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  1. That hasn't got anything to do with the move/boycott movement.
  2. Needing or not needing a referendum has nothing to do with being rich.
  3. The landslide election win had nothing to do with the Olympics and both the major parties are pro-Olympics anyway.
  4. Just what Brisbane needs is higher property prices.
  5. Brisbane 2032 won't be during fire season and even if it was the fire season is mild compared to VIC in particular but also NSW. If anything Brisbane might have problems with being a bit chilly.
  6. Do you have access to the article?
  7. I'm shocked that you don't agree with that.
  8. Most of the Russian comments aren't particularly nice so I doubt they're fans of men's rhythmic gymnastics.
  9. Not if they happen in northern hemisphere summer which makes hosting in Brisbane no different to East Asia calendar wise.
  10. I would expect that timezone matters more than southern or northern hemisphere.
  11. Cricket pushing for 2028 Olympics spot in Los Angeles, with ICC and USA Cricket on board
  12. It'd be pretty terrible for all the finals of Australia's most successful sport to be while most people are at work and school during a home Olympics.
  13. Pan Pacs has been pushed to 2026 not 2030. I don't think Australia would bid for a Comm Games two years before an Olympics.
  14. A games in Asia or Oceania makes the most sense for 2032 after games in Europe and North America. Consecutive games in a similar timezone (Toronto after LA) should be a last resort.
  15. They're limited by land availability.
  16. I switch to YouTube. 7 is a joke and I hate that they're doing the Olympics coverage.
  17. I see you posted this on reddit? How's things there now?
  18. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk lands in Tokyo to support Brisbane bid for 2032 Olympic Games
  19. Instead of trying to clean the bay they should've held the triathlon somewhere else cleaner outside of Tokyo. Hopefully with "the new norm" this kind of thing will stop happening.
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