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  1. Ex-lord mayor to pop up in different circles Peter Gleeson March 8, 2021 Former Brisbane lord mayor Graham Quirk is emerging as the hot favourite to be appointed chairman of the 2032 Olympics organisational committee. If, as expected, Brisbane gets the green light from the International Olympic Committee in July, just before the Tokyo Olympics, a separate and stand-alone body will be established. It will be similar to SOCOG, which ran the Sydney Games. An Olympics minister would be appointed, likely to be Stirling Hinchli
  2. The plan isn't an aquatic centre like Sydney or London but a temporary pool in a multipurpose arena.
  3. I'd be interested to read that if you can find it.
  4. Well they certainly weren't looking to save money by choosing an exorbitantly expensive Zaha Hadid design. Tokyo made a good decision by throwing the Zaha Hadid designed stadium plans in the trash.
  5. Anyone have access to The Australian? This article has an interesting description in Google: Swimming Australia president Kieren Perkins not only is completely backing the idea of Brisbane staging the 2031 world aquatic championships as a test event for the 2032 Olympics but also believes the city should chase the Pan Pacs titles in the lead-up to those events. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/olympics/perkins-wants-brisbane-to-chase-pan-pacs/news-story/dd7c95f768199f7a157db2c0a2f54713 Pan Pacs would be due in 2030 with Canada due to host the one in 2026.
  6. They must have noticed the shonky reporting on the "aquatic centre".
  7. Here's one celebrating a new aquatic centre: Brisbane the Preferred Choice for 2032 Olympics; New Aquatic Center Part of Plan As if they'd put an aquatic centre above Roma Street station.
  8. I've seen multiple articles calling the new Brisbane Live arena an aquatic centre when I was under the impression it's a multi-purpose arena that they'll put a temporary pool in like they did with Rod Laver Arena for world champs in 2007.
  9. All it takes is a peek at the list of host cities for the Olympics and World Athletics Championships to know this isn't true.
  10. I thought Australia would try to host the World Athletics Championships in the lead up to 2032 but I was thinking it'd be Brisbane or the Gold Coast not Cairns.
  11. If you're gonna spend all that money building a new stadium it'd be better build it in the best possible location which isn't Nathan.
  12. Accordingly to Wikipedia the Gabba's field is larger in both dimensions.
  13. The soccer final in a round stadium? Nope. If I remember right there's been plans to build the new entertainment arena (being used for swimming) for a long time anyway.
  14. Except it's needed for Rugby and Soccer?
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