather than using suitable stadiums down south.
  4. That'd be very sensible so they probably won't do that.
  5. There was talk about hosting another World Aquatics Champs in Australia back in 2021 but nothing has been heard since. The reason we don't do it regularly is WAQ charges very steep fees for the privilege of hosting their events. This is also why the US has never hosted a WAQ Champs despite being the dominant swimming nation.
  6. While it might be great for the endurance athletes it'll be too cold at night for the sprints, jumps and throws.
  7. This is something I think basically everyone besides the QLD Government can agree with.
  8. When they were awarded U-17s it was already known that Israel is not qualified.
  9. Time to move the event to somewhere with reliably clean water.
  10. The article is quite vague but I think what they're suggesting is to build a permanent pool that can be used as the warm up pool? Surely they're not suggesting that the arena be a permanent aquatic centre.
  11. Any of the odd years would cause them to clash with World Athletics and World Aquatics Championships. By having them in the middle year it gives a major championship for athletes from those sports to target every year (Olympics, Worlds, Comm Games, Worlds, repeat). Asian Games also happen in the middle year probably for the same reason.
  12. The invitation was only for certain sports where we qualify through Asian competitions for the Olympics.
  13. I'd love to see us join the Asian Games but I don't think they want us spoiling their party (the inclusion of Australia and New Zealand means a lot fewer medals for other countries).
  14. Details of four options for the Gabba rebuild:
  15. The stadium is trash and the location even more trash.
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