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  1. They don't need to backflip but they really should be more reasonable about using venues in Melbourne which could greatly help to reduce the cost.
  2. That's an incredible level of stupidity. I guess the Vic Gov must hate money. Just abondon the everything must be the regions bs already and use MSAC.
  3. I wonder how much these horrible logos cost?
  4. I really wish they'd scrap it and use the Sydney 2000 venue instead.
  5. It seems to me like basically all the seating at the new Geelong aquatic centre will be temporary like the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre which will cost just as much as installing temporary seating at MSAC but with building an aquatic centre during high inflation on top. The number of seats at MSAC would still be twice as many as at the Comm Games last year and the World Championships has different venue requirements more similar to the Olympics.
  6. What are the three athletics venues and why do swimming and athletics need to go together?
  7. I'd be surprised if most Queenslanders care about that at all. The main thing driving this would be the cost of the Gabba redevelopment and Brisbane Live arena.
  8. Good luck bidding for the Olympics after being stripped of hosting rights for the FIFA U20 World Cup but it's not like they were going to be a great candidate anyway.
  9. It must be horrible to be so naive.
  10. The IOC would never have accepted such a volatile joint bid anyway.
  11. Why would a temporary pool not be enough?
  12. Swimming Australia pushing for a new aquatic centre to be built instead of a temporary pool. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-03-10/qld-olympic-games-2032-brisbane-swimming-pool-stadium/102074878
  13. India should show the world how much their hosting capabilities have improved since 2010 by hosting the 2030 Comm Games and then they can bid for 2040 Olympics.
  14. The federal government has promised $3.4 billion not $7 billion. https://www.9news.com.au/national/brisbane-olympics-2032-updates-upgrades-7-billion-funding-announcement-queensland-stadiums-gabba/de9ecbdc-de40-4b99-92c7-1a53c4b67a75
  15. I'm sure @Australian Kiwiwill be around shortly to criticise this as it was Victoria that bid for the games not the Commonwealth.
  16. To be fair I don't mind new information being posted here but it gets tiresome when it's the same thing from multiple different sources or just straight up old news.
  17. Yes, let's have the Summer Olympics in Melbourne in winter. That'd be just lovely.
  18. This was inevitable and the Russians would've known it. Now when Valieva is banned it'll be easier to claim victimhood than if she were banned by RUSADA.
  19. The problem is you argue around the issues raised instead of addressing them directly and then claim you've addressed them.
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