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  1. Sapporo expected to announce cost cuts to land 2030 Olympics
  2. If I remember right so far only Football matches are confirmed to be hosted outside South East Queensland which is 22,420 km2.
  3. Brisbane Olympics 2032: Qld to be events capital of Australia
  4. So they don't even do back ups?
  5. It'd be so much better if they'd do the Asian games first or even an successful Comm Games (2010 was obviously not successful).
  6. Looks really nice lit up in red.
  7. The Zaha Hadid stadium was an ugly expensive monstrosit so I'm glad they went with something more reasonable.
  8. Isn't FIL to blame? Reminds me of when Sydney organisers copped bad press for the vault being set to the wrong height but in reality FIG was entirely to blame.
  9. Nobody could've predicted such disappointment.
  10. So now even the rights groups are calling only for diplomatic boycott rather than a full boycott.
  11. No you don't but 50m pools make better multipurpose pools that can be used for both training and recreation especially if they have a moveable boom that allows the pool to be split into two 25m pools one which can be used for training and the other for recreation at the same time.
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