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  1. Thing is there's almost no buzz leading into the announcement at all. It's still a month away but still ...
  2. “Let’s party like it’s 2032” Coast to install big screen for live Olympics announcement
  3. I haven't followed the bidding process this closely before. Who votes exactly? Is it the members listed here? Because there's no one from Indonesia.
  4. I thought of this back when the IOC feasibility study was released. It's not like there'll be a heap of available space adjacent to the arena to put a second temporary pool.
  5. Adjacent indoor courts had a temporary pool.
  6. It needs to be known that all of this infrastructure isn't being done just because of the games and pretty much all of it was already planned or already in the process of being done.
  7. Seems like the reveal will have even less fanfare than anticipated if they're gonna annnounce it this week.
  8. Why would Beijing be pushed back to 2024? Also the Commonwealth Games happen in July 2022.
  9. The reveal will be far less dramatic this time given there really are no other competitors and it already seems a done deal.
  10. Next they'll introduce a bake off.
  11. Esports likely to be included. Booo!
  12. The $2 billion cost is making it hard for them to build a business case and given the Olympics only goes for a few weeks it's doubtful that improves the business case a whole lot.
  13. I don't suppose you have the paywalled text?
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